Idle Champions Codes (February 2024) – Get Free Chests, Skins

Are you looking for active Idle Champions codes? Well, guess what player… you’re in luck, that’s exactly what you’re going to find on this page.

We all enjoy playing Idle Champions but as gamers, we enjoy games more when we get freebies. That’s also the case with Idle Champions, this strategy game is awesome to play, and yet while we can go at it for hours, it’s no doubt that getting some extra free chests, skins and other loot is more exciting.

Luckily, the developers of Idle Champions are always active in giving out redemption codes to their players, and so on this page, you will find the latest Idle Champions codes that we got our hands on and share them with you.

Active Idle Champions Codes

Here is a list of working Idle Champions promo codes that will help you claim free chests, skins, and other rewards.

Idle Champion CodeReward
CHUB-BYBU-NNY!Get One Electrum Chest
MUZZ-NALA-TANGGet One Electrum Chest
CODE-WORK-PLS!Get One Electrum Chest
REDD-ITQA-200!Get One Electrum Chest
SAVE-FORM-SAVEGet One Electrum Chest
FULL-OFCL-OWNSGet One Electrum Chest
TWIS-TAXE-BEAKGet One Electrum Chest
FARR-EALM-TIMEGet One Electrum Chest
NOST-RAHD-HEREGet One Electrum Chest
SAVE-THET-EAMSGet One Electrum Chest
IDLE-GABE-CHATGet One Electrum Chest
WEPT-FINI-AERYGet One Electrum Chest
REDS-BIGA-OGAMGet One Electrum Chest
HILL-ARED-BAST-RIFTGet One Electrum Chest
BEAT-UPST-RAHDGet One Electrum Chest
CLAW-FILM-HAGSGet One Electrum Chest
RONZ-MINE-OFAYGet One Electrum Chest
NUSH-OPWH-ODISGet One Electrum Chest
QADI-NORI-CANYGet One Electrum Chest
AFAM-ILIA-RGOO-DBYEGet One Electrum Chest
DNDJ-ORDA-NLEAGet One Electrum Chest
LIFE-UNIV-ERSEGet One Electrum Chest
DICT-ZEPS-BYTEGet One Electrum Chest
BAIL-NOON-SENSGet One Electrum Chest
DEVS-YIRD-HISHGet One Electrum Chest
CAMP-KINS-FIFEGet One Electrum Chest
DREE-RINS-NESTGet One Electrum Chest
PENU-LTIM-ATE!Get One Electrum Chest
SPET-COOF-COCHGet One Electrum Chest
FEET-MALI-AWEEGet One Electrum Chest
LADS-LADS-LADSGet One Electrum Chest
AGER-CHAI-FAILGet One Electrum Chest
SWOT-FORD-NULLGet One Electrum Chest
SIST-ALEC-SEANGet One Electrum Chest
SORI-EGAD-TOSAGet One Electrum Chest
BEHO-LD!I-RIS!Get One Electrum Chest
LAST-PANC-AKESReceive Two Electrum Chest
#COB-ALTC-ROWDGet One Electrum Chest
LOGO-RIEQ-DXOSGet One Electrum Chest
ITSP-RIME-TIMEGet One Electrum Chest
GABE-CHAT-FUN!Get One Electrum Chest
TORR-JUTS-RIEMGet One Electrum Chest
OUTS-WILY-PAINGet One Electrum Chest
#HIG-HSOC-IETYGet One Electrum Chest
CORE-SATE-DDZAGet One Electrum Chest
THEP-URPL-ECOWGet One Electrum Chest
RELY-KYES-TIPSGet One Electrum Chest
HAIK-MOAT-PENSGet One Electrum Chest
SEAS-ON1W-EEK4Get One Electrum Chest
VARI-ANTT-IME!Get One Electrum Chest
BUOY-HAYS-MIBSGet One Electrum Chest
THNX-FORS-AVESGet One Electrum Chest
BLCK-PITS-GLAMGet Tatyana and 3 Gold chests
THET-ARRA-SQUEReceive Two Gold Chests
PTDP-TNRN-MDPPRedeem Code For 2 familiars
MRHQ-KRX9-WKGHCeleste Starter Pack
MOON-CARD-WISHReceive Two Silver Ellywick Chests
JOYF-ULLY-EVILReceive Two Silver Prudence Chests
MAYH-EM&M-USICReceive Two Silver Brig Chests
EACH-NERD-HASA-ROLEReceive Two Silver Chests
IMPO-SING-PRES-ENCEReceive Two Silver Sgt. Knox Chests
ECHO-OFZA-RIELReceive Two Silver Chests
HEAL-ING&-FIREReceive Two Silver Orkira Chests
CAPT-AINS-COATReceive Two Silver Corazón Chests
DEVA-SREG-ALIAReceive Two Silver Orisha Chests
BLOT-CHOF-BLUEReceive Two Silver D’hani Chests
GRUM-PY&G-RUFFReceive Two Silver Mehen Chests
PALA-DINO-FTYRReceive Two Silver Selise Chests
FELL-OWHU-MANSReceive Two Silver Hew Maan Chests
SPOT-WEAK-NESSReceive Two Silver Talin Chests
DOPP-ELGA-NGERReceive Two Silver Chests
UNHO-LYBL-IGHTReceive Two Silver Viconia Chest
SHAK-ASPU-ZZLEReceive Two Silver Shaka Chest
AMUR-DERB-UNNYReceive Two Silver Yorven Chest
ACQI-NCEV-ELYNRedeem to get Evelyn and Gold Evelyn Chests
STRI-XACQ-INC!Redeem to get Strix and Gold Strix Chests
EYES-WIDE-OPENRedeem for freebie
ELLY-WICK-CARDGet Five Gold Chest
STAG-GERM-EATYGet One Electrum Chest
EXAC-TSHA-GGY!Get One Electrum Chest
AGYG-AXCH-EST!Get One Electrum Chest
GREA-TEST-GAMYGet One Electrum Chest
GARY-CONT-TRPGGet One Electrum Chest
GARY-CONR-ULESGet One Electrum Chest
AGEM-IXMO-TOR!Get One Electrum Chest
ACOG-NACM-YRRHGet One Electrum Chest
CRAG-MONA-RCHYGet One Electrum Chest
GARY-CONJ-ASONGet One Electrum Chest
KARM-ICMA-DJIGGet the Green Flame Skin
WAKA-NDA4-EVERRedeem Code For 1x Gold Chest
MAXD-UNBA-RFTWRedeem Code For 1x Gold Chest
THEY-AWNI-NGPO-RTALRedeem Code For 1x Gold Chest
AGOL-DCHE-ST4URedeem Code For 1x Gold Chest
TAKE-THIS-LOOT-CODERedeem Code For 1x Gold Strix Chest
IDLE-CHAM-PION-SNOWRedeem Code For 1x Gold Chest

How To Redeem Idle Champions Codes

To redeem Idle Champions codes and claim your freebies all you have to do is follow this pretty straightforward guide:

  1. Open Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on your platform of choice
  2. Open the “Shop” window
  3. Go to the “Redeem a Code” box in the lower right corner
  4. Copy and paste a code in the box and press “Submit”
  5. And that’s it. Enjoy your free rewards.

As you can see, there’s nothing too complicated to redeeming your codes and receiving awesome free rewards, so hopefully, this works for you.

Important note: You can only redeem these codes on the PC version of the game, so Android / iOS users might not be able to use these Idle Champions codes in-game.

How Do You Get More Redeem Codes?

Codename Entertainment, the developers behind Idle Champions, usually release new codes whenever they are releasing new content, especially during their live streams.

So if you want to be one of the first ones to receive new Idle Champions codes you should follow the developers or the game on their social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, in order to get notified whenever they post a new code.

Or, instead of following a bunch of pages, you can simply bookmark this article and come back here and refresh it whenever you need a new one. Usually, we try to keep this Idle Champions redeem codes list pretty updated, so we should always have fresh ones in stock.

Also about that, if you know or get your hands on new Idle Champions codes that we didn’t list here, please leave us a comment down below and share it with us and the community. It would make you a more awesome human being.

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