Death Must Die Tier List: Best Characters (February 2024)

Discover the best characters in “Death Must Die,” a roguelite RPG bullet game where you challenge Death itself. Check out our Death Must Die tier list below!

“Death Must Die” plunges players into an intense roguelite RPG world, where heroes battle against Death in an epic bullet game showdown.

Our ‘Death Must Die Tier List’ is your ultimate guide to choosing the best characters, each uniquely blessed by the gods and equipped to explore the treacherous Underworld.

With our tier list, you can strategically select heroes to face Death’s minions, defeat Guardians, and harness godly powers.

Discover the best characters for creating synergistic builds and learn the ins and outs of their abilities, ensuring your victory against the legions of the netherworld.

Death Must Die Tier List Ranking Meaning

Death Must Die Character Tier List
Image Source: Death Must Die, Realm Archive
  • Tier S Death Must Die — These characters excel from the beginning to the endgame, making them the top picks in Death Must Die.
  • Tier A Death Must Die — Strong characters that perform well both in early stages and in later gameplay.
  • Tier B Death Must Die — While slightly less efficient, these characters are still viable. Some may have weaker starting weapons or less effective passives but can competently clear game content.
  • Tier C Death Must Die — These characters face early challenges and have less impressive passives, often struggling in scenarios with numerous enemies.

Update log: This Death Must Die tier list was created on December 4, 2023.

S Tier – Best Death Must Die Characters

Best Death Must Die Characters
Image Source: Death Must Die, Realm Archive
  • Time
  • Mort
  • Lady Justice

A Tier – Death Must Die Characters

  • Moirai
  • Krom

B Tier – Death Must Die Characters

  • Summer
  • Winter

C Tier

  • Leigong

Death Must Die Tips For Better Gameplay

  • Understand Each Character’s Strengths: Learn the unique abilities of each character to utilize them effectively.
  • Experiment with Different Characters: Don’t hesitate to try different characters to find your best fit.
  • Adapt to Situations: Choose characters based on the challenges you face in the game.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play with a character, the better you’ll understand their role and capabilities.

Death Must Die Character Tier List: Final Words

Thank you for reading our Death Must Die Tier List. Remember, the effectiveness of characters can vary based on your playstyle and in-game situations.

We encourage you to experiment and find the combinations that work best for you.

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Death Must Die Tier List – FAQ

How was the DMD tier list created?

Our tier list is the result of comprehensive research, combining multiple sources for a well-rounded decision.

We’ve incorporated player feedback and experiences from platforms like Reddit and Steam, and also considered insights from YouTube content creators like OHRye.

This blend of community input and expert analysis ensures our tier list is both informed and reliable.

Can the tier list change over time?

Yes, the tier list may evolve with game updates, new character introductions, or shifts in the game meta. We recommend staying updated for the latest rankings.

How should players use this tier list?

Players can use the tier list as a guide to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character, aiding in choosing the most suitable ones for their playstyle and game strategy.

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