Hero Cantare Tier List – Best Heroes & Reroll Guide 2024

Looking for a Hero Cantare Tier List? You’ve come to the right place, as we’ve analyzed the game meta since the global launch up until now, and did our research in order to come up with the best possible tier list for you.

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Hero Cantare Tier List Ranking Explanation:

SS Tier – These are literally the most overpowered and best all-around heroes in the game. You should use them at all times.

S Tier – Still very good heroes that you can use when you don’t have a lot of SS tier ones.

A Tier – Not great but also not bad, these are normal powered units that you can use until you get something better.

B Tier –  Not really worth leveling and investing in our opinion.

How Did We Come Up With This Hero Cantare Tier List?

One of the criteria for creating this Hero Cantare tier list was to follow what is the meta on the Korean version of the game (they are a bit more forward than the global version, so it’s always good to see what the meta will be like in a few weeks/months).

We also analyzed the game reviews, Reddit and Discord community, in-game players, and overall feedback, and our own experience with the game.

The things that we focused on:

  • The hero’s role type
  • Their base stats
  • Their skills
  • The damage output for damage dealers
  • The healing output for support classes

Keep in mind though that the meta always changes, with players finding new ways to progress faster through the game, and some of these heroes might get a drop or rise in this tier list with every new update.

Also, since nothing in life is perfect, we can’t 100% guarantee that this Hero Cantare tier list is absolutely correct and that you should follow it in all of its entirety.

You should take these lists with a grain of salt, and always do your own testing in-game.

Also if you believe we missed something or that a certain hero doesn’t belong in a tier, let us know down in the comments your opinion on it.

Hero Cantare Best Heroes

Yes, there’s no doubt that some heroes are very overpowered compared to the rest, but the good part is that compared to other similar gacha games, the majority of the characters are amazing, and there aren’t many too low on the tier list.

You also have to keep in mind that this Hero Cantare tier list was mostly based on the late game, and some heroes might not be completely OP From the starter levels.

But we always recommend investing in S and SS tier heroes straight away, because you will use them for a long time, even at lower levels.

With that being said, this is a short summary of Hero Cantare best heroes:

  • Black-March Bam – Damage dealer
  • Maschenny – Damage dealer
  • Hilda – Damage dealer
  • Witch of the West Mira Yoo – Damage dealer
  • No-Name – Supporter
  • Jade Emperor Daewi Han – Damage dealer
  • Godkiller-Zero – Supporter
  • Idol Rockcrawler – Damage dealer
  • Yeon’s Flame Khun – Supporter

These are what we believe to be Hero Cantare best heroes in this current meta.

They are quickly followed up by the S tier heroes such as:

  • Endorsi – Supporter
  • Charlotte – Damage dealer
  • Heavenly Warlord – Damage dealer
  • Max Level Warrior – Damage dealer
  • Sujin Lee – Tank
  • White – Damage dealer

Of course, you can also use A tier heroes if you don’t have too many of the good ones at first, but we don’t really recommend you to invest too much time and resources into B tier units.

With so many S tier heroes available, you will more than likely be able to have a good team, without having to hunt all the time for an SS tier unit in order to be able to progress through the game.

Sure SS tier heroes are the best in the game, but the S tier units are close behind them in terms of abilities and stats, so you don’t lose out too much if you don’t have too many SS tier characters.

With time though, they will come. You can also give yourself a better start in the game by doing a reroll, which will basically give you a chance to earn better heroes before you start so that you can progress faster and easier.

Check out our Hero Cantare Reroll Guide below, if you’re interested to know how to do that.

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Hero Cantare Reroll Guide

The reroll process in Hero Cantare is not too difficult, and you can do it in a few minutes to give yourself a better head start into the game.

So here’s how you do it:

  1. Start the game, complete the tutorial and do the Story until 1-3
  2. Go to your Mailbox and collect the Essence of Dimension
  3. Use the Essence of Dimension to do your first summon
  4. If you get an SS tier hero (see the list above), continue the game playing with it
  5. If you did not, and you are not satisfied with what heroes you got, do a reset
  6. Go to Settings (tap on the cog icon), Account, and then choose Reset Data
  7. After that, simply do all the steps from above again to start over, until you get something good.

And that is basically it guys, this Hero Cantare reroll guide works for both Android and iOS devices right now.

Our recommendation is to always try and get a SS tier hero with this reroll method because the other lower-tier units are easily obtainable in-game through progress.

What is Hero Cantare with Webtoon?

Hero Cantare with Webtoon just launched globally following a massive success in Korea over the years. The game is an interesting crossover between a webcomic and an RPG, and it revolves around hero collecting (Gacha system).

You can download Hero Cantare with WEBTOON on Android and iOS devices, and start enjoying an epic story and fascinating battles.

There is plenty of things to do in the game so that you never get bored and keep on playing, you have the main campaign, Hero Dungeon, a PvP Arena, Trial Tower, Boss fighting, and many more events and beautiful things.

Of course, the hero collecting / gacha system that is similar to games like Summoners War and Echoes of Mana is not for everyone, but the game can be played and enjoyed by being a completely free to play user, and you won’t get to miss on too many things. Mainly the top spenders will dominate the PvP Arenas, but that’s about it.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our Hero Cantare With Webtoon Tier List, and if you found it useful or if you have any insight or suggestions about it, please leave us a comment down below.

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