Tekken 7 Tier List (February 2024) – Best Characters in Tekken 7

Are you wondering what are the best characters in Tekken 7? Well with our Tekken 7 tier list that you will find below, you won’t have to wonder anymore.

Our Tekken 7 tier list is a ranking that determines the best characters in Tekken 7 based on their strength, weaknesses, and overall performance in tournaments.

The very popular fighting game Tekken 7 has been out for a while now, and players have had time to explore the wide world of Tekken.

Similar to other fighting games such as SSBU and DBFZ, Tekken 7 offers an incredible amount of characters and each one has a unique play style that will appeal to different people.

Each character also has their own strengths and weaknesses which makes them more or less effective in different situations.

Now let’s check out our Tekken 7 character rankings. We’ll start off by looking at the best of the best (S Tier) and work our way down to the worst characters in the game (D Tier).

January 7, 2023 Update: We have made changes to our Tekken 7 tier list

Tekken 7 – Tier S Characters

Bet Tekken 7 Characters

The S Tier rank is the top tier of Tekken 7 and is home to some of the most popular characters in the game. If you’re new to Tekken and are looking for a character to get started with, these are your best options.

  • Akuma
  • Geese Howard
  • Leroy
  • Paul

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Tekken 7 – Tier A Characters

Tier A Tekken 7 Characters

The characters in this tier are balanced and can be played to a high level. They all have their strengths, but also some weaknesses, making them fairly easy to learn.

  • Anna
  • Claudio
  • Devil Jin
  • Dragunov
  • Fahkumram
  • Ganryu
  • Jin
  • Julia
  • Katarina
  • Kazuya
  • Law
  • Lee
  • Nina
  • Steve
  • Zafina

The characters in the high tier are still very strong, but not quite as powerful as the ones in the top tier. They’re considered to be on the second rung of competitive playability.

You’ll find most of these characters in a lot of matches when you’re playing ranked or tournament matches.

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Tekken 7 – Tier B Characters

Tier B Tekken 7 characters

These characters are still good enough to be competitive, but not as strong as the top tier fighters. The characters that fall into this category are still very powerful and can be used by skilled players to win tournaments and competitive plays.

  • Alisa
  • Bob
  • Bryan
  • Hwoarang
  • Jack-7
  • Josie
  • Kazumi
  • King
  • Kunimitsu
  • Lidia
  • Lili
  • Marduk
  • Master Raven

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Tekken 7 – Tier C Fighters

Tier C fighters

The characters at the bottom of this list are not very popular among competitive players, and for good reason. They’re just not strong enough to compete with the other characters on this list.

  • Armor King
  • Asuka
  • Eddy
  • Eliza
  • Feng
  • Heihachi
  • Kuma
  • Lei
  • Lucky Chloe
  • Miguel
  • Negan
  • Noctis
  • Panda
  • Shaheen
  • Xiaoyu

Tekken 7 characters in this category, though they have their limitations, can be played effectively by skilled players and can even reach higher tiers with enough practice.

Some players may find these low-tier characters fun to play, while others won’t enjoy them at all.

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TK7 – Tier D Fighters

TK7 - Tier D Characters

Finally, this is the tier rank for characters that are weak in every aspect of their gameplay: they don’t have a great moveset; their combos aren’t particularly damaging or long.

They don’t have many useful offensive tools to use against opponents, and they just feel slow moving around the map compared to other characters.

  • Gigas
  • Lars
  • Leo
  • Yoshimitsu

These fighters may be great for practice or when you just want to relax, but they are not strong enough to use in a serious competition. They are almost never seen in competitive play due to their low damage output and lack of reliable combos.

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Tekken 7 Tier List: Final Thoughts

This is the end of our Tekken 7 tier list. The opinions expressed here are based on both community feedback and our own experiences with the game.

We will continue to update this list as the game and meta evolve, or when it receives new balance fixes, so bookmark it for future reference.

With new characters added to the game and new buffs or nerfs to others, there is no doubt that the Tekken 7 tier list will continue to evolve over time.

Hopefully, our Tekken 7 tier list helped you out in giving you some extra guidance over the very hard decision of choosing a Tekken 7 main character.

Ultimately, the best Tekken 7 fighter for you is the one that appeals to you most and feels worth mastering.

We always welcome feedback from our readers. If you have any suggestions, or if something we’ve written hasn’t made sense to you, please leave a comment below.

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Tekken 7 – FAQ

What is a tier list and do you need one for Tekken 7?

A tier list is a ranking of all the characters in the game, from best to worst. It’s used to help players choose which character they want to play as, and it’s also useful for beginners who are getting started with the game.

While you can definitely use one to help you figure out which character to play, it’s important to remember that Tekken 7 has many different types of characters, some of which may be better than others depending on what kind of player you are, how good your opponent is, and what situation you’re in.

How was this Tekken 7 tier list created?

We used a combination of tournament results, match-up history, and character usage data to create this tier list. Our goal was to create a list that accurately reflected how each character performed in actual matches against other characters at the highest level of play.

We have gathered data from all over the place, from the Tekken Reddit community to the Discord server, Wiki page, tournament statistic sites, our own experience with the game, and more.

Which character is the strongest in Tekken 7?

We believe that Akuma is the strongest character in Tekken 7. It seems as if he was made stronger than other fighters on purpose by developers who wanted to make him better than others. He can eat up a lot more damage than the rest, while he is able to dish out incredible offensive attacks in order to get the job done.

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