Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List (February 2024) – Best Heroes

Dive deep into the mystical world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods with our comprehensive Dragonheir Tier List. Equip yourself with knowledge of the best Dragonheir Silent Gods heroes to strategize your path to victory!

In the expansive realm of “Dragonheir: Silent Gods,” players are welcomed into an open-world high-fantasy strategy RPG.

The game beckons adventurers with its intricate character models, diverse exploration territories, branching storylines, and the allure of magic and dragons.

With over 200 different heroes to collect and countless strategies to experiment with, making the right choice can be overwhelming. Hence, our Dragonheir heroes tier list emerges as a beacon, guiding players to discern the best heroes and create unbeatable combinations.

October 4th, 2023: We have updated our Dragonheir Silent Gods tier list.

Tier S – Best Dragonheir Silent Gods Heroes

Best Dragonheir Silent Gods Heroes

Reserved for the most formidable of Dragonheir heroes. These characters are not only powerful but also versatile, capable of adapting to various challenges and playing pivotal roles in any team combination.

  • Nastjenka
  • Trolgar
  • Huldork
  • Flora
  • Khrysos
  • Donella
  • Thelendor
  • Voresh
  • Lossenia
  • Premtsa
  • Lucien
  • Ghul’ende
  • Lelwanis
  • Felicity
  • Hvitar

Tier A Heroes

Tier A Dragonheir heroes

The Dragonheir Silent Gods characters in this tier exhibit exceptional strength and skills, falling just short of the unparalleled prowess of S Tier heroes. They’re reliable, consistent, and can significantly elevate your gameplay.

  • Ergander
  • Sutha
  • Alfie
  • Frurbath
  • Caspar
  • Oggok
  • Garett
  • Gaiolere
  • Zhar’loth
  • Errich
  • Auster
  • Twitch
  • Hochadir
  • Lorentheel
  • Huberg
  • Philto
  • Grishnaar
  • Reytah
  • Journ
  • Rava
  • Rhash
  • Sigrid
  • Vicana
  • Scharlach
  • Alton
  • Usha
  • Lothair
  • Vicuc
  • Tamar
  • Durango
  • Gitouna
  • Jathalea
  • Gardrus
  • Acilia

Tier B Heroes

Tier B Dragonheir Characters

These are well-rounded heroes who might not have the sheer dominance of those ranked higher but are nonetheless valuable. With the right strategy, they can shine brilliantly in many scenarios.

  • Sifris
  • Felosia
  • Naguk
  • Torrin
  • Eches
  • Isitarian
  • Shagrol
  • Tharivol
  • Duling
  • Horace
  • Gillian
  • Isolde
  • Garius
  • Garrika
  • Corrin
  • Utior
  • Hegio
  • Sagomir
  • Dorkuraz
  • Thurnus
  • Shink
  • Irina
  • Merideth
  • Schaltar
  • Deverick
  • Catherine
  • Tonalnan
  • Nimbus
  • Vinyara
  • Elecebre
  • Zeffi
  • Irzillas
  • Edgar
  • Gruum
  • Questa
  • Berengar
  • Dane
  • Olgan
  • Rowena
  • Eli
  • Theodore
  • Iola
  • Martina
  • Eurion
  • Mithrasea
  • Lorarii

Tier C Heroes

Tier C Dragonheir silent gods heroes

While not necessarily the first choice for many players, C Tier Dragonheir characters have their unique strengths. When paired strategically or used in specific scenarios, they can surprise you with their efficiency.

  • Dallbam
  • Zadie
  • Follie
  • Gareth
  • Dora
  • Fitz
  • Vidimir
  • Quarion
  • Clovis
  • Garian
  • Jijel
  • Livia
  • Wellby
  • Vojeh
  • LIko
  • Brody
  • Rephe
  • Kailes
  • Zethos
  • Bionphray
  • Thia
  • Vasska
  • Mulier
  • Yamyra
  • Korth
  • Gloin
  • Wilt
  • Noteera
  • Tioh
  • Adolphus
  • Horrus
  • Nathaniel
  • Ivellios
  • Caledo
  • Heksandra
  • Altin
  • Lethander
  • Berrik
  • Dain
  • Broll
  • Lydia
  • Loris
  • Zadok
  • Grover
  • Fihrah
  • Gladros
  • Caraman
  • Talwer
  • Vani
  • Nessa
  • Dubok
  • Arlow
  • Meggan
  • Irma
  • Letalis
  • Enna
  • Gulal
  • Uloar
  • Shook
  • Bronwyn
  • Ihuicatl
  • Evania
  • Eleuia

Tier D Heroes

Tier D Dragonheir silent gods heroes

These heroes might have niche uses or are more situational in their application. They might not carry the same universal appeal as higher-ranked characters, but don’t count them out entirely, every hero has a story, and the right situation to shine.

  • Yagnatz
  • Terez
  • Haug
  • Scarell
  • Thea
  • Awstin
  • Herkert
  • Elvis
  • Gerana
  • Vicuz
  • Adrie
  • Doraud
  • Tathlyn
  • Olaf
  • Soveliss
  • Fizzle
  • Whitacre
  • Alvis
  • Urzog
  • Kamari
  • Cato
  • Volthug
  • Sallyanne
  • Estella
  • Altair
  • Dillon
  • Sailla
  • Dench

Dragonheir Silent Gods Tips For Better Play

Having finished our Dragonheir Silent Gods tier list, it’s time to amplify your gaming prowess. Check out our Dragonheir Silent Gods tips:

  • Understand each hero’s abilities and strengths. Knowing when and how to deploy them is the key to mastering Dragonheir: Silent Gods.
  • Team synergy is critical. While a hero might be powerful individually, their real potential is unlocked when paired with heroes that complement their abilities.
  • Regularly review and update your strategies. As you progress in the game and gather more heroes, your strategies should evolve too.

Keep in mind, Dragonheir is constantly evolving. Stay informed on the latest updates, character tweaks, and tactics to maintain a competitive edge.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – Final Words

Dragonheir: Silent Gods offers players an opportunity to immerse in a universe teeming with magic, dragons, and mysteries.

While our tier list aims to guide you through your journey, remember that personal experience and intuition are equally crucial.

Each playthrough can be a unique story, dictated by your choices. So, gather your heroes, trust in their abilities, and let the dice decide your fate.

And don’t forget, the true essence of Dragonheir isn’t just about having the best heroes, it’s about the adventures you embark on with them.

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Dragonheir Tier List – FAQ

What is the Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List?

Our Dragonheir Tier List ranks the heroes from the game “Dragonheir: Silent Gods” based on their strength, abilities, and overall performance. It serves as a guide to help players identify the most potent heroes and understand their potential within the game.

How was this Dragonheir Tier List created?

The creation of this tier list was a meticulous process. We have gathered data and info about the strength of the heroes from multiple sources. This includes the Dragonheir Silent Gods subreddit, the official Discord Channel, and input from prominent content creators and player experiences. A special shoutout goes to OddOneGaming, Skyasterix, and Skratch Gaming for their invaluable contributions to the Dragonheir community. The insights that they shared on this spreadsheet and their extensive game experience significantly influenced our rankings.

How often is the Dragonheir Tier List updated?

Our aim is to keep the tier list as up-to-date as possible. Typically, updates are done whenever there’s a significant game update, introduction of new heroes, or any change that can affect hero rankings. Additionally, we always keep an eye on community feedback and make changes as required.

Why is a tier list necessary for Dragonheir: Silent Gods?

Given the vast number of heroes and the dynamic nature of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a tier list helps players, especially newcomers, gauge the potential of each hero. It simplifies decision-making in terms of which heroes to focus on, level up, and include in your teams. But in general, a tier list is not needed for Dragonheir.

Is this tier list definitive?

While we take great care in ensuring the tier list reflects the game’s current state and hero rankings, it’s essential to understand that tier lists are subjective. Different players might have varied experiences, and certain heroes may perform differently based on individual gameplay strategies. We recommend using the tier list as a guideline and combining it with personal experience and insights from the game’s community.

How can I provide feedback on the tier list?

We value the input of the Dragonheir community! Players can join the discussion below in the comments with constructive criticism or feedback, but please don’t use any swear words or violate our terms or your comment won’t be approved. Thanks.

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