Code Geass Lost Stories Tier List (April 2024) – Best Characters

Dive into the comprehensive Code Geass Lost Stories tier list to discover the power rankings of your favorite characters and optimize your gameplay strategy.

“Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” is a captivating world of intricate strategies, unexpected alliances, and intense battles. “Code Geass Lost Stories” game takes us to an even deeper level, introducing old favorites and new heroes. But which are the best Code Geass Lost Stories pilots?

As players journey alongside Lelouch and dive into the hidden tales of the rebellion, they will inevitably discover the varied strengths of each character.

While every hero offers unique abilities and attributes, certain individuals rise to prominence, showcasing exceptional skills and value on the battlefield. This Code Geass Lost Stories tier list seeks to clarify the hierarchy, guiding players in creating their ultimate team.

Note: Please keep in mind that our tier list for Code Geass Lost Stories pilots reflects our opinion and is highly subjective. Also, translations are a bit iffy… since we got data from the Japanese version o the game as well.

September 15, 2023: We made changes to our Code Geass Lost Stories tier list.

Tier SSS – Best Code Geass Lost Stories Characters

Best Code Geass Lost Stories Characters

In the SSS-Tier, we’ve ranked the absolute best Code Geass characters whose prowess is unmatched and whose presence is game-changing.

  • Nunnally (Loved And Colored By Flowers)
  • Kagura (Let’s Enjoy The Special Day)
  • Lost Lelouch (Bat Dancing In The Dark Night)
  • Lelouch (Beautiful Rebel)
  • Karen (Dressed Up In A Foreign Dress)
  • Euphemia (A Gentle World With You)
  • Suzaku (Now Just Power)
  • Shirley (I Will Definitely Make You Happy)
  • Sakiyoko Shinozaki (Sometimes Walking Around Town)
  • Lelouch (Velvet Voice)
  • Lelouch (Rebel Zero)
  • CC (For The Resurrection Of The Demon)

Tier SS

The SS-Tier characters, while slightly below the top, are still formidable forces, bringing immense value and strength to any team.

  • Marrybell (Hero Princess)
  • CC (Faint Wish)
  • Lelouch (The One In The World Was Wrong)
  • Karen (Life-size Holiday)
  • C.C. (A Cup For A New Day)
  • Mirei (To The Glittering Stage!)
  • Lost Lelouch (School Uniform)
  • Suzaku (Let’s Start Christmas!)
  • Suzaku (White Knight Of Blessing)
  • Karen (Great Success! Shōyo Hotel!)
  • Kirihara (Kishuku Of Men And Servant Back)
  • Marrybell (Remove The Ice Mask Just For Now)
  • CC (In The Quiet Sea Of ​​a Deserted Island)
  • Shirley (Harmony Keyboard)
  • Karen (Ace Also Takes A Break)
  • Jeremiah (Military Uniform)
  • Cornelia (Splendidly Strong)
  • Lyra (Taking A Break Before A Heated Confrontation)
  • CC (Chinatown Is Full Of Temptations)

Tier S

S-Tier characters consistently showcase competence, acting as the backbone of many successful strategies.

  • Karen (Real Face Shown At School)
  • Aldrin (Chief Knight Of Glinda Knights)
  • Diethard (Hitv:producer)
  • Karen Akatsuki (Resistance Outfit)
  • Karen (Guren Dancing)
  • Lost Suzaku (Secret Infiltration Mission)
  • Cecil (Blessing Gorgeous Engineer)
  • Lost Karen (Santa Claus Tonight Only)
  • Cornelia (Royal Costume)
  • Rolo (False Brother)
  • Suzaku (Gorgeous But Not Used To Wearing It)
  • Cornelia (Nerys)
  • Jeremiah (At The End Of Code Research)
  • Schnee (Pure Shining Knight)
  • Blessed Loyal Knight
  • Ledo (Knight With Many Shadows Watching Quietly)
  • Gino (Lost Item Of A Cheerful Summer)
  • Suzaku (Beyond The Door)
  • Rakshata (Hometown Moment)
  • Karen (Groove Base)
  • CC (Code Holder)
  • Kagura(How To Spend Time At A Summer Resort)
  • C.C. (I Feel Like A Student)

Tier A

Those in the A-Tier offer consistent support, ensuring that the team’s strategies and plans are smoothly executed.

  • Anya (Knight Of Six)
  • Dalton (Children’s Smiles Are My Pride)
  • Asahina (Ichiban Captain)
  • Bismarck(Knight Of One)
  • C.C. (Taste Of Bliss)
  • CC (Lazy Witch)
  • Chiba Nagisa (Sometimes Boldly)
  • CC (Accomplice)
  • Cecil (Glossy Summer Outfit)
  • Chiba Nagisa (4th Division Captain)
  • Guilford (Spear Of The Empire)
  • Jeremiah (Desperate Assault)
  • Karen (Hien No. 4 Operation)
  • Lelouch (Elegance And Sparkle Is A Real Style)
  • Lelouch (Move Of Rebellion)
  • Rolo (First Time Of Peace)
  • Gentle Lelouch
  • Lost Cecil (To The Battlefield Of Chaos)
  • Mirei (School Uniform)
  • Monica (Surrounded By Mourning Flowers)
  • Orpheus (Codename Oz)
  • Suzaku Kururugi (1st Season Pilot Suit)
  • Suzaku (Confrontation With The Visiting Master)
  • Todo (Military Chief)
  • Urabe (The Four Holy Swords Is Not A False Name)

Tier B

The B-Tier might house those with untapped potential, but given the right opportunities and guidance, they might just surprise everyone.

  • Villetta (Military Uniform)
  • Villetta(The Witch Who Invites You Into The Dark Night)
  • Nonet (Knight Of Nine)
  • Karen (Have Your Feelings Reached You?)
  • Euphemia (Secret After-school Date)
  • Suzaku (Summer Shine Melts Into The Sea)
  • Cardinal Suzaku (School Uniform)
  • Shirley (Innocent Customer Service Technique)
  • Monica (Recorded In Summer)
  • Benio (Lively Under The Sun!)
  • Anya (Recording Summer)
  • Schneizel (Smiling Chancellor)
  • Quel (Military Uniform)
  • Lost Lelouch (Smart Customer Service Techniques)

Tier C

The following units are the weakest in the current meta of Code Geass Lost Series (In our opinion):

  • Imperial Kagura (Kyoto Rokuke)
  • Monica (Knight Of Twelve)
  • Takuyuki Urabe (Japanese Liberation Front)
  • Villetta (Chigusa)
  • Shirley (Valentine Is A Day Of Battle)
  • Kagashiro Todo (Japanese Liberation Front Uniform)
  • Euphemia (Shining Idol)
  • Rival (The School Festival Is Very Busy!)
  • Tenshi (Pledge Of Perpetual Harmony)
  • Lost Star Clock (Red Heaven Already Dies)
  • Chiba Nagisa (Japanese Liberation Front Uniform)
  • Yoshitaka Minami (Resistance)
  • Euphemia (Royal Costume)
  • Shirley (Akane Sora For Two)
  • Rakshata (Black Knights: Technology Development)
  • Mirei (Norinori Customer Service Technique)
  • Lelouch (Thinking Of You)
  • Mirei (Vacation To Lake Kawaguchi)
  • Schneizel (At A Cafe With Hidden Identity)
  • Jeremiah (Vampire Who Laughs In The Dark Night)
  • Karen (I’ll Show You I Win)
  • Dalton (Military Uniform)
  • Karen (Maybe Even On A Day Like This)
  • Guilford (Military Uniform)
  • Nunally (All Thanks Chocolate)
  • Clovis (Artistic Prince)
  • Cecil (Basic Costume)
  • Lukiano (Knight Of Ten)
  • Loid (Prodigal Aristocrat)
  • Gino (Knight Of Three)
  • Cc (Mysterious Summer Outfit)
  • Senba Ryuga (Japanese Liberation Front Uniform)
  • Lost Karen (Crimson Running Through The Night)

CG: Lost Stories Tips

In the intricate battles of Code Geass Lost Stories, understanding which characters are best is just the beginning. To truly excel in the game, players should keep in mind a couple of tips:

  • Synergy is Key: Pair characters with complementary Knightmare Frames to unveil surprising combos.
  • Diversity Matters: Mixing characters from different tiers can lead to versatile and resilient teams.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly upgrade characters to harness their evolving potential.

Code Geass Lost Stories Tier List: Final Thoughts

While our Code Geass tier list offers insights based on current gameplay dynamics, remember that strategy reigns supreme.

Your unique approach, combined with your chosen heroes, might be the secret weapon against the Britannian Empire. Embrace the challenge, craft your strategy, and let the games begin!

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CG: Lost Stories Tier List – Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria were used to determine these tier rankings?

Rankings are based on characters’ abilities, strategic value, storyline influence, and gameplay dynamics in Code Geass Lost Stories.

How often will this Code Geass Lost Stories tier list be updated?

As gameplay evolves and updates are introduced to the game, we aim to review and update the Lost Stories tier list to reflect the latest insights.

Can characters move between tiers over time?

Absolutely. As new game mechanics are introduced or characters get rebalanced, their position on the tier list can change.

Are lower-tiered characters not worth playing?

Every character brings unique abilities to the table. While tier lists provide guidance, personal playstyle, and strategy can make any character shine.

How did we create this Code Geass Pilots tier list?

We have gathered insight and data from various CG: Lost Stories resources across the web, such as the Japanese version’s tier list on Appmedia, Reddit, Discord, the CG: Lost Stories Wiki, and Facebook, player experiences and feedback as well as content creator’s opinions on the matter. We’ve tried to paint a big picture and see what everyone is skewing towards in order to have a more accurate representation of the Code Geass Lost Stories meta.

Can I share this Code Geass tier list with others?

Absolutely! Don’t forget to share the link to this article with your fellow Code Geass friends and bookmark it for quick reference. Let’s continue the journey and conquer together!

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