Valor Legends Tier List (May 2024) – Best Heroes Ranked

Hi there player and welcome to our very own Valor Legends tier list. If you ever wondered which are the best Valor Legends heroes, well, wonder no more, because that’s exactly what you’re going to find out in this guide.

Valor Legends needs no introduction, it’s a very popular idle RPG gacha game where you collect and summon heroes that you can use to then battle and defeat enemies automatically.

The game has tons of nice features such as being able to train your heroes, go on different bounties to earn more loot when you’re not playing the game, adventure through the Mysterious Realms, the Oasis, and in the Guild War, and even go head to head with other players in a match of PvP in the Glory Arena.

Valor Legends has five different classes of heroes, each with their own types of abilities and outlooks. Some are more melee focused while others rely on long-range attacks; some are meant to support others while others deal damage.

Each hero has various strengths and weaknesses, so creating the perfect team will take a bit of work, especially since it’s going to take a while to summon all the best heroes.

But you probably already know all of that, if not, well now you do. Anyway, the reason why you’re here is probably that you want to assemble the best Valor Legends team in order to clear content much easier and win more PvP battles, well if that’s the case then let’s check out our Valor Legends tier list and see which units are good in this meta.

We’ve ranked all the Valor Legends characters on this tier list from best (S Tier) to worst (D tier). We took a couple of things into consideration in order to determine their ranking such as their class, faction, and how well they do in the mid and late game in the PvE campaign (chapters) but also in PvP and Magic Realms.

Update: We have made changes to our Valor Legends tier list on February 16, 2023.

Valor Legends – Tier S Heroes

Best Valor Legends Heroes

These are the best Valor Legends heroes in the game right now, and they can be used in any situation. They’re able to handle multiple foes at once while still dishing out high-damage output.

The many talents and skills of these animals enable them to handle any situation that arises with ease.

  • Amaterasu (Priest)
  • Brovi (Warrior)
  • Catarina (Warrior)
  • Diana (Ranger)
  • Felix (Ranger)
  • Garr (Assassin)
  • Ireus (Mage)
  • Khuulka (Warrior)
  • Margaret (Priest)
  • Milton (Mage)
  • Olivia (Priest)
  • Ramiel (Assassin)
  • Sellier (Ranger)
  • Sinclair (Mage)
  • Shinobu (Assassin)
  • Suvere (Priest)

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Valor Legends – Tier A Heroes

Valor Legends - Tier A Heroes

Tier A units are Valor Legends heroes who have one or two minor shortcomings compared to their S counterparts. They might not have the highest stats or most powerful skills, but these characters will still perform well when used in battle!

  • Achis (Mage)
  • Bally (Assassin)
  • Bella (Assassin)
  • Brooke (Ranger)
  • Cardelin (Warrior)
  • Curvoi (Ranger)
  • Eric (Warrior)
  • Flora (Priest)
  • Frode (Mage)
  • Gisella (Mage)
  • Grigor (Priest)
  • Ixlott (Ranger)
  • Liliana (Ranger)
  • Lionel (Warrior)
  • Liv (Ranger)
  • Mikayla (Priest)
  • Narrisa (Assassin)
  • Oche (Mage)
  • Renee (Ranger)
  • Telwihr (Ranger)
  • Terrence (Assassin)
  • Yesacco (Warrior)
  • Yulvyin (Mage)

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Valor Legends – Tier B Heroes

Tier B Heroes

These are your average Valor Legends characters. While their stats and abilities may not make them superstars in regular PvE content (such as the main chapters), some of these heroes are particularly useful in specific situations in other game modes—such as PvP and Mysterious Realms.

  • Ayla (Warrior)
  • Darby (Ranger)
  • Doris (Mage)
  • Edwyrd (Ranger)
  • Lucia (Priest)
  • Patrus (Warrior)
  • Renaud (Warrior)
  • Seth (Warrior)
  • Sota (Assassin)
  • Waga (Priest)

Valor Legends – Tier C Heroes

Tier C Heroes

These Valor Legends units are not as strong as those in the other tiers, especially if you’re focused on reaching the late-game PvE content. They do have decent stats but still aren’t worth upgrading compared to others ranked higher, and this is why they are ranked last on our Valor Legends tier list!

For that reason, we recommend that you avoid using these heroes in your Valor Legends team unless you’re a beginner player and have nothing else to play with.

  • Beelzebub (Assassin)
  • Norton (Warrior)
  • Primo (Mage)
  • Raghnall (Mage)

Final Thoughts

I hope this Valor Legends tier list is useful to you and wish you all the best of luck in your adventures to come.

This list where we have ranked all the best Valor Legends characters in the game (mostly for PvE content) is based on our personal opinion and experience with the game, as well as feedback from other players from the game’s Reddit community and Discord server.

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We will be updating this tier list to reflect changes in the meta game, so feel free to bookmark this page if you’re looking for new content.

Also if you haven’t yet downloaded the game, you can get it for free on Google Play and from the App Store.


Who are the best heroes in Valor Legends?

The best Valor Legends heroes will vary depending on the meta and the updates, events, and changes to current characters. Also, every player is different and has their own favorite characters and team that they like playing with, so what’s best for someone might not be the same for others.

But if we had to choose, then we’d say that the best characters in Valor Legends (including mages, assassins, warriors, priests, and rangers) at the moment are those that we have ranked in the S tier rank.

Is this Valor Legends tier list accurate?

No tier list can be 100% accurate on the internet, because there are so many factors involved depending on the content and every player’s resources. For example, some free-to-play players will struggle to get the best heroes in the game, and so they won’t be able to create the best Valor Legends squad. But overall we did try to be as close to the Valor Legends meta as possible, following the top players in the game and inspecting their units, and also getting feedback on the online communities.

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