Torchlight Infinite Tier List – Best Classes Season 4 (2024)

Want to find out the best Torchlight Infinite classes for season 4? Check out our character rankings below in our new Torchlight Infinite tier list for this meta.

If you love hack-and-slash ARPG games such as Diablo and Path of Exile, you probably have also heard about the Torchlight games. If you want less gruesome gameplay with more cartoony and lighter graphics, then Torchlight Infinite is for you.

Even though it has similar classes to previous Torchlight titles, in Torchlight Infinite we have new heroes that all have different skills, hero traits, and pacts that were never seen before.

If you’re new to Torchlight Infinite (a fantastic, free game), and unsure which class to choose, our tier list is here to help. We’ve ranked all classes from the strongest (S tier) to the weakest (B tier), based on power, versatility, and beginner-friendliness.

December 9, 2023: We have updated our Torchlight Infinite tier list for season 4.

Torchlight Infinite Tier List

Best Torchlight Infinite classes

Our updated ‘subjective’ rankings of what we think are the best classes in Torchlight Infinite reflect the evolving dynamics of the game, particularly in its latest season.

While each character can shine in their own right, some have emerged as more powerful and versatile than others:

SIris Growing Breeze, Gemma Ice Fire, Gemma Flame of Pleasure
ARehan Anger, Carino Ranger of Glory
BErika Wind Stalker, Youga Space Illusion
CThea, Moto Order Calling
DEscapist Bing

1. Iris Growing Breeze

Iris Growing Breeze, an S-tier character, excels with her agility and potent attack skills. Her ability to swiftly navigate the battlefield while unleashing powerful attacks makes her a top choice for players seeking versatility and strength.

2. Gemma Ice Fire

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Gemma Ice Fire, also in the S tier, is a formidable spellcaster known for her chilling and fiery spells. Her mastery over elemental magic allows her to adapt to various combat situations, making her a valuable asset in any team composition.

3. Gemma Flame of Pleasure

Another S-tier hero, Gemma Flame of Pleasure, wields fire-based magic with devastating effect. Her powerful AoE attacks can decimate groups of enemies, making her an excellent choice for clearing dense enemy waves.

4. Rehan Anger

Good Torchlight Infinite Classes

Ranked in A tier, Rehan Anger is a fierce warrior with a talent for dealing massive damage. His resilience and combat prowess make him a reliable frontline fighter, capable of withstanding and dishing out significant damage.

5. Carino Ranger of Glory

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Carino Ranger of Glory, another A-tier character, is known for his exceptional ranged attacks. His proficiency with ranged weapons allows him to take out enemies from a distance while remaining relatively safe from direct confrontations.

6. Erika Wind Stalker


In the B tier, Erika Wind Stalker shines with her fast-paced combat style. Her agility and rapid attacks enable her to strike quickly and retreat, making her ideal for hit-and-run tactics.

7. Youga Space Illusion


Youga Space Illusion, also in B tier, excels in battlefield control with his AoE abilities and illusions. His capacity to manage multiple foes simultaneously makes him a strategic choice in complex combat scenarios.

8. Thea

Thea, in the C tier, balances offensive and defensive skills. Her versatility is particularly effective in team play, where she can provide support while holding her own in battles.

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9. Moto Order Calling

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Moto Order Calling, another C-tier class, is known for his engineering prowess and ability to summon mechanical minions. His unique playstyle revolves around strategic placement and utilization of his creations.

10. Escapist Bing

In the D tier, Escapist Bing offers a unique, albeit less powerful, playstyle. His skills allow for innovative strategies, making him a choice for players who enjoy tactical and creative gameplay.

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Torchlight Infinite Tier List: Final Thoughts

While there aren’t that many heroes in Torchlight Infinite, the ones that are currently available do offer a variety of ways and unique playstyles for players to have fun.

Personally, I like playing with Rehan, because I like the “in your face” playstyle and being able to use “Leap” to move around the map and spin (Whirlwind) to eliminate everyone I encounter in my path.

Our Torchlight Infinite class tier list can be a helpful tool to guide your next playthrough. If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments.

We’ll do our best to keep the tier list updated as the game receives updates and new content. Bookmark it for reference!

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Torchlight Infinite Best Classes – FAQ

How to unlock Erika in Torchlight Infinite?

The only way to unlock certain characters such as Iris or Erica in Torchlight Infinite is by purchasing the season pass and you will get her right away from level 1.

The next season she will be available to be purchased with in-game currency: Prymocryst.

Do you need a tier list for Torchlight Infinite?

In reality, no. Torchlight Infinite and every other ARPG out there can be played with any character, class, or build, and players can still have lots of fun and go through the content.

However, some TL Infinite classes are better than others and can clear maps faster and easier than others with less investment in both gear and time. So because of that, a tier list for Torchlight Infinite can be helpful to some players.

How was this TL Infinite tier list created?

We have got over 100+ hours in the game ourselves and tested out a bunch of classes and builds, and because of that our TL Infinite tier list is a bit subjective, but then again every tier list on the internet is.

Aside from our own experience, we’ve also taken some feedback from players in the Torchlight Infinite Discord server and from the subreddit, to see what others prefer playing with, as well as content creators such as Rhykerr on YT.

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