Archero Tier List (2024) – Best Heroes, Abilities & Items Ranked

Welcome to our comprehensive Archero tier list for equipment, items, weapons, and armor. In this guide, we will break down the top-performing equipment in the game, providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about what to equip and when.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, our tier list will help you take your gameplay to the next level and dominate the competition. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the best equipment in Archero!

Archero is an action-adventure game where players take on the role of an archer and embark on a journey to defeat monsters and bosses.

The game features various weapons, abilities, heroes, equipment, pets, and items that players can use to improve their chances of survival.

In this huge Archero tier list guide, we’ve put together different rankings for the best weapons, abilities, heroes, and items in Archero so that you can pick the strongest ones in order to achieve success in the game.

Archero Heroes Tier List

Best Archero Heroes

Choosing the best Archero hero to play is pretty important and significant to your gameplay, so pick your hero wisely, ideally, you should like to play with them regardless of how they are ranked in our best Archero heroes tier list:

SMelinda, Blazo, Elaine
AShingen, Lina, Iris, Aquea, Shade
BSylvan, Ophelia, Helyx, Ryan, Gugu, Aryana
CMeowgik, Rolla, Shari, Taranis
DOnir, Phoren, Bonnie
FAtreus, Urasil

Archero Weapons Tier List

Best Weapons Archero Tier List

If you want to finish off your enemies fast you need a great weapon. Luckily for you, we have also created an Archero tier list for weapons so that you can pick the best one suited for your playstyle:

S+Antiquated Sword
SDemon Blade, Gale Force
ABrightspear, Stalker Staff
BDeath Scythe, Saw Blade, Mini Artreus
CTornado, Brave Bow

Archero Armor Tier List

Best Archero Armor

Armors are important in Archero if you want to reach the deep levels of the game, they provide you with unique effects that can greatly increase your survivability and damage output, here’s a list of the best Archero armor items:

SShadow Robe, Bright Robe
AVest of Dexterity, Phantom Cloak
BGolden Chestplate
CVoid Robe

Archero Abilities (Skills) Tier List

Archero best abilities

Choosing the right Archero abilities can make or break your game run-through, so you should pick them wisely. Here’s our best Archero Abilities tier list:

S+Extra Life, Front Shot, Multishot, Rage, Ricochet
SAgility, Dodge Master, Dwarf, Invincibility Star, Slow Projectile, Wingman
AAttack Boost Major, Attack Speed Major, Crit Master Major, Diagonal Arrows, HP Boost, Piercing Shot
BBloodthirst, Bouncy Wall, Freeze, Headshot, Shield Guard, Through the wall
CBlaze, Bolt, Bolt Strike, Fire Strike, Fury, Frost Strike, Ice Circle, Poison Touch, Toxic Strike
DBolt Circle, Fire Circle, Holy Touch, Ice Sword, Poison Circle, Rear Arrow, Side Arrow, Spirit Attack Boost, Spirit Attack Speed Boost, Spirit Crit Boost, Strong Heart, Water Walker
EBolt Sword, Fire Sword, Grace, Poison Sword, Shadow Clone, Spirit Blaze, Spirit Bolt, Spirit Freeze, Spirit Poison Touch, Summon One-Eyed Bat
FBlazing Meteor, Blazing Star, Bolt Meteor, Bolt Star, Chilling Blast, Death Bomb, Death Nova, Frost Meteor, Frost Star, Giant, Heal, Smart, Spirit Diagonal Arrow, Spirit Front Arrow, Spirit Multi-Shot, Toxic Meteor, Toxic Star

Archero Bracelets Tier List

Best Archero Bracelets

Who knew bracelets are such a big deal… well they offer a lot of great stats so why not pick the best Archero bracelets from the following list:

SInvincible Bracelet, Quickshop Bracelet, Shield Bracelet
AFrozen Bracelet, Blazing Bracelet
BThunder Bracelet
CSplit Bracelet

Archero Lockets Tier List

Best Lockets Archero

Lockets are pretty important, but which ones are actually the best lockets in Archero? Here’s our lockets tier list:

SAngel Locket, Bloodthirsty Locket
AAgile Locket, Piercer Locket
BCounterattack Charm
CBulletproof Locket, Iron Locket

Archero Rings Tier List

Archero tier list for rings

Want to find out which are the best Archero rings? Check out our rankings:

SBull Ring, Lion Ring, Dragon Ring
ABear Ring, Serpent Ring
BVilebat’s Ring
CWolf, Falcon Ring

Best Archero Pets

Best Pets Archero

Here are our rankings of all the best Pets in Archero:

SLaser Bat, Bone Warrior, Flaming Ghost
AElf, Noisy Owl
BScythe Mage
CLiving Bomb

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Archero Spellbook Tier List

Best Spellbook Archero

Here is a list of the best Archero Spellbooks for the current game version:

SGiants Contract
ASpectral Book, Enlightenment Spellbook
BArcanum of Time, Art of Combat, Arcane Archer
CIce Realm

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Archero is a challenging and exciting game that offers players a wide variety of weapons, abilities, heroes, and items to choose from.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each option, players can improve their chances of survival and achieve success in the game.

Additionally, there are ways to farm gems and redeem codes to get in-game rewards.

Overall, Archero is an engaging and fun game that will keep players coming back for more. If you want to play similar games, check out our Mighty DOOM tier list as well as our Heroes vs Hordes tier list.


What is the best weapon in Archero?

The Antiquated Sword is considered to be the best weapon in Archero due to its high damage output and the buffs it gains depending on its rarity.

What is the best ability in Archero?

The Multishot alongside Ricochet, Extra Life, Front Shot, and Rage, are considered to be the best abilities in Archero in this current meta.

What is the best hero in Archero?

We believe that Melinda is currently the best Archero hero in the current game version. But Blazo and Elaine are also good.

Is there a way to farm gems in Archero?

Yes, players can farm gems in Archero by completing daily quests, and achievements, daily ad spins and leveling up their account. They can also purchase gems using real money.

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