Super Snail Gear Tier List (September 2023) – Best Items Ranked

Unleash the true potential of your snail in the unique world of the Snailverse! With numerous items to collect, we’ve curated the most formidable gear to equip and empower your character. Presenting: The definitive Super Snail gear tier list.

Journeying through the remnants of a past civilization, in an adventure prescribed by the Gods, your snail warrior is on a mission. Facing the Demon Gods requires not only courage but also the best gear the Snailverse has to offer.

With real-world relics, bizarre items, and weapons and armor drawn from corners of this vast world, making the right choice can be overwhelming. That’s where our Super Snail tier list for gear comes in.

September 23, 2023: We have created the first version of our Super Snail Gear Tier List.

S Tier – Best Super Snail Gear

Best Super Snail Gear

This is the best Super Snail gear in the current meta. The gear in this tier is not just rare but offers unmatched power and benefits, making them must-haves for those who want to dominate in their quests against evil forces.

  • Golden Dragzul Fang
  • Norris Chucks
  • Poseidon’s Trident
  • Big Bounce
  • Paralysis Ring
  • Traveler Outfit
  • Old Man Wand
  • Fortress

A Tier

Good Super Snail Gear Items

Close contenders to the supreme tier. These items provide significant advantages in battles and exploration, ensuring your snail is well-equipped for most challenges.

  • Power Spinach
  • District 9
  • Super Warrior
  • Claw of Destruction
  • Hydra’s Gloves
  • Cretaceous Weapon
  • Million Volts
  • Dracula Cape

B Tier

Tier B Gear

Solid and reliable. While they might not have the awe factor of the higher tiers, these items are more common and can be crucial in bolstering your snail’s abilities.

  • Soul Walking
  • Empress’ slippers
  • Azazel’s Wand
  • Mark 4
  • Lotus Platform XII
  • Know-it-all Device
  • Centaur Armor
  • Empress Gloves
  • Ancestral Legacy
  • Excalibur EX
  • Gilded Belt
  • Antimatter shield

C Tier

Tier C Gear

Everyday items that are easy to find. They might not turn the tide of battle alone, but when used correctly, they can still give your snail a fighting chance.

  • Grandpire’s Robe
  • Eye of Akamoddo Amulet
  • Dark Strength
  • Septreasure Peacock Quill
  • True Sakabato
  • Virtual Vision
  • The Great Entertainer
  • Antimatter Armor
  • Ogma’s Cloak
  • Michael’s Earrings
  • Selene Amulet
  • Caesar’s Crown

Best Super Snail Exploration Gear

Super Snail Exploration Gear

The following items are the best Super Snail gear for exploration and regional content:

  • Sky Piercer
  • Crown of Eternal Daylight
  • Sword Futsuno
  • Warmonger’s Gun
  • The Great Collector
  • Serket Staff
  • The Great Engineer
  • Deepsea Helmet
  • The Great Scientist
  • Bullet Storm
  • Strength Master’s Sword
  • Subspace Blade
  • Tremendous Support
  • Overlord’s Hook
  • Subspace Blade
  • Fang of Tiamat
  • Soul Reaper
  • Gauss M72

Best Super Snail Gear for PVP

Best Super Snail Gear for PvP

If you’re planning on doing some PvP, these are the recommended Super Snail PvP gear items:

  • Agememnon Outfit
  • Blair’s Curse
  • Heart of Nature
  • The great Magician
  • W-Tadpole Sword
  • Incredible Key
  • Poseidon’s Blessing
  • Thunder Belt
  • Bedrock

Super Snail Gear Tips

Now that you’ve checked out which is the best gear in Super Snail with our tier list, it’s time to see some quick tips that will help you out and progress faster:

  1. Exploration is Key: Delve into every nook and cranny. The Snailverse is vast, and the best gear often lies in the most unexpected places.
  2. Interactions Matter: Engaging with other characters can sometimes lead to gear recommendations or even hidden gear quests.
  3. Upgrade when Possible: Even a D-tier item can become formidable when upgraded.
  4. Stay Updated: With the game’s evolving nature, new gear gets introduced regularly. Keep an eye on game updates to ensure you’re not missing out on new powerful items.

Super Snail Gear Tier List: Final Words

The Snailverse is as vast as it is mysterious. While this list serves as a guide, the true joy lies in the discovery.

Whether it’s a rare artifact or a humorous piece of dialog, Super Snail is filled with surprises at every turn.

Equip yourself well, trust in the snail, and may the Gods be ever in your favor!

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Super Snail Gear Tier List – FAQ

How was this gear tier list formulated?

Our gear tier list was meticulously crafted after comprehensive research, tapping into resources such as player feedback on the Super Snail Reddit community, the official Discord channel, insights from YouTube content creators, and additional data and images from the Super Snail Wiki.

How often is this tier list refreshed?

We prioritize updating our tier list consistently, particularly after significant game patches or when new gear items are introduced, to ensure its precision and timeliness.

Are items in the lower tier not valuable?

Each piece of gear in Super Snail has its distinct advantages. Although higher-tier gear might usually provide enhanced attributes or functions, those in lower tiers can be indispensable in certain contexts or strategies.

I have an alternate viewpoint about a gear’s ranking. How can I share my thoughts?

We’re always open to diverse perspectives and feedback. Engage with us and the player community in the comments below or on Facebook to share your insights.

Is it possible to acquire all the gear without in-game purchases?

Super Snail indeed offers in-game purchases, but a vast array of gear can be obtained through normal gameplay, exploration, and accomplishing distinct missions. We recommend players to delve deep and explore every corner of the game to find gear.

With the game’s inclination towards modern humor, will the gear tier list mirror these thematic shifts?

Absolutely! A significant aspect of Super Snail’s appeal is its contemporary wit. We strive to keep the tier list contemporary, considering not just the gear’s technical benefits but also its narrative relevance in the evolving storyline.

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