Dynasty Scrolls Tier List – Best Heroes (April 2024)

Are you new to the Dynasty Scrolls game and don’t know which characters to play with? Don’t worry, below you can find our Dynasty Scrolls Tier List, and you will be able to see which are the best characters in the current meta.

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List Ranking Meaning

S Tier – These are hands-down the best Dynasty Scrolls characters at the moment. They will be great in any content you put them through, whether is PVE or PVP.  Getting these characters and investing in them as soon as possible is your main priority.

A Tier – Amazing Dynasty Scrolls heroes, although they fall a little bit behind the S tier ones you should still invest in these as soon as you get them.

B Tier – Not the worst characters but not the best either. They get stronger the more resources you invest into them, so they can still be played if you know what you’re doing, especially in certain situations and team compositions.

C Tier – Our advice to you would be to only play with these Dynasty Scrolls characters if you literally don’t have anything else to play with. You can invest in them a little bit especially early in the game, but don’t expect them to take you all the way through mid-game or even end-game.

D Tier – Stay away from playing or investing in these heroes. They are not really worth it.

Dynasty Scrolls Tier List 2024

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How Did We Create the Dynasty Scrolls Tier List?

Every time we create tier lists for popular games, we always do a lot of research first. So with this Dynasty Scrolls Tier List, in particular, we searched the official subreddit, Facebook Page, Discord, and also we gathered some extra insight from the Chinese version of the game (since they are a bit further in the content than the global version).

We think that this Dynasty Scrolls Tier List is pretty accurate, but like always, everyone’s playing experience will be different. So let us know your opinions about our tier list in the comments down below.

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Dynasty Scrolls Best Characters

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What we focused on when ranking the characters:

  • Role type of the hero
  • Attributes
  • Skills and Combos
  • Damage output
  • Healing output

Our main focus when we created this Dynasty Scrolls tier list was to look at each hero’s base attributes and more importantly their skills and combos. While also keeping in mind their position in the team and how well they can boost or benefit from other team members.

Overall these are Dynasty Scrolls best characters in the current meta:

  • Dian Wei – Faction: Wei, best for AoE damage
  • Gan Ning – Faction: Wu, great for crowd control (stun)
  • Guo Jia – Faction: Wei, best used for rage reduction
  • Jue Zhang – Faction: Warlord, best for rage reduction
  • Lil Qiao – Faction: Wu, also great for rage reduction
  • Liu Bei – Faction: Shu, best for front row damage and rage reduction
  • Lu Xun – Faction: Wu, good all damage and burn
  • Ma Chao – Faction: Shu, amazing single target damage
  • Xun Yu – Faction: Wei, good bleeding and DoT (damage over time)
  • Zhuge Lian – Faction: Shu, best used for rage stealing

When building your Dynasty Scrolls team, you should always keep in mind each hero’s attributes and synergy inside the team and how they pair up with other characters to benefit from more powerful buffs.

What is Dynasty Scrolls?

Dynasty Scrolls is a new mobile gacha RPG that has just launched their global version of the game a little over a month ago.

The game is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel, and it includes dozens of characters that are already well known to fans of the book.

The gameplay is standard for these types of gacha games, your goal is to try and build the best possible team of heroes and go through as much content as possible and reach the end-game. You can also take part in PVP battles and other little fun mini-games and events.

Some players hate the long introduction and tutorial, and also the fact that there are quite a few spelling mistakes.

But most players seem to be satisfied with the way YOUZU (the developer) is handling the game since they release quite a lot of bug fixes and the game is also pretty good in terms of f2p (free-to-play) friendliness.

Overall it’s a pretty good gacha game with an average review score of 4.5 out of 5, so they are not doing that bad at all.

You can download Dynasty Scrolls from the following links on Google Play and App Store.

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