Temtem Tier List (April 2024) – Best Characters Ranked

Hi there, adventurer! Tired of roaming the Airborne Archipelago and losing battles to the Belsoto Clan? What you probably need is a Temtem tier list, where you can see a list of all Temtem ranked for strength and effectiveness in their role.

And guess what?

We got exactly that on this page: An updated Temtem tier list, just for you!

If you want to become the best Temtem tamer, you need to know which characters are the best in every current patch.

With our Temtem tier list, you can focus on building powerful teams by using only the best Temtem in the game. This way you are sure to win more battles whether they are against PvE monsters or other players in PvP battles.

But before you I show you our Temtem tier list rankings, let me quickly explain to you what each tier means, so that you could better understand our list.

Temtem Tier List Ranking Meaning

Tier List Rankings Explanation
Image source: Crema, Humble Games
  • Tier S Temtem (BEST) — The strongest Temtem in the game, and the best at their roles. Prioritize these above all else in your team.
  • Tier A Temtem (Great) — Great Temtem that can do wonders for every team and battle, while not as strong as the S-Tier, they are still very reliable.
  • Tier B Temtem (Decent) — These Temtem are not the strongest in the game but they are well balanced and can still provide a great core for your team and they can create effective checks and counters as well.
  • Tier C Temtem (Average) — While these Temtem aren’t really that bad, they are still not that flexible, and require more strategies and support in order to make them viable.
  • Tier C Temtem (Weak) — As the weakest Temtem in the game, these characters are very niche specific and usually require a lot of support and dedication on your part, meaning that you will have to build a team around them if you want them to be relatively decent.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to the Temtem tier list.

S-Tier – Temtem Tier List

Best Temtem
Image source: Crema, Humble Games

We’re starting out with the best Temtem characters in the game. We have ranked these Temtem the highest in our tier list simply because they are strong and amazing at their role.

They can provide great support to every team, and they don’t really need to have a team built around them in order to make them work.

NumberTemtem CharacterType
#137KinuNature + Mental
#155VenmetNeutral + Melee
#157ChimurianNature + Crystal

A-Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier A Temtem units
Image source: Temtem, Crema, Humble Games

The A-Tier consists of pretty good Temtem characters that are very flexible and can provide a great core to any team out there.

They are also strong as the S-tier ones, but they do lack behind a little bit in terms of overall effectinevess.

NumberTemtem CharacterType
#083GolzyElectric + Melee
#054GyalisCrystal + Melee
#149HazratToxic + Fire
#065HedgineDigital + Fire
#128KalabyssWater + Toxic
#152MinothorMental + Electric
#085MushookToxic + Melee
#031RhoulderNeutral + Earth
#094SeismunchMelee + Earth
#028SkunchNeutral + Melee
#132TulcanWind + Fire
#026WiplumpWater + Wind

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B-Tier – Temtem Tier List

Temtem Tier List - B-Tier Characters
Image source: Temtem, Crema, Humble Games

These Temtem units are pretty decent, and while less flexible than the A and S tier, they can still become a part of your team.

They are pretty balanced Temtem that can provide effective checks and coutners, without needing too much extra support to be effective in battle.

NumberTemtem CharacterType
#004ChromeonDigital + Melee
#009PlatimousWater + Toxic
#011LoaliNature + Wind
#013GharunderToxic + Electric
#020AmphatyrElectric + Nature
#022MudridEarth + Crystal
#034NagaiseMental + Water
#036NidrasilNature + Toxic
#043AohiMental + Fire
#0460b10Digital + Electric
#050ValashNeutral + Crystal
#053BarnsheMental + Wind
#056MyxCrystal + Mental
#063ScaravoltElectric + Fire
#069SaipatWater + Melee
#110VolarendToxic + Wind
#118GaryoWater + Earth
#134TurocWind + Earth
#135TuwireWind + Digital
#136TutsuWind + Melee
#144VulffyEarth + Nature
#146WaspeenDigital + Crystal
#153MaoalaMelee + Mental
#156VentalNeutral + Mental
#160MonkkoDigital + Melee
#163TyranakFire + Nature

C-Tier Temtem Units

C-Tier Temtem Characters
Image source: Temtem, Crema, Humble Games

As we inch closer to the bottom of our Temtem tier list, we’re going to start seeing less effective Temtem units, as is the case with these C-Tier characters.

Usually, these Temtem are more niche specific and they’re only used as part of specific team builds and strategies, still, they’re not the worst on our list and can still perform well, if you support them enough with more powerful Temtem.

NumberTemtem CharacterType
#004ChromeonDigital + Fire
#004ChromeonDigital + Wind
#015MagmutMelee + Fire
#045BabawaNature + Water
#049SakuNature + Wind
#052OwlheWind + Melee
#068OsukaiEarth + Melee
#071DrakashEarth + Fire
#075InnkiElectric + Crystal
#078CycroxDigital + Toxic
#087MastioneFire + Water
#112GrumperEarth + Electric
#114GazumaElectric + Wind
#122ShuineCrystal + Water
#123NesslaWater + Electric
#126LoatleDigital + Mental
#129AdoroborosToxic + Mental
#140VulcraneFire + Earth
#148MawmenseDigital + Nature
#158ArachnyteNeutral + Digital
#162AnatanCrystal + Fire

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D-Tier Characters

D Tier Temtem Units
Image source: Crema, Humble Games

Alright, don’t get mad at me if your favorite Temtem is on this list. But at the moment these are what we think to be the weakest units in the current meta.

They’re very niche specific, and require you to build a team around them in order to make them effective at their role.

You should probably swap these for better ranked characters from our Temtem tier list.

NumberTemtem CharacterType
#004ChromeonDigital + Crystal
#004ChromeonDigital + Earth
#004ChromeonDigital + Electric
#004ChromeonDigital + Mental
#004ChromeonDigital + Nature
#004ChromeonDigital + Neutral
#004ChromeonDigital + Toxic
#004ChromeonDigital + Water
#121BroccolemNature + Melee
#131TukaiWind + Water
#133TuvineWind + Crystal
#142AkranoxEarth + Toxic
#143KoishWater + Crystal
#143KoishWater + Digital
#143KoishWater + Earth
#143KoishWater + Electric
#143KoishWater + Fire
#143KoishWater + Melee
#143KoishWater + Mental
#143KoishWater + Nature
#143KoishWater + Neutral
#143KoishWater + Toxic
#143KoishWater + Wind

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How We Created This Tier List?

If you’re already familiar with our site, you know that we like to do our research before we create tier lists for games.

So of course, we have done the same with this Temtem tier list. Not only have we played and experienced the wonderful world of Airborne Archipelago ourselves, but we have also interacted and taken feedback from other players in-game, or from the official Temtem Discord server and the Temtem subreddit.

This allows us to have a more informed and non-biased view when creating our tier lists so that our rankings reflect the current meta and playstyle of the best tamers in Temtem.

Our Temtem tier list ranks units for their overall strength and the support that they can provide to the rest of the team but also how good they are at their role.

And while we have created this list with general PvE gameplay in mind, it’s also quite suitable for PvP battles as well.

We have tried to create a realistic Temtem tier list for the current patch, but in the end, Temtem is an MMORPG that has over 160+ units available to build your team with.

But because everyone’s playstyle is different, we can’t guarantee that this list will be helpful to everyone.

Also keep in mind that with every new patch the game gets, some Temtem will go down the list while others could climb higher.

We will try to keep an eye on all the new updates and adjust this Temtem tier list accordingly. If you want to play similar games, check out our Volzerk tier list and Summoners Greed tier list.

What is Temtem?

Temtem is an MMORPG in the monster hunter niche, similar to Pokemon and other games in the genre. It is being developed by Crema and published by the awesome Humble Games team.

The game features a single-player campaign mode along with multiplayer battles, trading, and co-op gameplay.

The story follows you as you fight against the forces of evil, led by the sinister Belsoto Clan.

In order to defeat them, you’ll need to train your Temtem and evolve them into powerful fighters.

Temtem gameplay
Image source: Temtem, Crema.gg, Humble Games

In addition to battling PVE enemies, you can also take part in multiplayer battles where you can face off against other players from around the world using their own Temtem teams!

However, the game is still in the early access stage, which means that the final product might be a bit different and until then, the game will experience minor bugs and or missing features.

To sum up, Temtem is a unique approach to the monster-capturing gameplay that we all know and love. With its innovative methods of gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and soundtrack, Temtem shows all the signs of a cult classic.

Hopefully, this Temtem tier list is helpful to you and helps you win battles against all the evil Belsoto Clan members, as well as other players in PvP.

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