MCoC Tier List (May 2024) – Best Champions Ranked

Looking for the best MCoC champs? Well fighter, you’re in luck, because on this page we’ve put together our very own MCoC tier list to figure out the best characters in Marvel Contest of Champions for this current meta.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Short Intro

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game based on the Marvel Comics universe. It was developed by Kabam, who also created games such as Disney Mirrorverse and Transformers: Forged to Fight.

The game features characters from the Marvel Universe in a multiplayer battle arena setting.

Players can participate in events to collect items such as costumes or crystals which can be used to upgrade or unlock characters. The game also features limited-time events where players can earn exclusive rewards.

In Marvel Contest of Champions, players are able to choose from over 200 various superheroes and villains from the Marvel universe, including Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, and Daredevil.

Each character has their own moveset as well as an ability that can be activated once their power meter fills up during combat.

But with over 200 characters that you can choose in MCoC, new players have a bit of a harder time choosing a fighter that can do good in matches.

So because of that, we have decided to create this MCoC tier list where we rank all the champions in the game from best to worst. We’ve ranked them from S (best champs in MCoC) to D being the worst fighters.

MCoC Tier List – Best Champs this Meta

September 21, 2023: We have updates to our MCoC tier list.

Okay, so now let’s take a look at all the characters in MCoC and see how they rank for this current game meta. Keep in mind that we have only taken 6* champions into account.

MCoC S Tier List Champions

Best MCoC Champs
Image source: Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam

The S Tier champions are the best in our MCOC tier list; they have few counters and can be very effective in many situations.

MysticClaire Voyant (Recoil), Diablo, Doctor Doom, Rintrah, Sigil Witch, Tigra
MutantApocalypse, Archangel, Kitty Pryde, Magneto Red, Omega Red (High Sig), Prof X, Stryfe, White Magneto
ScienceCaptain America Infinity War, Human Torch, Abomination, Mister Fantastic, Mister Negative, Quicksilver, Scorpion, Spider-Ham, Spidey 2099
TechGhost, Nimrod, Omega Sentinel, Ultron, Warlock
SkillFalcon, Kingpin, Nick Fury, Shang-Chi, Valkyrie
CosmicCosmic Ghost Rider, Galan, Hercules, Hulkling, Hyperion, Knull

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MCoC A Tier List Champs

Good MCoC Champions
Image source: Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam

These are also pretty good MCoC champs that you can use, although they lack a bit behind the S Tier ones they are still formidable fighters and can go head to head with anyone.

MysticDragonman, Hood, Longshot, Magik, Mojo, Scarlet Witch, Sorcerer Supreme, Symbiote Supreme, Voodoo, Wiccan, Wong
MutantBishop, Cable, Colossus, Domino, Gambit, Havok, Namor, Storm, Storm X, Sunspot, Wolverine
ScienceImmortal Hulk, Miles Morales, Overseer, Quake, She Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Void
TechCA Sam Wilson, Guardian, Guilly 2099, Hulkbuster, Mysterio, Nebula, Penni Parker, Punisher 2099, Stark Spidey
SkillAegon, Agent Venom, Black Cat, Black Panther (Classic), Blade, Black Widow Deadly Origin, Crossbones, Elsa Bloodstone, Hit-Monkey, Killmonger, Masacre, Mole-man, Spiderman (Stealth-suit)
CosmicAarkus (Vision Synergy), Angela, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Corvus, Cull Obsidan, Gamora, Hela, King Groot, Medusa, Odin, Sersi, Venom, Venom Pool

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MCoC B Tier List Characters

Marvel Contest of Champions: Tier B Characters
Image source: Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam

These are not really the greatest champions that you can use, as they do have a couple of weaknesses, but hey they are still way above average.

MysticJuggernaut, Ebony Maw, Man-Thing, Mangog, Mordo, Morningstar, Sasquatch
MutantDeadpool (X-Force), Emma Frost, Iceman, Old Man Logan, Red Deadpool, Rogue, Sabretooth, Toad, Weapon X
ScienceAnti-Venom, Joe Fixit, Red Guardian, Red Hulk, Thing
TechCivil Warrior, Darkhawk, Doctor Octopus, Howard The Duck, Iron Man (IW), Sentinel, Silver Centurion, Vision, Vulture, War Machine, Yondu
SkillGwenpool, Hawkeye, Jabari Panther, Karnak, Kraven, Misty Knight, Night Thrasher, Ronin, Squirrel Girl, Thor Ragnarok
CosmicCarnage, Gorr The God Butcher, Ikaris, Red Goblin, Silver Surfer, Terrax, Thor, Venom The Duck

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Marvel Contest of Champions: C-Tier Characters

MCoC Tier C Champions
Image source: Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam

These are your average Marvel Contest of Champions characters, they are neither good nor bad, and can still perform and win battles if you invest more time and energy into them.

MysticAmerica Chavez, Doctor Strange, Dorm, Ghost Rider, Guillotine, Loki, Mephisto, Purgatory, Thor (Jane Foster)
MutantCaptain Britain, Jubilee, Mister Sinister, Platinumpool, Psylocke, Sauron, X-23
ScienceGladiator Hulk, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Sentry, Wasp, Yellow Jacket
TechKang, Psycho-Man, Star-Lord
SkillDaredevil, Elektra, Korg, OG Black Widow, Taskmaster, Winter Soldier
CosmicAir Walker, Annihilus, Heimdall, Nova, Proxima, Ronan, Super Skrull, The Champion

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Marvel Contest of Champions: Tier D Champions

Tier D MCoC Champs
Image source: Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam

These are below-average champions that are not really worth your time in trying to play them. You will need a lot of patience and skill to make these viable in fihgts.

MysticIron Fist, Unstoppable Colossus
MutantBeast, Cyclops, Golden Deadpool, NightCrawler
ScienceAbomination, Ant-Man, Electro, MODOK, OG Hulk, OG Spider-Man, OG/WW2 Captain America, Rhino
TechGreen Goblin, Iron Patriot, Lab Ultron, OG Iron Man, Red Skull, Rocket Raccoon
SkillBlack Panther CW, Moon Knight, Punisher OG
CosmicCaptain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Drax, Groot, Kamala Khan, Phoenix, Superior Iron Man, Symbiote Spider-man, Thanos

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How We Created This Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List?

In order to create our tier lists for games, we first play each game ourselves to form an impression of all its characters from the perspective of a novice player, and then write about that experience.

We wanted to make sure that we portray an accurate representation of the current Marvel Contest of Champions meta, and so we have also gathered some info from players and online MCoC places such as the official Discord server and subreddit.

So that’s pretty much the process that we went through in order to figure out MCoC best champs.

In the end, we think this is a pretty accurate MCoC tier list for the current meta. But like all other tier lists out there, no matter what rankings certain champs get – some players aren’t going to agree with this list and the rankings about certain characters and their use in various situations (because each one of us has his/her own unique play style).

Though, if you have any feedback about this Marvel Contest of Champions tier list—good or bad—you are welcome to leave a comment below.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Conclusion

Marvel Contest of Champions tier list is a list of characters in the game ranked according to their strength and usefulness. The aim of this article is to provide information about how each character stacks up against other characters, and what you should expect when facing them.

We are constantly working on improving this article and adding new information to our MCoC tier list, as the game continues to evolve and get updated.

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