Brotato Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked (2024 Updated)

Welcome to our Brotato weapon tier list, where we have ranked all the weapons in the game from S (the very) best to D (the weakest) rank.

Brotato, the chaotic roguelike where you control a potato wielding deadly weapons, thrives on diversity in both playstyle and arsenal.

Choosing the right weapon can mean the difference between surviving endless waves and getting pummeled by enemies.

This Brotato tier list aims to provide an overview of all weapons, categorized by their overall effectiveness in various scenarios, keeping in mind their base stats, synergy potential, versatility, and availability.

Remember, “best” can be subjective, so adapt these rankings to fit your unique Brotato playstyle!

Brotato Weapons Tier Breakdown:

  • S-Tier: Weapons that excel in most situations, offering exceptional damage, strong synergies, and adaptability.
  • A-Tier: Highly effective weapons with potential drawbacks, requiring specific builds or playstyles to shine.
  • B-Tier: Solid choices for various builds, offering decent damage and good synergy options.
  • C-Tier: Situational weapons that can be useful in specific scenarios but have limitations.
  • D-Tier: Weapons with significant drawbacks or underwhelming performance, generally avoided except for niche builds.

S-Tier – Best Brotato Weapons

Best Brotato Weapons
These are the best Brotato Weapons (in our opinion)
  • Slingshot: High damage, ricochets for crowd control, scales well with perks.
  • Flamethrower: AoE damage, melts bosses, synergy with fire perks.
  • Spear: Excellent range, high crit chance, scales well with attack speed.
  • Knife: Melee powerhouse, excellent for crit builds, scales with attack speed.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun: Close-range burst damage, strong against bosses, requires ammo management.
  • Gatling Laser: Ranged attack, has the highest DPS of any weapon.
  • Chain Gun: Ranged attack that pierces enemies.
  • Nuclear Launcher: Devastating AoE damage, clears waves, extreme cooldown.
  • SMG: Good single target damage, very fast fire-rate


Tier A Brotato Weapons
  • Rocket Launcher: High AoE damage, boss melter, requires ammo management.
  • Shredder: High fire rate, good synergy with attack speed perks, ammo hungry.
  • Hand: Fast melee attacks, high crit chance, requires precise dodging.
  • Spiky Shield: Melee with ranged projectiles, reflects damage, situational.
  • Minigun: High sustained damage, excellent for bullet hell builds, ammo intensive.
  • Flaming Brass Knuckles: Melee AoE damage, DoT effect, niche synergy.
  • Lightning Shiv: Melee with chain lightning, crowd control, situational.
  • Power Fist: Strong melee attack, knockback, requires close-range engagements.
  • Stick: Basic melee weapon, decent early game choice, outclassed later.


Tier B Brotato weapons
  • Circular Saw: Melee AoE damage, high attack speed, needs dodging skills.
  • Axe: Powerful melee attack, slow swing speed, situational against groups.
  • Revolver: Revolver with slow reload, high damage per shot, needs accuracy.
  • Crossbow: Ranged piercing attacks, good with accuracy perks, ammo sensitive.
  • Grenade Launcher: AoE damage, requires aiming, limited ammo.
  • Shotgun: Close-range burst damage, RNG spread, decent early game option.
  • Hammer: Powerful melee attack, knockback, high cooldown.
  • Laser Gun: High damage, piercing shots, great for single-target and groups.


Tier C Weapons
  • Scissors: Melee AoE damage, short range, requires specific builds.
  • Cacti Club: Hybrid melee/ranged, needs specific synergies, underwhelming.
  • Pitchfork: Melee attack with small AoE, slow attack speed, situational.
  • Bow: Ranged piercing attacks, requires aiming, low damage output.
  • Torch
  • Screwdriver: High damage, piercing attack, scales well with crit and attack speed.


Tier D Weapons
  • Fist: Basic melee attack, extremely low damage, last resort option.
  • Potato Thrower: AoE damage, strong knockback, synergy with explosive perks.
  • Rock: Thrown projectile, slow attack, limited damage, niche utility.
  • Medical Gun
  • Pistol: Fast firing, good with precise aiming, scales with fire rate perks.
  • Wand: Elemental damage types, synergy with specific builds, situational.

Brotato Weapon Tier List: Conclusion

Remember, this tier list for Brotato weapons is just a starting point! Experiment with different weapons, explore synergies with perks and character abilities, and find what works best for your Brotato domination.

This tier list should help you navigate the vast arsenal and make informed choices on your spudtacular journey.

Disclaimer: Brotato undergoes frequent updates, so weapon balance might change. Adapt this list based on your current game version and personal preferences.

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Brotato Weapons Tier List: FAQ

Is this an official Brotato tier list?

No, this list is based on community insights from players such as Aros_Rising, and gameplay analysis. It’s a starting point, not a definitive ranking. We also used images provided by the Brotato Wiki (thanks).

How often do you update the tier list?

We aim to update it with major Brotato patches or significant shifts in the meta.

What factors did you consider for ranking?

We evaluated damage output, synergy potential, versatility across different scenarios, availability, and ease of use.

Why are some weapons in different tiers than other lists I’ve seen?

Playstyles and preferences vary! This list reflects a balanced approach, but personal experiences may differ.

What’s the best character in Brotato?

There’s no single “best” character, as each has strengths and weaknesses. Experiment and find what you enjoy!

What are some essential Brotato tips for beginners?

Prioritize weapon synergy, utilize defensive perks, and adapt your build based on the enemy waves.

What’s the best way to farm XP and coins?

Play on higher difficulties for increased rewards, and experiment with efficient builds for faster clears.

Why is [weapon name] ranked so high/low?

The ranking considers its overall effectiveness, not just raw damage. Read the individual analysis for detailed reasoning.

How can I improve my Brotato skills?

Practice, experiment, watch experienced players, and join the Brotato community for tips and discussions.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Have fun exploring the world of Brotato and find your own path to potato-powered victory!

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