7DS Tier List – Best Heroes In Seven Deadly Sins April 2024

If you just started playing Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross, or even if you’re an old-school veteran player, our 7DS Tier List, will give you some insight on what are the best heroes in SDSGC for the current meta.

7DS Tier List Ranking Explanation

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list
Image source: Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Netmarble

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross S+ Tier Characters – The best and most overpowered tier of heroes in 7ds. They are overpowered and can win battles with ease. Clearing stage after stage isn’t that hard if you’re using these 7ds units in your team. You should always try to get and invest in these ones first.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross S Tier Characters – Great units that are perfect for every team. They are not as OP as the S+ tier heroes in our 7ds tier list, but they are sure not going to let you down in battle. Upgrade them fully and use them in your battles as they will do very well.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross A Tier Characters – These are good SDSGC heroes. They are slightly below the S and S+ tiers but they are still useful, especially in some stages of the game where you probably don’t have any other powerful 7DS characters.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross B Tier Characters – Pretty decent 7ds units, while they aren’t the best in the game, they can still win some battles especially if you upgrade them and give them more support.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross C Tier Characters These aren’t really that good. You can use these 7DS units but, you’re more than likely going to struggle against harder opponents, especially if you’re approaching the mid or end-level stages of the game.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross D Tier Characters We think that these are the least worthy characters in 7DS that you can use in your team in this meta. They’re only good if you’re just starting out, but make sure to replace them as soon as possible with some better units from our 7DS tier list above.

7DS Tier List 2024

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How Did We Come Up With This 7DS Tier List?

We closely follow the 7ds Korean and Japanese game meta, since those versions are way ahead of the global version of the game. It’s good to know what will be good in the future for us also.

Another way was to analyze the player’s feedback on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and in-game. Also our own in-game experience.

The things that we focused on while creating this SDSGC Tier List:

  • PvP Strength
  • PvE / Farming output
  • Color / Role Type
  • Base Stats
7ds best units
Image source: Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Netmarble

Keep in mind though that the meta always changes, with players finding new ways to progress faster through the game, and some of these heroes might get a drop or rise in this tier list with every new update.

The meta will always change, so keep that in mind when reading this tier list.

With a single simple patch, certain heroes on this list can either become trash or super OP, but for now, the list should be pretty accurate.

No tier list is 100% perfect, and some players might find the value of playing with certain heroes that we might have put on a lower tier, and that’s fine, in fact, share with us in the comments if you think some of the heroes deserve to be in another tier.

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Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Best Heroes

Here’s a recap of what we think are the best heroes in 7DSGC:

  • Arthur
  • Escanor
  • Gowther
  • Blue King
  • Helbram
  • Gilthunter
  • Jericho
  • Howzer

But of course, you need to keep in mind their elemental/color type, and rank.

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What is Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross also shortened as SDSGC or 7ds  is a card-collecting gacha RPG mobile game that is based on the TV anime hit show with the same name. It is published by Netmarble and it is available both on Android and iOS devices for free.

So if you ever watched the anime Seven Deadly Sins, now you can enjoy an amazing experience playing and exploring the world with your favorite characters from the show.

The gameplay in SDSGC is some of the best you will ever encounter in games of this type.

You have to think and strategize on each turn and action that you will have to do in the future, and also keep count on the special skills that each character has.

There is a lot of content to enjoy, from PvE to PvP, there is stuff to keep every player entertained and happy for hours.

You will encounter lots of quests, PvP arenas, events, the main story campaigns, and more.

The community is also nice and easy to interact with not too many trolls around.

Keep in mind though that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a gacha game similar to AFK Arena, Echoes of Mana, and Dislyte, where you will have to do summons to get new cards/heroes. For some players, this is a big NOPE, and they won’t be able to enjoy this game.

But in comparison to others, Seven Deadly Sins is one of the best gacha games available today and it’s not that crazily P2W.

So there you have it, we hope you enjoyed our 7ds Tier list, and if you have any suggestions, feedback, or ideas, please let us know in the comments down below.

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