The First Descendant Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Unlock the secrets to surviving the Ingris continent with our comprehensive The First Descendant Tier List. Gear up, Descendant!

Welcome to the ultimate tier list for The First Descendant, the action-packed looter shooter RPG that blends co-op missions, strategic gameplay, and immersive storytelling.

With the stakes as high as the survival of the human race, your choice of character plays a significant role.

Our tier list is here to guide you through the myriad of characters and help you make an informed choice for your style of gameplay.

September 26, 2023: We have updated our The First Descendant tier list.

Tier S – Best First Descendant Characters

Best The First Descendant Characters

In the S tier, we have the best characters in The First Descendant. These classes embody the pinnacle of power and versatility. These are the go-to choices for players who aim for both individual and team excellence.


  • Role: Nuker
  • Flavor: Bunny defies physics by generating electricity on the move.
  • Battle Concept: She gathers energy through constant motion, discharging it in electrifying attacks.


  • Role: Utility Dealer
  • Flavor: For Gley, the line between self-sacrifice and power is blurry.
  • Battle Concept: Harnessing internal fury, she annihilates enemies at the risk of her own well-being.


  • Role: Close-Range Dealer
  • Flavor: Sharen turns her tragic past into a weapon—quite literally, thanks to her advanced cyborg body.
  • Battle Concept: Using stealth tech, she controls engagement distances and ambushes enemies at will.


  • Role: Tank Dealer
  • Flavor: Back from the abyss, Ajax knows how to twist the fabric of reality itself.
  • Battle Concept: With powerful barriers, Ajax both shields allies and deflects enemy attacks.

Tier A

Tier A - The First Descendant Characters

The Descendants in the A tier offer a robust combination of skills and can be formidable in the hands of skilled players. They can hold their own in most scenarios but may require a bit more strategy than S-tier characters.


  • Role: DoT Dealer
  • Flavor: Freyna’s past suffering turned her into a master of venoms.
  • Battle Concept: She uses a cocktail of lethal toxins to slowly grind down enemies.


  • Role: Tanker
  • Flavor: Kyle’s magnetic abilities are as steadfast as his resolve.
  • Battle Concept: Leading the charge, he employs a magnetic field to absorb and deflect incoming projectiles.

Ultimate Viessa

  • Role: Debuffer
  • Flavor: Viessa attains an even higher mastery over her frosty powers.
  • Battle Concept: More potent than ever, she immobilizes enemies in an icy embrace.

Ultimate Lepic

  • Role: AoE Dealer
  • Flavor: Lepic levels up, matching the power of ancient beings.
  • Battle Concept: Even more deadly, his prosthetic arm and grenades wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Tier B

Tier B - The First Descendant Characters

In the B tier rank, we have The First Descendant classes that offer a decent mix of abilities but may have a few shortcomings. While they aren’t the top dogs, they are still a viable option for those looking to experiment with different playing styles.


  • Role: Debuffer
  • Flavor: Viessa can turn air moisture into icy shackles.
  • Battle Concept: She traps enemies in a frosty grip, sometimes turning herself into an ice statue to navigate the battlefield.


  • Role: DoT Dealer
  • Flavor: For Blair, being surrounded by fire—literal or metaphorical—is just another Tuesday.
  • Battle Concept: Consuming fire empowers him. He can also spew flames to create a fiery haven.


  • Role: AoE Dealer
  • Flavor: Beneath Lepic’s sunny disposition lurks a darkness, symbolized by his mechanical right arm.
  • Battle Concept: Lepic commands the battlefield with explosive grenades thrown by his powerful prosthetic arm.


  • Role: AoE Dealer
  • Flavor: Valby is a soothing ocean wave to allies but a deadly rip current to enemies.
  • Battle Concept: She absorbs ambient moisture to unleash high-pressure water jets.

Tier C

Tier C - The First Descendant Characters

The C Tier First Descendant characters are at the lower end of the utility spectrum. While not completely useless, these characters are generally chosen for niche strategies and are best avoided by new players.


  • Role: Utility Dealer
  • Flavor: Jayber’s high IQ makes his deployable turrets devastatingly effective.
  • Battle Concept: Summons attack or healing turrets. Once upgraded, these turrets pack a punch.

The First Descendant Tips For Better Play

Unlock your characters’ full potential with these essential The First Descendant tips that span from skill optimization to team dynamics.

  • Prioritize team synergy when choosing your character.
  • Explore character customization options like skins to not only look good but potentially gain subtle advantages.
  • Pay attention to the bosses’ weaknesses and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Don’t neglect secondary accessories and sub-weapons; they can make or break your gameplay.

The First Descendant Tier List – Final Words

Mastering the nuances of characters in The First Descendant can profoundly impact your gaming experience.

As new characters and updates roll out, our tier list will evolve, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

May your aim be true, and may you discover the ultimate Descendant’s secret.

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The First Descendant Character Tier List – FAQ

When is this tier list updated?

Our The First Descendant tier list is updated with every significant game update to reflect the most accurate data and insights.

How is the tier list created?

The tier list for The First Descendant classes is compiled through comprehensive analysis from various sources including Reddit threads, player feedback, and contributions from experienced gamers on the official Discord channel, and various content creators.

Is this TFD tier list suitable for both new and experienced players?

Absolutely! Our First Descendant tier list aims to serve players of all levels, helping everyone make informed character choices.

What factors contribute to a character’s tier ranking?

Characters are ranked based on their overall utility, versatility, and the potential impact they can have in both solo and co-op gameplay.

Can I suggest changes to the tier list?

Yes, your input is valuable! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences to help us improve our list in the comments below.

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