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Welcome to MetaTierList, your go-to hub for gaming! Dive into our expert tier lists, game guides, latest news, and exclusive codes. Elevate your gaming experience with us!

Our passion lies in meticulously crafting, ranking, and sharing tier lists for a wide array of popular and emerging games.

From the mightiest heroes to the most formidable gear and team compositions, we cover it all.

Additionally, we offer in-depth gaming guides and exclusive reward codes for your favorite titles.

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The Meta Tier List Team:

No about us page is complete without adding some details about the people who run the site. Our team consists of our main in-house editors as well as regular passionate gamers who contribute content on the regular.

Editor-in-chief & News Writer: Stephen

Stephen is the founder and chief chief-editor of MetaTierList. Responsible for generating content ideas and marketing.

Senior Editor & Tier Lists Writer: Dan

Dan is our senior editor here at MetaTierList, he oversees and checks all the content from our writers and contributors before we publish it.

Guides & News Writer: Mony

Passionate about games and music, Monica (Mony) is writing some of the most important guides and news articles on our site.

MetaTierList Contributors

About Us: MetaTierList Contributors

The META Contributors are various writers and fans of the games that sometimes share great and original content on our website.

If you’d like to become a contributor feel free to contact us and we’ll give you more details.

Bonus: Virru

While she can’t really type or do any marketing for the site, Virru is still an important part of our team, providing us with a morale boost when needed and various buffs along the way.

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