Valkyrie Connect Tier List – Best Characters Ranked PVE & PVP

Hi there, if you’re on this page, chances are that you’re looking for an updated Valkyrie Connect tier list for PVE and for PVP. Right? How do I know that? Magic.

No, but really… If you want to find out which are the best characters in Valkyrie Connect then keep on reading.

You see, on this page, we have created two Valkyrie Connect tier lists one for PVP and one for PVE where we rank only the best heroes in the game from the top (SSS rank) to worst (D rank).

But with over 600+ heroes available, in the game, obviously we didn’t include all of them, so if you don’t see a character that you’re looking for in any of our rankings then chances are that we think they are worse than even our lowest tier rank so we didn’t bother adding them to the lists.

What is Valkyrie Connect?

Valkyrie Connect is an anime-inspired Japanese RPG that takes place in a world based on Norse mythology. You collect and upgrade hundreds of Heroes like Elves, Dwarves, Jotun, and Aesir.

The game Valkyrie Connect was developed by Ateam and released in June 2016. Since then it has been downloaded more than 19 million times worldwide. It’s available for free on Steam (Windows), Android, and iOS devices.

Valkyrie Connect is a great RPG experience that’s both streamlined and complex, where players can play alone or together (co-op) to go head to head with the evil forces in dungeons and raids. Players also have multiple ways of acquiring and upgrading heroes.

The game has a lot of content and offers players a ton of variety in gameplay. The story is also compelling, which makes it easy to get sucked into the game even more.

With more than 600 characters to collect, each with a distinct set of strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to build the ideal team for your play style. Dive deeper into this fantasy world by getting to know each character through their individual stories!

Overall Valkyrie Connect is an excellent RPG with lots of replay value because the developers keep adding new content and collabs with popular games and characters on a regular basis.

But if you’re a new player that’s unfamiliar with this game and its characters, or even if you’re an old-school player then our Valkyrie Connect tier list will help you select the best characters for your team.

Especially since the game features 600+ heroes, which is a bit crazy if you ask me since this makes it even difficult for players to know which of these hundreds of heroes are good.

That’s why we have created our Valkyrie Connect tier list for PVP and PVE to help give you an insight into what we think are the best Valkyrie Connet characters in this current meta.

Understanding Our Valkyrie Connect Heroes Rankings

Valkyrie Connect Heroes Rankings
Image Source: Ateam, Valkyrie Connect

Here’s a brief explanation of the rankings in our Valkyrie Connect tier list.

  • Tier SSS Valkyrie Connect Heroes — The best of the best. These characters are OP and they dominate PVP and PVE content with ease. Use these in your team if you want an easy win.
  • Tier SS Valkyrie Connect Heroes — These Valkyrie Connect units are also at the top of the list, they are a great addition to SSS ones, and can do good in any type of content and in any team.
  • Tier S Valkyrie Connect Heroes — Fantastic units that are slightly below the SSS and SS heroes, they’re still good to be used in your team though although they might lack the higher stats and abilities that the SS and SSS tier ones have.
  • Tier A Valkyrie Connect Heroes — Good Valkyrie Connect characters that can be fitted into any team, although they’re not as great as the higher ones they can still do some good damage and win you battles.
  • Tier B Valkyrie Connect Heroes — Average units, not great not bad, you can use them for all the content in the game, although don’t expect to get carried to easy wins.
  • Tier C Valkyrie Connect Heroes — Weak characters that you shouldn’t really use in your Valkyrie Connect team, unless you don’t have anything else better or you’re on some sort of strategy that requires some of these heroes’ abilities.
  • Tier D Valkyrie Connect Heroes — Here’s the honest truth: We think these are bad characters and shouldn’t be used in your team in any content. Still, if you’re new to the game and have nothing else to play with, then sure, go ahead and use these in your team.

Valkyrie Connect Tier List: Best Heroes in PVE

Valkyrie Connect Best Characters
Image source: Ateam, Valkyrie Connect

Alright so now that we have gone over the “boring” explanations of our Valkyrie Connect Tier lists and how each rankings works, let’s take a look at the best heroes in Valkyrie Connect for PVE content.

Valkyrie Connect: SSS Tier List Heroes PVE

Whether you’re a first-time player or a longtime fan of the game, these are the best characters for playing in PvE. They will help ensure that your team has the upper hand when facing off against enemies and give you better odds of coming out on top.

  • Angelic Hel
  • Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Catalyst Lodur
  • Catalyst Morphea
  • Catalyst Ractinia
  • Dark Pursuer Alfana
  • Divine Creator Kamimusubi
  • Fuegoleon Vermillion
  • Gallant Wolf Lupus
  • Gentle Creator Takamimusubi
  • Ghostly Cenia
  • Illusion Scion Esquire
  • Kimono Maker Tsumugi
  • Lust Scion Authumla
  • Nine-Tailed Tamamo
  • Nozel Silva
  • Peaceful Mediator Elineige
  • Raindropper Passo
  • Restoration God Umukahime
  • Savior Asuka & Eva New Unit-02a
  • Savior Buri
  • Savior Kaworu
  • Savior Selene
  • Savior Volfa
  • Sorceress Rumi
  • Summer Sands Celestia
  • Sunny Summer Noa
  • Truelove Freya
  • Vindicator Gryffine
  • Virtuous Guard Lindworm

Valkyrie Connect: SS Tier List Heroes PVE

The Valkyrie Connect heroes are powerful, but not quite as strong as the SSS-tier characters in some situations.

Still, they’re very good, and should be a nice addition to any team.

  • Acrobat Kururu
  • Axe Maiden Elicia
  • Beloved Bowman Etios
  • Cannon Mama Eleanor
  • Cannon Master Canon
  • Catalyst Mari
  • Catalyst Melveryn
  • Catalyst Shinji
  • Catalyst Sveid
  • Chemist Famir
  • Dark Star Helblindi
  • Demiurge
  • Elf Queen Quarys
  • Envy Scion Misato
  • Eve Horn Raspi
  • Fortune Fox Fu-Mei
  • Gloxinia Apocalyptic Rei
  • Honest Thief Mikagura
  • Imperial Servant Taoyun
  • Innocent Maiden Ciel
  • Jubilant Dielle
  • Kagamine Rin
  • King Terrible Tornado
  • Lethal Bikini Sasha
  • Lightning God Raika
  • Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir
  • Mari & Eva Unit-08
  • Mari & Fafnir
  • Mavis Vermillion
  • Mecha Marksman Schutz
  • Misato & AAA Wunder
  • Misery Magus Ipsum
  • Moon Bunny Mikane
  • Oath God Var
  • Poetry God Bragi
  • Shining Moon Kaguya
  • Snowy Bell Reim
  • Spear Knight Geirrod
  • Spirit Master Allion
  • Summer Parasol Raspi
  • Summer Scion Frigg
  • Sun God Asuka
  • Tamer Aemyna
  • Time Knight Chrossy
  • Vampire Lord Evileye
  • Vindicator Gratias
  • Vindicator Levina
  • Vindicator Managarm
  • Water Wolf Hati
  • Wise God Snotra

Valkyrie Connect: S Tier List Heroes PVE

Valkyrie Connect Tier B Heroes
Image Source: Valkyrie Connect, Ateam

Less powerful than the SS and SSS tier, these Valkyrie Connect characters are still pretty awesome, and they can clear PVE content and story missions with ease.

So go ahead and upgrade them as well and use them in your team, as they won’t do you wrong.

  • Catalyst Elm Melveryn (10th Angel)
  • Dancer Nagisa
  • Dark Beast Tamer Luce
  • Dual Horn Raspi
  • Envy Scion Esquire
  • Final Weapon Ultima
  • Fox Spirit Izuna
  • Gambler Ranco
  • Lethal Bikini Risa
  • Magus Ipsum
  • Match Girl Elena
  • Mistletoe Wielder Mistel
  • Musician Musika
  • Night Conjurer Luka
  • Renji Abarai
  • Savior Dinavia
  • Savior Rei
  • Squirrel Girl Ratatoskr
  • Valkyrie Radgrid
  • Wandering Observer Kari

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A Tier Heroes for PVE

Average Valkyirie Connect Characters
Image source: Valkyrie Connect, Ateam

The A-tier Valkyrie Connect heroes are good units that can do well in most PVE content, although they might need a little more support than the higher-ranked ones in order to do great.

  • Adventurer Granfelt
  • Alchemist Matisse
  • Bomber Pallone
  • Catalyst Vios
  • Cool Summer Radgrid
  • Disaster Box Dora
  • Disc-Bearer Mona
  • Empress Miku-boda
  • Flower Girl Flora
  • Hunting God Hodr
  • Kyudoka Mizuki
  • Mermaid Marmalade
  • Phoenix Vidofnir
  • Raven God Huginn
  • Raven God Muninn
  • Seraph Reginleif
  • Spellsword Dielle
  • Summer Seas Kaguya
  • Teasing God Byleist
  • Valkyrie Hrist
  • Valkyrie Rei
  • Valkyrie Svipul
  • Valkyrie Verdandi
  • Vampire Killer Vendetta
  • Vindicator Hrimthurs
  • Wave Daughter Hronn
  • Zeref

B Tier Heroes

The Valkyrie Connect B tier list includes average heroes that don’t have a great utility kit and abilities. Still, they are good to clear most of the story content and missions but don’t expect to clear every stage with a breeze.

  • 6th Angel Ken
  • Bowman Etios
  • Cannoneer Canon
  • Dreameaters Livy & Lo
  • Falconer Arnaud
  • Fate God Vali
  • Feline Defender Clawdia
  • Godmother Yvette
  • Gunslinger Wolfgang
  • Hange
  • Kagamine Len
  • Kimono God Vali
  • Madoka Kaname
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Megurine Luka
  • New Year Ymir
  • Ninja Momiji
  • Noble Noebel
  • Panda Girl Levin
  • Royal Guard Siluria
  • Sea Dragon Ofnir
  • Succubus Liciela
  • Sweet Summer Urd
  • Thread User Luviria
  • Wondrous Alice

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C Tier Heroes

Weak Valkyrie Connect heroes that shouldn’t really be used unless you don’t have anything else that’s better.

  • Archer Lucio
  • Assassin Risa
  • Great Archer Lyrist
  • Harpy Mele
  • Hunter Bertha
  • Infantry Mermaid Lorelei
  • Mami Tomoe
  • Mechanical Ines
  • Mechanist Geneir
  • Red Hood Souffle
  • Sacrificed Neviria
  • Smiter Medjed
  • Spirit Bird Hraesvelgr
  • Traveling Trader Corona

Valkyrie Connect Tier List: Best Heroes for PVP

Valkyrie Connect: S Tier List Heroes PVP

Here are the best Valkyrie Connect characters for PVP in this current meta:

Awakened EsquireLightRanged
Awakened LeviLightRanged
Awakened Shalltear BloodfallenLightMelee
Catalyst AlfanaLightMagic
Catalyst SortishiaLightMagic
Dragon Girl NuutFireMelee
Holy Night SortishiaOtherMagic
Omnicatalyst SortishiaOtherMagic
Sloth Scion VelfellEarthRanged
Vindicator ManagarmOtherRanged
Vindicator SeraphielLightMagic
Valkyrie Connect Tier List for PVP

Valkyrie Connect: A Tier List Heroes PVP

Great Valkyrie Connect PVP characters to use in your team:

Awakened NarberalLightMagic
Awakened Vampire Lord EvileyeFireRanged
Bird God XingfuFireMelee
Catalyst VerosaFireRanged
Infected SifDarkMelee
Star Saint NoaOtherMagic
Terrible TornadoEarthRanged
Titan-Attacking DielleOtherMagic
Vindicator BorrLightMagic
Vindicator FotmaEarthMelee
Vindicator GefionDarkMagic
Wave Daughter BylgjaOtherMagic
Valkyrie Connect Tier List for PVP – TIER A Heroes

Valkyrie Connect: B Tier List Heroes PVP

Decent PVP characters that you can use in your Valkyrie Connect team. They’re not as powerful though so don’t expect to come on top in all your matches.

Awakened Mavis VermillionLightRanged
Catalyst ElineigeWaterMagic
Catalyst MelverynDarkRanged
Catalyst ViliLightMagic
Jolly Caroler MikuDarkMagic
Mad Pumpkin MogthrasirDarkRanged
Omnipotent ViliOtherMagic
Red God FreyFireMelee
Shrine Girl KannaOtherMagic
Summer Scion FriggLightRanged
Time Knight ChrossyOtherRanged
Tortoise God GuangmeiEarthMelee
Vindicator HrimthursWaterRanged
Vindicator ThrymFireMelee
Vindicator ValtusLightMelee

Valkyrie Connect: C Tier List Heroes PVP

Now we’ve started to list the average to weaker heroes for PVP. If you’re using these in your team, you might struggle against a player that has Valkyrie Connect units that are higher ranked.

Awakened Bewitching CS Mage LucyWaterMagic
Awakened Lustful Succubus AlbedoDarkRanged
Awakened RoveriaWaterMelee
Awakened Valkyrie MikuEarthMagic
Catalyst BergelmirEarthMelee
Catalyst MorpheaOtherRanged
Catalyst SanngridDarkMelee
Creation God IzanagiLightMelee
Dark Beast Tamer LuceDarkRanged
Fairy CeniaEarthMagic
Imperial Knight ViolaLightMelee
Judging God ForsetiLightMelee
Mistletoe Wielder MistelEarthRanged
Raindropper PasoWaterRanged
Star God KaworuDarkMagic
Sun God AsukaFireRanged
Valkyrie HerjaDarkRanged

Valkyrie Connect: D Tier List Heroes PVP

Weakest Valkyrie Connect characters for PVP in our opinion. You really need to know how to play with your team and use these heroes’ abilities to their fullest potential if you want to have a chance in winning PVP matches.

Acrobat KururuWaterRanged
Awakened UlinWaterMelee
Boar God KubiraEarthRanged
Dark Star HelblindiDarkRanged
Deceased God IzanamiDarkMagic
Dual Horn RaspiDarkRanged
Erza ScarletFireMelee
Gatherer AludraFireMagic
Musician MusikaWaterRanged
Pirate LoroneOtherRanged
Prison Empress AvenciaDarkMelee
Spirit Master GaiaLightMagic
Sunlight God SolLightMagic
Sunny Summer NoaOtherRanged
Valkyrie RotaWaterMagic
Vindicator CelestiaLightMelee

How We Created This Tier List?

Our tier lists are created based on player input and what we see as being the current meta. We try to make our list useful for all players, regardless of skill level or how long they’ve been playing.

In addition to playing the game ourselves, we have also gathered advice from Valkyrie Connect players on the official Discord server and also Reddit.

Keep in mind that our Valkyrie Connect tier lists for PVP and PVE are only a guideline, and ultimately it’s up to you which units to use in your team.

We hope that our Valkyrie Connect tier list will help you find the best combination of units for your team.

Additionally, we are always open to feedback from our readers and encourage you to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts about our character rankings.

Valkyrie Connect Tier List: Conclusion

Tier lists let you know which characters are better than others, and they’re a great way to find out which units you should be focusing on to build your Valkyrie Connect team.

The characters in Valkyrie Connect have different strengths, abilities, and weaknesses, so it’s helpful to know which ones are good in PVP and PVE content before you invest your resources into them to upgrade them.

Many characters that are not considered top-tier can still be effective in certain situations, depending on the battle and your familiarity with the hero, and what other units you’re using in your team.

It is important to note that this Valkyrie Connect tier list was created based on the current version of the game. The characters may continue to fluctuate in rank as the developers bring new updates to the game.

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