Risk of Rain Returns Survivor Tier List (December 2023)

Dive into the world of “Risk of Rain Returns” with our comprehensive Risk of Rain Returns survivor tier list, crafted to guide you in selecting the most formidable survivors.

“Risk of Rain Returns” is a thrilling journey where each survivor brings unique skills and playstyles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character is crucial for mastering the game’s challenging environments.

This tier list categorizes the survivors from the best to those requiring more skill or strategy to be effective.

November 13, 2023: We have published the first version of our Risk of Rain Returns tier list.

S Tier – Best Risk of Rain Returns Survivors

Best Risk of Rain Returns Survivors

In tier S, we have the best Risk of Rain Returns survivors. These characters offer unmatched versatility, power, and utility, making them top choices for any situation.

  • Chef
  • Huntress
  • Commando

A Tier

Tier A Risk of Rain Returns Survivors

These RoRR survivors are highly effective, with powerful abilities and good synergy potential. They might not be as dominant as S-tier survivors but are still excellent choices.

  • Acrid
  • Sniper
  • Robomando
  • Pilot

B Tier

Tier B RoRR Survivors

B-tier survivors are well-rounded with a balance of strengths and weaknesses. They are solid choices but may require more specific strategies to excel.

  • Drifter
  • Mercenary
  • Miner
  • Engineer

C Tier

Tier C RoRR Survivors

These survivors are more niche, excelling in specific scenarios. They can be potent in the right hands but generally require a more strategic approach.

  • Artificer
  • HAN-D
  • Bandit

D Tier

Tier D RoRR Survivors

In tier D, we find the survivors that pose the most challenge to play effectively. They have unique playstyles that, while rewarding, often require more skill and understanding of the game.

  • Enforcer
  • Loader

Risk of Rain Returns Tier List: Final Words

This tier list for Risk of Rain Returns survivors offers a snapshot of how each character stacks up in the current meta.

Remember, the effectiveness of a survivor can greatly depend on your playstyle and mastery of the game mechanics.

While some characters may be easier to play or more powerful in general, the most rewarding experience often comes from mastering a survivor that resonates with you personally.

Keep experimenting and adapting as you brave the unpredictable world of “Risk of Rain Returns.” While you’re here don’t forget to also check out our RoR2 tier list, as well as Baldur’s Gate 3 tier list, Noita Perk tier list, Hades Weapon tier list, and Warframe tier list.

Risk of Rain Returns Survivor Tier List – FAQ

How was this RoRR tier list created?

This tier list was compiled by analyzing a wide array of sources. We delved into discussions on the Steam Community forums, Reddit threads, YouTube gameplay analyses, the wiki (thx for images), and direct feedback from players.

By synthesizing insights from these diverse platforms, we aimed to create a well-rounded and informative tier list for “Risk of Rain Returns.”

Why should players refer to this Risk of Rain Returns survivors tier list?

Our tier list provides a baseline understanding of each survivor’s potential in the game.

It’s particularly useful for new players or those looking to optimize their gameplay with different survivors.

It offers a quick reference to understand which characters are generally considered more powerful or versatile in the current meta.

Is this tier list absolute?

No, tier lists are not absolute. They serve as guides based on the general consensus and current game dynamics.

Player skill, preferences, and playstyles can significantly impact how effective a survivor is in-game.

How often is the tier list updated?

The tier list is updated periodically, especially when there are significant game updates, balance changes, or shifts in the player community’s opinions.

We strive to keep it as current as possible to reflect the evolving nature of “Risk of Rain Returns.”

Can I still enjoy RoRR without strictly following this tier list?

Absolutely! Our RoRR tier list is meant to be a guide, not a strict rulebook. Experimenting with different survivors and finding the ones that suit your personal playstyle is a crucial part of the game’s enjoyment and challenge.

Where can players provide feedback or insights on this tier list?

Players are welcome to share their experiences and opinions in the comments below. We keep an eye on these for valuable player insights to refine and update the tier list.

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