CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE Tier List – Best Characters (Feb. 2024)

Our Captain Tsubasa: Ace tier list is here to transform your gaming strategy, just like Tsubasa bends a soccer ball, in a game more captivating than your anime marathon nights!

Imagine if the “Captain Tsubasa” anime had a baby with FIFA; well, that’s “Captain Tsubasa: Ace” for you, crafted by the gaming wizards at DeNA.

You get to step into the cleats of legends like Tsubasa Oozora and Kojiro Hyuga, each with moves so cool they’d freeze a fire dragon.

It’s not just about reliving the anime glory; it’s about living it in 3D with mind-blowing game modes. Our Captain Tsubasa: Ace tier list? It’s your secret playbook for picking the dream team.

December 08, 2023: We’ve have updated our Captain Tsubasa Ace players tier list.

Tier S – The Best Captain Tsubasa Ace Players

Best Captain Tsubasa: Ace Players
Image Source: Captain Tsubasa: Ace / DeNA Hong Kong

In Tier S, it’s the creme de la crème, here we have the best players in Captain Tsubasa: Ace who could dribble through a hurricane without messing up their hair.

  • Tsubasa
  • Ken
  • Hyuga
  • Misugi
  • Jito

Tier A – The Hotshots

These A-listers are the ones you brag about having on your team. They might not have S-tier’s glow, but they shine bright enough to blind the competition.

  • Genzo
  • Nitta
  • Misaki
  • Ishizaki
  • Tachibana
  • Matsuyama

Tier B – The Stalwarts

Solid as a rock, the B teamers are reliable like your favorite ramen joint. They are not the flashiest, but they get the job done.

  • Kazuo
  • Soda
  • Masao
  • Sawada
  • Urabe

Tier C – The Wild Cards

C stands for ‘Could be amazing or could be…’ well, you get it. These players are like that plot twist in episode 7 that no one saw coming.

  • Sano
  • Kishida
  • Takasugi
  • Taki

Tier D – The Try-Hards

Bless their hearts, the D-tier characters try so hard. They’re like the sidekick who always trips over but you love them anyway.

  • Izawa
  • Morisaki
  • Nakanishi
  • Ishida

Captain Tsubasa: Ace Tips

Here are some additional tips that might help you improve your gameplay in CAPTAIN TSUBASA ACE:

  • Get to Know Your Squad: Every character is more unique than a limited-edition manga.
  • Mode Master: Different strokes for different modes, choose your lineup like you choose your next anime binge.
  • Team Harmony: Balance your team like you balance your anime watchlist – a mix of everything.
  • Grind to Shine: Practice makes perfect, like rewatching an anime series until you know every line.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Players Tier List: Final Words

Thanks for diving into our “Captain Tsubasa: Ace” Tier List. Remember, it’s not just about the character’s power, it’s how you use their soccer skills that counts.

Now go forth and score some goals!

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Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List – FAQ

How was the Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list created?

Our tier list for “Captain Tsubasa Ace” was formulated by combining various sources for a comprehensive perspective.

We’ve included feedback and experiences from players such as Volt75, scrutinized YouTube content from creators like HyugaWaka, and analyzed gameplays to understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

This approach ensures that our tier list is well-informed and reflects the current meta of the game.

Can the tier list change with game updates?

Yes, the tier list may evolve with game updates, new character releases, or changes in gameplay mechanics. We recommend staying updated for the most current tier rankings.

How should I use this tier list as a new player?

New players can use this tier list as a guide to understand which characters are currently performing well in the game, helping them make informed choices for building their teams.

Are there characters suitable for advanced players in lower tiers?

While lower-tier characters may have limitations, skilled players can still leverage their unique abilities effectively. It often depends on personal playstyle and mastery of the game.

Where can I find more strategies and tips for Captain Tsubasa Ace?

For more strategies and gameplay tips, players can explore online forums, watch tutorials from content creators on YouTube, and follow the game’s official social media channels.

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