Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons

Chart your journey through the reimagined realms of FFVII with our Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis weapon tier list, ensuring every battle swings in your favor.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. While it encapsulates events from the 1997 iconic game “Final Fantasy VII”, it also brings in elements from the Compilation, crafting a unique narrative blend.

As part of this expansive universe, the weapons wielded by our heroes play an essential role.

With the game’s recent launch, players are diving deep into the narrative, strategizing with the best FFVIIEC weapons available. To aid you in this quest, we’ve ranked the top weapons in Final Fantasy Ever Crisis, compiled from extensive research and player feedback.

September 12, 2023: We have created the first version of our Final Fantasy Crisis tier list for weapons.

S Tier – Best Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Weapons

Best Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Weapons

These are the best Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis weapons, they offer unparalleled damage, abilities, and effects. Equipping these ensures an edge in every skirmish.

  • Murasame (Cloud Strife)
  • Apocalypse (Cloud Strife)
  • Hardedge (Cloud Strife)
  • Enemy Launcher (Barret)
  • Flame Projector (Barret)
  • W Machine (Barret)
  • Sonic Striker (Tifa)
  • Tiger Fangs (Tifa)
  • Leather Gloves (Tifa)
  • Falchion (Zack)
  • Fairy Tale (Aerith)
  • Full Metal Staff (Aerith)
  • Gold Collar (Red XIII)
  • Noble Collar (Red XIII)
  • Platinum Collar (Red XIII)
  • Cutlass (Zack)
  • Arc Sword (Zack)
  • Broadsword: Axis (Matt)
  • Killer Hornet (Matt)
  • Personal Style (Glenn)
  • Rest in Peace (Glenn)
  • Pulse Gun (Lucia)
  • Serpent Eater (Lucia)

A Tier – Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Weapons

Tier A Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis weapons

Almost as potent as our S-Tier selection, these weapons balance power with utility. They are versatile choices for various scenarios in the game.

  • Mad Minute (Lucia)
  • Black Rifle (Lucia)
  • Apology in Hell (Glenn)
  • Jiggy Fam (Glenn)
  • Shockbuster (Glenn)
  • Prime Number (Matt)
  • Slick Beetle (Matt)
  • Zweihander (Zack)
  • Junk Collar (Red XIII)
  • Wizard Staff (Aerith)
  • Silver Staff (Aerith)
  • Wizer Staff (Aerith)
  • Mythril Rod (Aerith)
  • Motor Drive (Tifa)
  • Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa)
  • Heavy Hauser (Barret)
  • Assault Gun (Barret)
  • Microlaser (Barret)
  • Crystal Sword (Cloud Strife)

B Tier – FF7 Ever Crisis Weapons

Tier B FF7 Ever Crisis weapons
Tier B FF7 Ever Crisis weapons

While they might not have the raw strength of the higher tiers, these FF7 Ever Crisis weapons more than make up for it with their unique abilities and adaptability in many combat situations.

  • Crystal Gloves (Tifa)
  • Absolute Royal (Matt)
  • V39 (Lucia)
  • Crewkicker (Glenn)
  • Stingray (Matt)
  • Crystal Sword Z (Zack)
  • Sleek Collar (Red XIII)
  • Guard Stick (Aerith)
  • Mythril Saber (Cloud Strief)
  • Buster Sword (Cloud Strife)

C Tier – FFVIIEC Weapons

These are the more common weapons you’ll encounter. They aren’t recommended as there are far better options to choose from.

  • Any other weapons that are not listed above.

Tips for Final Fantasy VII: Ever-Crisis Weapons

After completing our Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis weapon tier list, let’s review some helpful tips to speed up your progress:

  1. Adaptability is Key: Remember, a weapon’s tier doesn’t define its usefulness in all scenarios. Some B or C-tier weapons can outshine A-tier ones in specific battles.
  2. Gachapon Mechanics: The game offers “loot boxes” which can provide a chance at some of the elite weapons. However, always strategize and prioritize based on your gameplay and not just the rarity.
  3. Synergize with Characters: Some weapons can bring out the best in certain characters. Experiment with combinations for optimal results.
  4. Stay Updated: With the episodic release of content, new weapons and updates might shift the meta. Stay informed and adapt.

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FF7 Ever Crisis Weapon Tier List: Final Words

In the vast universe of “Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis”, your weapon can often be the line between victory and defeat.

This tier list, while a guide, is not definitive. The beauty of Ever Crisis lies in its strategic depth, allowing for a myriad of combinations and playstyles.

Wield your weapon wisely, and may every battle be in your favor.

Don’t forget to also check out our FFVIIEC Character Tier List.

FFVII Ever Crisis Weapon Tier List: FAQ

How was this weapons tier list created?

Our weapons tier list is a culmination of extensive research from various sources including Reddit discussions, insights from YouTube content creators, and firsthand experiences of numerous players. Also shoutout to MeowDB for the the full list of weapons with their images and stats as well as

How often is the tier list updated?

We strive to update our tier list regularly, especially after major game updates or patches that could affect weapon performance.

Are newer weapons automatically better?

Not necessarily. While new weapons might offer unique abilities, it’s essential to consider their synergy with characters and overall gameplay strategies.

Why is [specific weapon] ranked lower/higher than expected?

Rankings are influenced by several factors like weapon utility, versatility, ease of obtaining/upgrading, and community feedback. Sometimes, personal preferences and playstyles can affect a player’s opinion of a weapon’s rank.

Can I succeed even if I don’t have top-tier weapons?

Absolutely! While higher-tier weapons can provide an edge, success in “Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis” also hinges on strategy, character synergy, and player skill.

Are these rankings influenced by the game’s gacha/loot box system?

Our rankings aim to provide unbiased insights based on weapon performance and utility. While obtaining some top-tier weapons might be challenging due to the gacha mechanics, our list is not influenced by the rarity or monetization system.

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