Hades Weapon Tier List (May 2024) – All Weapons Ranked

Looking for an updated Hades weapon tier list? Great, that’s exactly what you’re going to find below. We have ranked all the Infernal Arms in Hades (and their aspects), from best to worst so that you can pick the right one to slay hordes of evil mobs faster.

Hades is an amazing rogue-like and dungeon crawler RPG with fast-paced action and awesome graphics and an in-depth story that goes deep into Greek mythology.

But there are also tough enemies and even tougher bosses such as the Bone Hydra to be challenged in your quest to escape from the underworld. In order to clear the content with ease, you need to use a weapon with good stats and abilities, that is enhanced by Olympians such as Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon.

So in order to help you with that, we have created this Hades weapon tier list with all the Infernal Arms ranked in order of their utility and performance and also taking into account boons.

But before I go over all the best weapon aspects in the game, let’s quickly go over a brief explanation of what each tier ranking represents.

Hades Tier List Ranking Meaning

Hades weapon tier list explanation
Image source: Supergiant Games
  • Tier S Hades (BEST) — The most powerful weapon aspect combination in Hades. These will easily help you clear content with ease.
  • Tier A Hades (Great) — Also great Hades weapons that can be used to successfully try and escape the Underworld. Although they lag a bit behind the S-tier ones.
  • Tier B Hades (Decent) — These Infernal Arms on our Hades tier list, are just decent, meaning that they aren’t the greatest but also not the weakest in the game. You can still use these to pwn evil, but you might struggle a bit.
  • Tier C Hades (Weak) — In our opinion, we think that these are the weakest combinations on our Hades weapon tier list. Still, it’s all about playstyle so if you like one of these, then go for it.

Alright, with the explanations now out of the window, let’s take a look at our Hades weapon tier list and check out the best Infernal Arms in the game.

We have updated our Hades Weapons tier list on January 5th, 2023

S-Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List

Best weapons in Hades
Image source: Supergiant Games

Here’s the thing, Hades is a fun rogue-lite, that can be completed (if you’re really super into the game you need at least 10 runs to see the credits roll out), with pretty much every weapon in the game.

But there are however some Infernal Arms that are better than others, especially when combined with aspects and boons that make them overpowered.

So let’s start off with what we think are the best weapons in Hades:

TierHades WeaponAspect
SVaratha, the Eternal SpearAspect of Guan Yu
SAegis, Shield of ChaosAspect of Chaos
SAegis, Shield of ChaosAspect of Beowulf
SCoronacht, the Hearth-Seeking BowAspect of Chiron

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A-Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List

Best Hades Infernal Arms - Tier A
Image source: Hades, Supergiant Games

Up next on our Hades weapon tier list, we have the A-Tier Infernal Arms + Aspect combinations that are also pretty great and can help you dish out a lot of damage to evil forces in every dungeon.

While these are amazing as well, they do lag a bit behind the S-tier ones in terms of damage and utility, but then again your playstyle also matters.

TierHades WeaponAspect
ACoronacht, the Hearth-Seeking BowAspect of Hera
AStygian Blade, Blade of the UnderworldAspect of Poseidon
AMalphon, Twin FistsAspect of Demeter
AExagryph, Adamant RailAspect of Eris
ACoronacht, the Hearth-Seeking BowAspect of Zagreus
AAegis, Shield of ChaosAspect of Zeus
AMalphon, Twin FistsAspect of Talos
AStygius, the Blade of the UnderworldAspect of Arthur
AAegis, Shield of ChaosAspect of Zagreus
ACoronacht, the Hearth-Seeking BowAspect of Rama

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B-Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List

Hades Weapons and Aspects combinations
Image source: Hades, Supergiant Games

Pretty decent Hades weapons, not great but not bad, you can certainly pick better ones from the above lists, but these will do just fine for a couple of dungeon runs.

TierHades WeaponAspect
BExagryph, Adamant RailAspect of Lucifer
BVaratha, the Eternal SpearAspect of Achilles
BExagryph, Adamant RailAspect of Zagreus
BStygian Blade, the Blade of the UnderworldAspect of Nemesis
BExagryph, Adamant RailAspect of Hestia

C-Tier Hades Weapons

Hades: C-Tier weapons.
Image source: Hades, Supergiant Games

Alright, these are what we think to be the weakest Infernal Arms in Hades.

Keep in mind this is just our opinion, and again, pretty much every weapon on this Hades tier list can go through most of the content, but some will make it easier than others.

TierHades WeaponAspect
CVaratha, the Eternal SpearAspect of Hades
CMalphon, Twin FistsAspect of Gilgamesh
CVaratha, the Eternal SpearAspect of Zagreus
CStygius, the Blade of the UnderwoldAspect of Zagreus
CMalphon, Twin FistsAspect of Zagreus

If you’re using these and having success with them and you’re able to progress through the story then keep on using them, especially if you like their playstyle.

But again, you’re probably way better off by choosing a Varatha the Eternal Spear with Aspect of Guan Yu, versus Aspect of Hades. But that’s just me.

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How We Created This Tier List?

If you’ve been following our site, you’re probably aware that we put a lot of thought into our tier lists. The goal of our tier lists is to help players learn about the game, and hopefully make better decisions when playing it. We take into account both the player’s perspective and the meta at large when creating them.

Hades is an awesome dungeon crawler and so we had a go at it ourselves for a couple of runs. And this helped us form some opinions on what we think are the best weapons in Hades along with their best aspect.

Still, in order to make sure we have a broad view and not limit this tier list just to our experience, we have also taken some feedback and ideas from other Hades players from the official Discord server and also from Reddit.

This allows us to create our tier lists with a more informed perspective, so they reflect the playstyle of the majority of players in Hades.

Our Infernal Arms are ranked mostly by their Aspect and how strong stats they have and abilities. But like we have mentioned before, playstyle does come into question when it comes to dungeon crawlers like Hades.

You can probably beat the game with every weapon and aspect combination available if you’re using the right boons and you love playing with it.

So that’s why we don’t claim that this Hades weapon tier list is going to be 100% accurate for all the players out there, but we do try to portray a realistic picture in terms of weapons efficiency and how good they are at clearing waves of enemies faster and easier.

Still, if you disagree with something on our Hades tier list, you can leave us a comment down below and also rate it. We MIGHT take your feedback into consideration when we update this page at a future date.

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What is Hades?

Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler RPG developed by Supergiant Games, the company behind the hit titles: Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre.

The game’s official release date was on 17 September 2020 on Steam, although it went live a year earlier with the early-access mode for a select number of supporters of the game.

The game is available as a buy-to-play title on all the major gaming platforms and devices such as Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Hades received critical acclaim from most of the top review sites and also has an overwhelmingly positive score on Steam out of 110k+ reviews.

Hades Gameplay

Hades gameplay
Image source: Hades, Supergiant Games

The Hades gameplay is fast-paced, which is the norm when it comes to dungeon crawlers.

The story in Hades is progressive and is set deep into the underworld of Greek mythology.

You start off as an immortal Prince who has to escape the underworld. But in order to do that you first have to go through waves of enemies and bosses that are trying to keep you trapped.

Will you succeed in getting out of it and beating the game? That’s for you to decide and to answer, but you will most certainly need the help of your favorite Olympian characters such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares, Poseidon, Hermes, and more.

Why? Well, because in Hades you only have access to 6 different types of weapons, but with the help of your Greek Olympians, you can transform them by giving them an aspect that alters the weapon, stats, and abilities that make the Infernal Arm even better than before.

This does mean that now instead of 6 weapon types, you have 24 versions to choose from, after taking into account every aspect that a weapon can have in Hades.

So to give beginners (and veterans) an idea of a weapon + aspect combination potential we have decided to create this Hades weapon tier list.

Hopefully, it is useful to you, and it helps you beat the game over and over again until well… you get bored. If you’re interested you can also check out our Wo Long Tier List.

If you’re looking for something similar to play, check out Death Must Die tier list, or additionally, if you want even more games explore our Best Games Like Hades list with our top 25 alternatives.

What do you think about our Hades Weapon Tier List? Rate it below!

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