Rise of Kingdoms Tier List – Best Commanders in RoK (2024)

You just started playing Rise of Kingdoms but don’t know what commander to play with? No worries, on this page you will see our Rise of Kingdoms tier list for the current game meta. Play with the best RoK commanders to win more games.

Rise of Kingdoms Tier List Meaning:

S Tier – Rise of Kingdoms best commanders in the current meta. They will excel in any game-type scenario and are overall solid picks especially if you’re a new player.

A Tier – Not as great as the S-tier commanders, however, these are also great options to play within the different types of games, they are still very good characters in the current meta, so don’t count them out.

B Tier – While these Rise of Kingdoms commanders are not the best, they are certainly not the worst. They are still present in many games in the current meta, but you might need to change your strategy a bit when playing with them.

C Tier – These RoK commanders are only worth playing with if you want to specifically counter another commander from this list, otherwise there are far better options to choose from.

D Tier – We don’t really recommend you to play with these commanders, so avoid them if you can. They don’t particularly shine in any game scenario in this current meta, and it will probably slow your progress a lot in the early game.

We have modified our RoK tier list on 6 February, 2023.

RoK Tier List 2024

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How Did We Create this Rise of Kingdoms Tier List?

As with any meta tier list that we do for our favorite games, we like to do a lot of research and gather information from different sources before creating a list.

So we did the same with this Rise of Kingdoms tier list, we have gone and checked what people are playing with in-game, who are the most picked commanders, and their win rates, also checked Reddit and official Facebook page and Discord server, to see what most players are playing within this game meta.

We only focused on legendary commanders and their overall use in this current game meta for all the game types out there: Open field, rallying cities and objectives, and defending cities and objectives.

However, even though we strive to always come up with the most accurate tier list, it does not mean that every player’s experience will be the same in-game by using these RoK commanders.

Also with any game update that gets pushed and with every meta change, you should expect some of these commanders to either drop or rise (pun intended) in ranks.

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Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders

These are the most important factors that we focused on when ranking the best RoK commanders:

  • Talent builds
  • Troop capacity
  • Speed
  • Direct attack
  • Splash Attack

Their rating is based on their overall performance in different game scenarios, so with that being said here’s what we think are Rise of Kingdoms best commanders in this current game meta:

  1. Ramesses
  2. Yi Sun-sin
  3. Artemisia
  4. Attila
  5. Chandragupta
  6. Guan Yu
  7. Zenobia
  8. Nebuchadnezzar

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What is Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms or RoK is a history-inspired mobile RTS MMO. The real-time strategy game was developed and published by Lilith Games, the creators of AFK Arena and Warpath.

There are 11 kingdoms in the game, all based on the real history of the world, and you can choose and play with over 35 commanders that were at the time popular within those kingdoms.

Each of these civilizations has its own unique units, design, and city architecture, with different and special advantages.

💻 Play Rise of Kingdoms On PC

The game is pretty to look at, the design and art of the game are sublime and modern, and the gameplay overall is smooth and easy to pick up.

In fact, a funny anecdote about ROK is that the gameplay is so easy to pick up that the producer of the game asks his 60-year-old mother to try out the game after each update, to ensure that it’s easy to play and understand by everyone.

The game features a huge enormous and seamless world map that’s populated by players and NPCs. There are no separations between battles and this allows you to easily transition between the world view and city view.

If you don’t want to go and launch a war on everybody and conquer the whole world, you can also form alliances and take a more diplomatic approach.

Overall the game has a 4.5 rating out of 5, and players seem to be happy about the way the developers are updating the game with new events and bug fixes. Some will argue though that the game is not entirely enjoyable if you’re a f2p player, but if you manage your resources correctly and grind events, it shouldn’t be a problem even for f2p players to shine.

If you want to play Rise of Kingdoms you can download the game on Android, iOS, and on PC.

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