Revue Starlight Re Live Tier List – Best Characters (April 2024)

Looking for a Revue Starlight Re Live tier list? You’ve come to the right place then, below you will find our latest Revue Starlight Re Live meta tier list for 2022. Enjoy!

Tier List Ranking Explanation:

S Tier – We believe these to be the best and most overpowered heroes in the game right now. You should try and invest in these heroes early in the game and start using them right away.

A Tier – If you don’t have enough S tier Revue Starlight Re Live characters, don’t worry, you can use some tier A heroes, and still, get the job done with relative ease. These are still very good heroes to invest in.

B Tier – These are not really great characters, and you should only use them if you don’t get anything else that’s better.

C Tier –  We think these heroes are not worth investing in.

Revue Starlight Tier List 2024

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How Did We Come Up With This Tier List?

This Revue Starlight Re Live tier list was ranked by the meta tier list team based on how good and useful the heroes are.

The list mainly focuses on the PvE part of the game, so if you do PvP a lot, this is probably not the best Revue Starlight Re Live tier list for that.

We’re only ranking 4-star characters because anything else is kind of a waste to focus resources on. Plus, if you invest early into these heroes, they will be good the whole game, without needing to invest too much into other Revue Starlight Re Live characters.

We used our own in-game experience along with insight from the community and top players who share their experiences on the Revue Starlight Re Live subreddit, forums, and YouTube videos.

The things that we focused on:

  • The character’s role type
  • The hero’s base stats
  • The skills
  • The damage output
  • The healing output

So we think we have made an informed decision in order to provide you with an accurate Revue Starlight Re Live tier list.

Keep in mind though as the game gets newer and more updates, the meta with the best characters will always change. These heroes might see a drop or upgrade in their ranks with any given update.

We also advise you not to take this list too seriously, and just to use it as an extra piece of information next time you’re deciding if a hero is worth investing in.

Also, since nothing in life is 100% accurate, this list is just our opinion of the game meta at this moment, but your opinion or findings may vary.

Let us know down in the comments if you believe we incorrectly ranked a hero, and tell us your own experiences and tips. It will help other Revue Starlight Re Live players too.

Revue Starlight Re Live Best Heroes

Of course, every game that’s similar to this one has its own share of overpowered heroes, and Revue Starlight Re Live is no different.

The key difference is that with other gacha games of this type, most of the heroes are trash and not worth using, instead here, there are a ton of good options for you to use even at the A tier.

So it doesn’t matter if you can’t get your hands on some S-tier heroes.

Keep in mind though that this meta tier list was based more on the late stages of the game, some of these characters might only shine at later levels, but if you do get them from an early start, then we would still recommend investing in them.

With that being said, as our ranking table shows above, the best heroes are definitely the S-tier ones like:

  • Goddess of Earth Tsuruhime Yachiyo
  • Sun Nation Tendou Maya
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune Tanaka Yuyuko
  • Captain Ootsuki Aruru

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What is Revue Starlight Re Live?

Revue Starlight Re Live is a mobile RPG developed by Ateam. The game is based on the hit anime Revue Starlight.

The RPG has an original story complete with stunning visuals, epic music, and a satisfying battle system.

The game does have however an auto-mode, so for those of you who are looking for an auto RPG, this one is for you.

If you’re not a fan of auto RPG games, then it’s good to know that the auto-mode is optional but even so, we know that this feature can put off some users.

Also, the game is essentially a gacha game, similar to Summoners War or Alchemy Stars. So for players who don’t like gachas, well, you will encounter a lot of that in Revue Starlight Re Live.

Nevertheless, the game is free to play and your whole goal is to create teams of heroes and advance deep into the late stages of the game, progressing through the PvE campaign.

Revue Starlight Re Live also features a PvP system for those of you who enjoy battling with others.

You can download the game from the App Store or Google Play.

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