Tower of Fantasy Tier List (2023) – Best Characters & Weapons

Looking for the best characters and weapons in Tower of Fantasy? Guess what player? You’ve come to the right place. As usual, we have created our own Tower of Fantasy tier list where we rank each Simulacra according to their rarity, stats, and abilities, as well as their best weapons.

The game was developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite and it’s available on mobile devices such as Android, and iOS but also on PC on the Microsoft Windows OS.

Tower of Fantasy is set in a futuristic world where players can choose between many different and unique Simulacra (characters), each with their own abilities and skills.

Players are able to customize their character and explore the vast open world of Tower of Fantasy by completing quests, fighting monsters, collecting resources, and more.

The combat in this mobile MMORPG is similar to what we have seen in other games such as Genshin Impact or Grand Chase but it still has some unique features that make it fun and exciting to play.

Still, with so many unique characters and weapons that are available in this game, we have decided to create a Tower of Fantasy tier list to make it easier for beginners (and veterans alike) to choose the right combination to clear more content.

Especially since you don’t really want to waste crystals on units that don’t perform well.

So with that in mind, we have ranked every character (and weapon) in Tower of Fantasy from the very best (S+ tier) to the worst (C Tier). Let’s get started.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List 1.5 Meta

January 7, 2023: We have updated our Tower of Fantasy tier list

There are 3 types of character rarities in Tower of Fantasy: R, SR, and SSR, as well as 3 types of roles such as: DPS, Defence and Support. There are also the elements that each Simulacra has: Fire, Ice, Volt and Physical.

So based on all of these differences and the character’s abilities to perform the best in the hardest game content, we’ve come up with the following Tower of Fantasy tier list for 1.5 meta.

Tower of Fantasy: Tier S+ Characters and Weapons

Best Characters in Tower of Fantasy

The following are the best characters in Tower of Fantasy paired with their best weapons, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

ToF CharacterWeaponElementRole
KingScythe of the CrowFireDPS
SamirDual EM StarsLightningDPS

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Tower of Fantasy – Tier S Characters

Tower of Fantasy: Characters & Weapons ranked

Even if you can’t get the S+ tier units, you can still do great damage by using the following characters in all modes of the Tower of Fantasy game, including dungeons and combat.

ToF CharacterWeaponElementRole
ClaudiaGauren BladePhysicalDPS
CocoritterAbsolute ZeroIceSupport
MerylRosy EdgeIceDefense
TsubasaIcewind ArrowIceDPS

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Tower of Fantasy – Tier A Characters

Tower of Fantasy: Tier A characters

Couldn’t get your hands on any of the S+ or S tier units? Well, don’t fret, these Tower of Fantasy characters are still good to be used, even though they might not be as powerful as the higher ranked ones.

ToF CharacterWeaponElementRole
HumaMolten Shield V2FireDefense
ShiroChakram of the SeasPhysicalDPS
ZeroNegating CubeFireSupport

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Tower of Fantasy – Tier B Simulacra

Tier B characters and Weapons

These Tower of Fantasy Simulacra and weapons are a bit average when it comes to DPS and defense output, but if you don’t have anything else, then you can play with these for a while.

ToF CharacterWeaponElementRole
Bai LingNightningale’s FeatherPhysicalDPS
PepperStaff of ScarsLightningSupport

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Tower of Fantasy – Tier C Units and Weapons

Tier C units and Weapons

Now that we’ve reached the end of our Tower of Fantasy tier list, let’s look at these last four units and weapons.

They are ranked here because they either don’t have enough DPS or defensive output and they might also lack on the utility side of things, especially when compared to their more powerful counterparts up above.

ToF CharacterWeaponElementRole
HildaThe TerminatorIceDPS
EchoThunderous HalberdLightningDPS

Final Thoughts

So that’s our list of the top characters and weapons in this version (1.5) of Tower Of Fantasy. Keep in mind, this is just our opinion. You may have a different opinion, and that’s fine!

However, we feel that these are the best Tower of Fantasy weapons and characters to use in the game right now. If you disagree with us, please let us know in the comments below (don’t forget to include the reason why).

As the game continues to get new updates and new characters added, we will also change the above tier list to reflect the changes in the meta. So make sure you bookmark this page to check it out once a new patch rolls out.

How did we create this Tower of Fantasy Tier List?

After playing the game ourselves, we tested out numerous characters and asked members of the Tower of Fantasy online community—such as those who frequent Reddit or the official Discord server for their tips and suggestions.

Who is the best character in Tower of Fantasy?

At the moment we think that Samir is probably the best character (Simulacra) in the Tower of Fantasy 1.5, using the Dual EM Stars weapon.

What is the best weapon in Tower of Fantasy?

The best weapon is probably the Dual EM Stars, paired with Samir. But also the Scythe of the Crow weilded by KING.

What is the strongest SSR in Tower of Fantasy?

This depends, but in general we think that the best SSR characters in Tower of Fantasy are the ones from our S+ list: Nemesis, Samir, King, and Frigg.

Is there PvP in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes there is a game mode for PvP in Tower of Fantasy and it’s called the “Apex League“. Players that want to go head to head against other players, must reach Wanderer Level 31.

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