Lost Ark Tier List: Best Classes for PVE & PVP (August 2022)

Lost Ark tier list

Lost Ark Tier List: Which are the Best Classes for PvE and PvP?

Hey there player, if you’re on this page chances are that you’re not lost (pun intended) and you are in fact looking for a Lost Ark tier list. Right? Well, lucky you. On this page, we have created not one, but two Lost Ark tier lists for PvE and for PvP. This way, you get … Read more

Clash Royale Tier List: Best Troop Cards to Use in Your Deck August 2022

Clash Royale tier list

Clash Royale Tier List - Best Troop Cards in Season 37

If you’re looking for an updated Clash Royale tier list, look no further! Here we’ll show you our rankings of the best cards in Clash Royale for the season 37 meta. Clash Royale is a fun game that combines tower defense and real-time strategy in a perfect blend. The game requires you to build a … Read more

Battle Cats Tier List (August 2022) – Best Uber & Rare Cats Ranked

Battle Cats tier list

Battle Cats Tier List - Best Uber and Legendary Rare Cats Rankings

You’re probably looking for a Battle Cats tier list—and you’ve come to the right place. This is our take on the best cats in Battle Cats at this current moment, fresh off of its newest update! Even though the game has been released back in 2012, Battle Cats is continuing to be a very popular … Read more

Hearthstone Mage Secrets: Detect & Counter Mage Secrets

Hearthstone Mage Secrets

Hearthstone Mage Secrets: How to Counter & Detect Mage Secrets

Do you enjoy playing Hearthstone as a mage? That’s awesome, we like it too, and because of that we have prepared this Hearthstone Mage Secrets guide. Regardless of whether you are playing against a Mage or as one, it is important to learn the various ways Hearthstone Mage secrets can be countered. If you are … Read more

Omega Tower Defense Codes – Get Free Gold (August 2022)

Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes

Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes for July 2022

Hey there player, if you’ve reached this page it only means one thing: You’re probably searching for some fresh and new Omega Tower Defense codes. Right? Well guess what, that’s exactly what you’re going to find on this page. With our Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes, you’ll be swimming in gold in no time. Sure, … Read more

Hunt Royale Codes – [NEW] Redeem Codes (August 2022)

Hunt Royale codes

Hunt Royale Redeem Codes / Image Source: BoomBit Games

Want to get your hands on some Hunt Royale redeem codes? We’ve got them! Our team has compiled a list of working Hunt Royale codes that can be used to claim free rewards. Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle is an online mobile game that brings the most exciting features of battle royale games together with … Read more

Blox Fruits Map: Islands, Locations & Level Requirements (Guide)

Blox Fruits Map

Blox Fruits Map: All Locations & Islands Level Requirements (Complete Guide)

Blox Fruits players first start off the game in a ship they can use to adventure to various islands where they can hunt and get newer and better Blox Fruits. With our Blox Fruits map guide, we’re going to show you all the level requirements for all the locations and islands in the game, so … Read more

Thief Simulator Codes (August 2022): Free Cash, Diamonds

Thief Simulator codes

Thief Simulator Codes / Image source: Funwise, Roblox

Want Thief Simulator codes? We’ve got them! Our team has compiled a list of working Thief Simulator Roblox codes that can be redeemed for free cash and diamonds. Thief Simulator is a game event made for Roblox. As the main character, you are, well… a thief. The gameplay is basically you going around stealing and … Read more