Grand Chase Tier List – Best Grand Chase Characters in 2024

Interested in knowing what are the best Grand Chase characters? Well, read on and you will find exactly that, as you will find below our Grand Chase tier list for the current meta in 2024.

Before you explore our Grand Chase tier list, it’s good to know a couple of things about our rankings and what they mean for each tier.

Here are a few short explanations about that:

Grand Chase Tier List Ranking Meaning

  • S Tier – These are the best Grand Chase characters, a bit overpowered, but they shine in all aspects of the game. Make sure to invest in them as soon as fast as possible.
  • A Tier – Very good Grand Chase heroes, they are good in all the game’s content whether it’s PVE or PVP.
  • B Tier – While not the best, they are not the worst by any means. Some of them are still powerful enough to clear most content.
  • C Tier – You should only consider using these if you literally have no better heroes to play with.
  • D Tier – These heroes are not worth investing in.

Grand Chase Best Characters

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What we focused on when ranking the characters:

  • Role type
  • Base Attributes
  • Skills / Ultimas
  • DPS Output
  • Healing Output

We mainly focused on each hero’s base stats, skills, DPS, and healing aspect.

But keep in mind that team synergy and strategy matter a lot in a game like Grand Chase. You can even clear content with lower-tier characters if the team has a good synergy.

Overall best Grand Chase characters: Amy, Jin, Lass, Ley, and Elesis. Dio, Veigas, and Rin are also very good heroes.

  • Jin is probably the best tank in the game hands down, he’s able to protect his allies by utilizing his chi force.
  • Lass has an immense damage output, while also boosting the critical rate of his allies through his buffs.
  • Amy is a great support character that is able to apply many beneficial buffs to help her allies while also debuffing enemies by confusing them or throwing them from a cliff.
  • Ley has the ability to summon demons to help her and her allies in the battle. She also has a special skill called Blackhole that can cause a massive explosion.

If you want to create the best Grand Chase team, you should also take into account each character’s role and how well their skills mix with the others from the team.

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How Did We Create the Grand Chase Tier List?

We always try and research a lot when creating one of our tier lists.

So it was no exception with Grand Chase, we have gone hunting for the best advice on the official Grand Chase subreddit, discord server, Facebook page and also talked and inspected some of the top players in the game right now.

This Grand Chase tier list was built with overall game progression in mind, so it works both for PVE and PVP content.

We think that all our tier lists are pretty accurate with the latest game patches and updates…


Keep in mind that the game can always get an update and change everything, like some S-tier heroes can get nerfed or C-tier heroes suddenly get a buff making them OP. We will try to update this tier list accordingly when that happens.

If you have any suggestions about this tier list, please leave a comment down below.

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What is Grand Chase?

Grand Chase was originally released back in 2003, as an MMORPG, nowadays though GrandChase has switched over to a mobile gaming format.

The game is now a hero collector fantasy RPG that’s available for free both on Google Play and the App Store.

It’s your typical gacha game similar to Path to Nowhere, which has an original storyline, that dates back a lot of years now.

You have over 100 heroes that you can use to create the most rounded team that’s ready to tackle any of the game’s massive content.

In Grand Chase, you can play either solo or with friends and guildmates, join dual raids, or battle with other chasers in the PvP arena.

The game also has an upgrade and evolve system that you can use to make your gear even more powerful.

Overall this is a pretty solid hero collector game and a nice sequel and throwback to the original Grand Chase game.

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