Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier List – Best Characters (May 2024)

Are you a new or veteran Princess Connect Re: Dive player and looking to see which are the best characters in the game right now? Well, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find our Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list for 2022 and the latest game meta.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier List Ranking Meaning:

S Tier – The best of the best, these Princess Connect Re: Characters are simply overpowered in the current game meta. They will fare well in all of the game’s content, and they should be part of every team. Prioritize getting and investing in these characters first.

A Tier – Sure, they are not S tier, but these heroes are still very good and they are part of the current meta. If you didn’t get your hands on one of the S-tier characters then you could safely play and invest in these ones.

B Tier – Although they are not the best Priconne characters, these heroes can still be viable in certain game modes. Especially if you know how to play to their advantage and create a team that has a lot of synergy between the units.

C Tier – These Princess Connect Re: Dive characters are not really that great in this current meta, but they can still be used. You will have to invest heavily into them though in order to make some of these heroes viable. But they will not be able to carry you too much.

D Tier – You should probably stay away from playing with these Priconne characters, and we think that they are not really worth investing in them unless you’re just starting out.

E Tier – In our opinion we think that these Princess Connect Re: Dive heroes are not viable at all in this current meta, and you should not play with them in any game mode.

January 4th, 2023: We have updated our Princess Connect Re:Dive tier list.

So without further ado, here are the best Princess Connect Re: Dive characters right now:

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How Did We Create this Tier List?

The process of creating this Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list is the same one that we use when creating all of our tier lists. It starts with us doing a lot of research on the official Princess Connect Re: Dive Facebook page, forums, subreddit, and Discord servers.

We have analyzed what the players are currently using to win games in the current Princess Connect Re: Dive meta, and we also inspect the rankings and players in-game, as well as doing our own testings.

Since this is the Global Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list, we have also got some inspiration and insight into what’s to come from the Japanese version of the Princess Connect Re: Dive game since they are further ahead in content.

A thing to note is that we have only used some of the best characters in the game and we might have not listed literally all of them if we didn’t feel like they have a place in our rankings.

This Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list was made for the overall performance of the characters across all game modes, mostly PVE though.

We would like to think that our tier list is pretty accurate and updated for the current game meta, since everyone has a different playstyle and gaming experience, the results might vary.

You can leave a comment down below if you have any tips or suggestions on how to improve this Priconne tier list or to share your experience playing with some of these Princess Connect Re: Dive units.

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Princess Connect Re: Dive Best Characters

These are mainly the things that we focused on when creating this tier list:

  • Role type of the hero
  • Base stats
  • Skills, EX Skills, and Union Burst
  • Damage output
  • Healing output

When we created our Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list ranking we looked closely at each character’s stats, skills, damage and healing output, and overall synergy inside a team. As mentioned above, this is tier list is for the overall gameplay modes, so not just specific to PvP or PvE.

So, we think that these are Princess Connect Re: Dive best characters in the current meta:

  • S. Saren
  • Djeeta
  • Neneka
  • Hatsune
  • Christina
  • Yukari
  • Ny. Kyaru
  • Pkokkoro
  • Rei
  • Saren

Keep in mind that in order to build the perfect Princess Connect Re: Dive team, you should consider each character’s stats, skills, and overall synergy with other units and how they can benefit from pairing up with others.

What is Princess Connect Re: Dive?

Princess Connect Re: Dive also known as Priconne (shortened version) is a gacha ARPG, Developed by Cygames with the English (global) version of the game being published by Crunchyroll Games.

The game was first released in 2018 in Japan only, with the global version of the game just being released on January 19, 2021, after seeing massive success all over Asia.

A sequel to the Princess Connect game that was released back in 2015, the game even has a manga and an anime series adaptation.

Overall the gameplay is pretty much the same as you would expect from other gacha RPGs such as Summoners War or Idle Heroes. You will collect characters and form a team that you can then use to go through the main story campaign, do clan battles, and battle other real players in the PvP arena.

The game is pretty much an auto-play game, with most skills being activated automatically, except for the Union Burst which will require manual input from the player. The only exception to that is in the PvP arena where the Union Burst will be cast automatically as soon as the meter is charged up.

With a review score of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play and the App Store, the game is certainly doing some things right. Most notable are the story and the voice acting that has been voice-over by famous Japanese voice actresses.

The biggest downside to the game that has some players frustrated is the fact that Princess Connect Re: Dive has an energy meter, meaning that you are limited to the amount of time you can play daily. Hopefully, they can improve that to make it easier for the energy to recover at least.

Do you agree with our Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list? Rate & comment below!

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