Torchlight Infinite Tier List – Best Classes Season 2 (2023)

Want to find out the best Torchlight Infinite classes for season 2? Check out our character rankings below in our new Torchlight Infinite tier list for this meta.

If you love hack-and-slash ARPG games such as Diablo and Path of Exile, you probably have also heard about the Torchlight games. If you want less gruesome gameplay with more cartoony and lighter graphics, then Torchlight Infinite is for you.

Even though it has similar classes to previous Torchlight titles, in Torchlight Infinite we have new heroes that all have different skills, hero traits, and pacts that were never seen before.

So if you’re just downloaded the game and started playing right now (you should, because it’s great and free), and don’t know which class to pick to go through your adventure then check out our Torchlight Infinite best classes tier list below.

We have ranked all Torchlight Infinite classes from best (S tier) to weak(B tier), according to their overall strength, versatility, and how easy they are to play for beginners. So let’s check it out:

Torchlight Infinite Tier List

Best Torchlight Infinite classes

Here are our ‘subjective’ rankings of what we think are the best classes in Torchlight Infinite right now. Even though all characters can be played with relative success, it’s not a secret that some are more powerful and better than others, especially in season 2 of the game:

SBerserker Rehan, Frostfire Gemma
AErika, Spacetime Witness Youga, Commander Moto
BDivineshot Carino

1. Berserker Rehan

Best Torchlight Infinite Class: Rehan

Most players will consider Berserker Rehan to be the best class in Torchlight Infinite, and yeah, we agree.

After playing with it for a while you quickly realize the amount of damage he can dish out while being able to tank and stand his ground even with the toughest bosses in the game, makes Rehan the best class in Torchlight Infinite for solo play especially.

The Anger Rehan Whirlwind build is one of the most popular builds that you can use if you want to clear content fast and have fun while being pretty much invincible (okay sure, you might die once in a while, but that’s okay in a game like TL).

Just remember that you won’t be able to get the Whirlwind skill for Rehan until level 30, so use Flame Dash until then.

2. Frostfire Gemma

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If you like to conjure spells and kill your foes from a distance with balls of fire or ice bolts then Frostfire Gemma is your character. She’s also ranked in tier S alongside Rohan, making Gemma one of the best classes in the game as well.

So if you don’t like going toe-to-toe with your enemies and face-tank everything, then go ahead and pick Gemma, because she’s great at dishing a ton of devastating damage to a large area. Her AoE skills are the best in the game for clearing out a large number of mobs in no time.

3. Youga


Youga is an interesting character in Torchlight Infinite. He can dish out damage from a distance to many enemies due to his AoE skills, but he can also summon minions to help him in battle, similar to Moto.

If you’re playing with a group of players, Youga also has some good buffs that can help others in combat.

4. Commander Moto

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If you like big beards and engineering, then no one else is more suited for you than Commander Moto. You can build an entire army of robot minions to help you in battle while providing good buffs to the entire group.

But if you’re playing Torchlight Infinite solo, then Moto might not be that great because while his summons is pretty good, his own stats, skills, and overall damage is lacking.

5. Erika


Cateye Erika is the latest addition to Torchlight Infinite, and you can gain access to her by purchasing the Season 2 Pass. Her strategy involves quick movement to inflict massive damage by stacking Stalker during the Cat’s Agility maneuver, leading to multiple strikes.

Erika’s Wind Stalker Hero Trait grants “Cat’s Agility” for 10s after moving 6 meters, increasing movement speed by 20% and linking movement speed changes to attack damage at 200%.

If you enjoy fast-paced combat with frequent movement and powerful bursts of damage, Erika is the perfect choice for you.

6. Divineshot Carino

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Do you like to pew pew your way to victory? Then you should play with Divineshot Carino. He is the pure DPS class of Torchlight Infinite that uses guns to perform long-range devastating attacks. He is very powerful but also very squishy.

In short, Carino is a glass cannon character with high damage potential but low health and defense.

So if you prefer playing these types of classes then sure, go for it, otherwise, we don’t really recommend playing with Carino unless you really know how to play the game and how to maneuver in certain enemy and boss encounters.

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Torchlight Infinite Tier List: Final Thoughts

While there aren’t that many heroes in Torchlight Infinite, the ones that are currently available do offer a variety of ways and unique playstyles for players to have fun.

Personally, I like playing with Rehan, because I like the “in your face” playstyle and being able to use “Leap” to move around the map and spin (Whirlwind) to eliminate everyone I encounter in my path.

Our Torchlight Infinite class tier list can be a helpful tool to guide your next playthrough. If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments.

We’ll do our best to keep the tier list updated as the game receives updates and new content. Bookmark it for reference!

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Torchlight Infinite Best Classes – FAQ

How to unlock Erika in Torchlight Infinite?

The only way to unlock Erika in Season 2 of Torchlight Infinite is by purchasing the season pass and you will get her right away from level 1. The next season she will be available to be purchased with in-game currency: Prymocryst.

Do you need a tier list for Torchlight Infinite?

In reality no. Torchlight Infinite and every other ARPG out there can be played with any character, class, or build, and players can still have lots of fun and go through the content. However, some TL Infinite classes are better than others and can clear maps faster and easier than others with less investment in both gear and time. So because of that, a tier list for Torchlight Infinite can be helpful to some players.

How was this TL Infinite tier list created?

We have got over 100+ hours in the game ourselves and tested out a bunch of classes and builds, and because of that our TL Infinite tier list is a bit subjective, but then again every tier list on the internet is. Aside from our own experience, we’ve also taken some feedback from players in the Torchlight Infinite Discord server and from the subreddit, to see what others prefer playing with.

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