Vampire Survivors Tier List (February 2024) – Best Characters

Welcome to our Vampire Survivors tier list. In this article, we rank the best characters in Vampire Survivors based on their utility and damage output.

So if you want to know which of the game’s characters are the best for your playstyle, keep reading!

Vampire Survivors is an awesome rogue-like game that’s become a huge success on Steam. Especially when you consider that it was developed by just one person (Luca Galante) who nowadays goes by the monicker of poncle.

The game’s playstyle is similar to a shoot’em up, or a bullet hell, and it features numerous vampires that you can pick and play with to defeat huge amounts of enemy waves.

But not all characters in Vampire Survivors are created equal. So do you want to know which ones are the best to pick for your adventures?

Well, read on, because, with our Vampire Survivors tier list below, you will know which characters to use to become unstoppable and clear as many waves as you can.

I’m going to quickly go over a short explanation about each tier rank and its meaning so that you know what to expect when you read the tier list.

Vampire Survivors Tier List Ranking Meaning

Vampire Survivors tier list meaning
Image source: Vampire Survivors, Poncle.
  • Tier S Vampire Survivors — At the moment we think that these are the best characters in Vampire Survivors from the start to late game.
  • Tier A Vampire Survivors — Also pretty great characters that can do well in the early game and later on.
  • Tier B Vampire Survivors — Slightly less efficient characters, these are still good but most of them either start with a bad weapon or have bad passives. Still, they are not that bad and they can clear content as well.
  • Tier C Vampire Survivors — These usually come with a pretty big hit early on, and without that great passives also. They will mostly struggle against waves of too many enemies.
  • Tier D Vampire Survivors — Weakest characters in the game currently, far better options out there to start the game with.

Now that we have all of that sorted, and you understand better what each tier rank means, let’s go and take a look at the actual Vampire Survivors tier list.

Update log: This Vampire Survivors tier list was updated on December 16, 2022.

S Tier – Vampire Survivors Characters

Vampire Survivors Tier List - Best Characters
Image source: Vampire Survivors, Poncle

Starting off with the best characters in Vampire Survivors, the S Tier is reserved only for the most powerful and OP in the game.

These characters will have a great start with a good weapon and will carry you a lot early in the game. You don’t need too much strategy when you’re using these.

  • Arca Ladonna
  • Leda
  • Poppea Pecornia

With great weapons and offensive and defensive capabilities, we think that these are currently the strongest in the game.

Still, let’s take a look at the next best thing:

A Tier – Vampire Survivors Characters

The A Tier Vampire Survivors characters are also pretty good, and they also start off with a good weapon and have some great passives, although some might have lower stats or slightly less capable weapons at the start.

  • Christine Davain
  • Domario
  • Mask of the Red Death
  • Mortaccio
  • Pugnala Provola

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B Tier – Vampire Survivors Characters

It’s time now to take a look at the average characters in Vampire Survivors, these ones are not that great but they are not that bad either.

Usually, they lack a great starting weapon or passives or both, but they can still get the job done, but you will have to work a bit harder if you want your onslaught of enemies to die faster than they can get you.

  • Krochi Freetto
  • Giovvana Grana
  • Porta Ladonna
  • Yatta Cavallo
  • Pasqualina Belpaese

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C Tier

Slightly less decent than even the average Vampire Survivors characters, they have a pretty rough early game, with bad weapons and stats. Nevertheless, they are not that useless, or they would be in the next tier.

  • Antonio Belpaese
  • Lama Ladonna
  • Imelda Belpaese
  • Sour Clerici

D Tier

Alright, so… don’t get mad if we have listed here one of your favorite Vampire Survivors characters. We think that these are pretty bad in this current version of the game, and they really don’t excel at anything.

  • Bianca Ramba
  • Exdash Exiviiq
  • Gennaro Balpaese
  • Poe Ratcho
  • Toastie

You’re probably way better by using any of the other characters that we have listed above in this Vampire Survivors tier list.

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors  

Vampire Survivors Best Characters
Image Source: Vampire Survivors, poncle

As you can see, the best characters in Vampire Survivors currently are the S and A tier ones as follows:

  • Arca Ladonna
  • Christine Davain
  • Domario
  • Leda
  • Mask of the Red Death
  • Mortaccio
  • Poppea Pecornia
  • Pugnala Provola

How We Created This Vampire Survivors Tier List?

Vampire Survivors is a great little rogue-like RPG game and we have enjoyed it thoroughly when playing it ourselves. This is where most of our opinions and ideas for ranking the characters in our Vampire Survivors tier list came from.

Every time we create tier lists for games we play the games ourselves, and then we also ask and browse the online communities to get even more insight from players.

So that means we have also scoured the web to get feedback for our Vampire Survivors tier list on Reddit, and also on Discord.

Still, we know that no tier list is accurate, and we certainly don’t advertise this one to be 100% bulletproof either. After all, Vampire Survivors is still an Early-Access game, and it’s not yet a finished product.

This means that changes will happen to the game in the near future, and with those changes, some of these Vampire Survivors characters ranked high on our tier list will go down, and some that are ranked lower will rise to the top. Such is life.

Anyway, feel free to rate our Vampire Survivors tier list below and leave us a rating. We mostly welcome it.

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What is Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors is a rogue-like bullet hell RPG that was released on Steam on December 17, 2021.

Since then, the game has amassed a huge amount of players, that are all very much praising the developer behind the project Luca Galante, who now goes by poncle.

It’s crazy to think that this little gem of a game was created by one single person, but well, it’s certainly not the first.

Still, we and over 100k+ players are thoroughly impressed with this bullet hell RPG in which you have to try and o as far as you can and defeat thousands of enemies to try and get the best time and score possible.

Since it’s a rogue-like game, with each death you will have to start over, but not totally from scratch, you will get to unlock new characters, including secret characters such as missignO, who will be permanently available to choose every time you die and want to start over.

Vampire Survivors Reviews

Reviews from players
Image source: Vampire Survivors, Poncle

Even though it’s still in early access mode, Vampire Survivors gets an overwhelmingly positive rating score on Steam, from more than 100,000 players. That’s insane for a game developed by one person.

The players are very happy with the game’s fast-paced action especially when we consider that it costs only $2,99.

At that price, it’s a steal of a game, with little to no downsides. Some players do however dislike that the game requires little to no manual input from your part, as the attacks are all automatic.

Which, sure, we agree, that kinda takes away the magic of deleting thousands of enemies from your screen. But, other than that the game is still pretty fun and decent for the money.

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Do you find our Vampire Survivors tier list helpful? Rate it below.

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