Blade XLORD Tier List – Best Units, Weapons & Reroll Guide

This is our Blade XLORD Tier List for the best units and the best weapons in the game, updated after the Japanese version of the game (which is more advanced in terms of progression and characters than the global version).

Blade XLORD Tier List Ranking Explanation:

SS Tier – These are the best characters in the game and using their best weapons makes them very overpowered.

S Tier – Not as good as the SS tier units, but still way better than the A Tier.

A Tier – These characters are not that great but also not really that bad, they have an average performance overall.

B Tier – Literally trash units that you shouldn’t care about.

Blade XLOKRD Tier List

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How Did We Come Up With This Blade XLORD Tier List?

First of all, we followed what is the meta on the Japanese version of the app (since they are more advanced progression wise and have unlocked more characters and weapons).

So comparing the available units that we have right now in the global version of the game with the Japanese version and following their meta, we came up with these rankings, also helped by the community from Reddit, in-game players, Wiki and our own experience while playing the game.

Basically, we focused on:

  • How much damage a unit can output
  • What their buffs and debuffs are
  • Their break performance
  • Scorn and durability
  • Amount of healing output

We also kept in mind to rank these units based on their best in slot weapon. Since the characters and the weapons are so uniquely paired in this game, it only made sense to rank them together.

Of course, you will find that doing some small changes to your units while also keeping in mind their elements (Fire, Water, Forest, Lightning, Light, Dark), can drastically increase or decrease your performance in the game.

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Blade XLORD Best Units

Look there’s no doubt that Shyas (using Dual Aroudnlights), Heathbell (using El Dios) and Elisha (with Antares & Acrab) are the best units in the game right now.

So you want to make sure that you get these characters and their respective best weapons as fast as possible.

A quick way to do that is to do what is called a Reroll and try as many times as you can until you get an SS tier character and their weapons.

Below you will find a quick Blade XLORD reroll guide.

Of course, the S Tier units are also good to use and even some of the A tier ones,  and sometimes you might not even have their perfect weapon, it’s okay, you can still enjoy the game like that and progress.

But we’ve created this Blade XLORD tier list in mind with the intention to dominate the game with the best possible loadout while following the latest game meta.

And to that, we need to use the best Blade XLORD characters and weapons that are available to us in the global version of the game.

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Blade XLORD Reroll Guide

If you are a new player to the game, the first time you install the app and start playing you will receive 10 summons (1 hero and 9 weapons).

Since you want to get the best Blade XLORD units and weapons, you can try and reroll those summons until you get the SS tier heroes and weapons.

A quick way to do that is to delete the game data or to uninstall and reinstall the game (depends on the platform you’re playing the game on Android or iOS), so below are the options:

For Android:

You want to enter the game first and do your 10 summons if you’re not happy with the results to proceed to:
Go to Settings > Apps > Search for Blade XLORD APP > Tap on it > Then tap on the Clear Data button.

This option will usually work right away, the only downside is that the game will still download some game files again, and if you’re not on WiFi it might cost you some data (it’s not the whole game though, just a smaller portion).

If you want to avoid downloading those data parts again, you can do this:

  1. Go to file manager inside the phone storage and then Android > Data, here you need to find: and rename that file, simply adding a 1 or X or whatever you want at the end like so: (I added 33 for example).
  2. Now Go to Settings > Apps > Blade XLORD and then Clear data.
  3. At this point go back to file manager > Android > Data and rename the file back, removing the number you have added previously, thus returning the file to its original name.

If you are using an iOS device, there’s only one way to do it:
Uninstall and reinstall the app, (you will have to download a small data file again usually around 200MB)

And that’s it. You basically do this until you are satisfied, usually when you receive a great SS unit and weapon.

What is Blade XLORD?

Blade XLORD is a new 3D free-to-play mobile RPG gacha game developed by Applibot Inc. It is available both on Android and iOS and it has just recently been released for the global market, following their success in Japan.

The game basically is a hero collecting 3D action team fighting game, where the units and the weapons that you chose to take into a fight are very important to the overall outcome of the battle.

Of course this being a gacha game similar to Dislyte, you will need a little bit of luck to pull up some of the better units and weapons in the game.

There are “loot boxes” available to be purchased with real money, but usually, the game doesn’t push them on you too hard, and you can enjoy the game completely as a free-to-play user, and never have to spend a single dollar.

Although if you do wish to spend some money on this game, the packs start at $0.99 and can go all the way up to $80.

You can play Blade XLORD on Android and iOS.

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