Hearthstone Paladin Guide: Play Styles & How to Counter Paladins

Hearthstone Paladin Guide

Hearthstone Paladin Guide: How to play and counter Paladins in Hearthstone

Welcome to our Hearthstone Paladin guide! This brief article will help you get started with Paladin and provide some tips and tricks for playing this class. If you’re new to the game or just need a refresher on how things work, check out our beginner’s Hearthstone Paladin guide. But first, let’s start with an introduction … Read more

Hearthstone Hunter Guide: Play Styles & How to Counter Hunters

Hearthstone Hunter Guide

Hearthstone Hunter Guide: How To Play as Hunter & How To Counter Them

Do you know whether a Hunter deck is right for you? Our Hearthstone Hunter guide about the benefits and drawbacks of playing with this class will give you all the extra information needed. You will also learn a few tips on how to counter Hunters when you go up against them in Hearthstone. Hearthstone Hunter: … Read more

Ysera Dream Cards List – Hearthstone

Ysera Dream Cards

The Legendary Hearthstone card, Ysera, comes with the ability to draw a Dream Card at the end of your turn. Continue reading to discover Ysera Dream Cards list. What are Dream Cards?  These are special cards that you cannot access unless you have Ysera on the board.   Ysera is one of the higher-cost legendary cards … Read more

Hearthstone Shaman Guide: Totems to Use & How to counter them

Hearthstone Shaman guide

Hearthstone Shaman guide: How to use totems & counter them

Hey there, Hearthstone players! Are you looking for a Hearthstone Shaman guide? We’ve put together a quick and simple Shaman class guide to give you some ideas over what totems to use and also how to effectively counter a Shaman. So let’s get started: The hearthstone Shaman class is represented by Thrall This article provides some … Read more

Hearthstone Mage Secrets: Detect & Counter Mage Secrets

Hearthstone Mage Secrets

Hearthstone Mage Secrets: How to Counter & Detect Mage Secrets

Do you enjoy playing Hearthstone as a mage? That’s awesome, we like it too, and because of that we have prepared this Hearthstone Mage Secrets guide. Regardless of whether you are playing against a Mage or as one, it is important to learn the various ways Hearthstone Mage secrets can be countered. If you are … Read more

Hearthstone Paladin Secrets: Detect & Counter Paladin Secrets

Hearthstone Paladin Secrets

Hearthstone Paladin Secrets: How to counter and detect them

It is important to learn the various ways Hearthstone Paladin secrets can be countered regardless of whether you are playing against a Paladin or as one yourself. If you are playing as a Paladin in Hearthstone, knowing how your Secrets can be detected and countered may help you strategically use your secrets in a way … Read more