Zold Out Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (September 2023)

Even though the game was “just” released, a lot of players are searching to find out which are the best Zold Out characters. So we’ve put together our very own Zold Out tier list, where we have ranked all the units in the game.

Zold:out is a game that fuses together elements of tactical RPG, card games, and deck building for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Players take control of a merchant and a weaponsmith on a journey to sell weapons and uncover a secret cabal from another world.

The game offers a variety of weapon classes, each with its own set of unique weapon cards, which provide players with a wide range of tactical options. The gameplay centers around the use of action points and cards, which players use to control character actions and strategy in battle.

But with so many units available in the game, including SSR, SR, and R units, it can be pretty challenging for new players to know which ones are actually good to be used in your team. Especially since the game is using a gacha system to unlock new units similar to Dislyte and Airship Knights. So we have ranked them all from the very best characters (S tier) to the weakest (D tier).

Zold:out Tier List Rankings Explanation

  • Tier S Zold:out (BEST units) – These are our picks for the best characters in Zold Out.
  • Tier A Zold:out (Strong units) – The tier A units are also very strong and can clear content without much difficulty.
  • Tier B Zold:out (Decent units) – These Zold Out characters have good stats, making them useful for most content although they aren’t as good as higher ranked ones.
  • Tier C Zold:out (Average units) – These are your run-of-the-mill Zold:out units. You should expect these to be less than stellar.
  • Tier D Zold:out (Weak units) – At the moment, we think that these are the weakest characters in Zold Out.

Great. Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s dive right into our Zold Out tier list.

Zold Out Tier List – Best Characters

Best Zoldout characters

January 27, 2023: Made changes to our Zold Out tier list.

We have taken into account the stats, ultimate abilities, and exclusive weapons when ranking these units. However, we have also taken into account the synergy between each character working alongside others in a team. Below is a list of all the characters in the game, ranked based on their relevance in the current meta.

Tier Zold Out Character
SAshley, Aurora, Gloria
ANatalie, Ashley, Karen, Morgan, Luther, Veronica
BCharity, Eleonora, Faustina
CGrace, Irene

It goes without saying that everyone has his or her own opinion about how strong characters are. This list is just one perspective on the matter and reflects the author’s opinion, of course, you might disagree with this, which is fine.

This tier list is subject to change as new patches and Zold Out units are released and the meta changes.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our Zold:out character tier list, it’s important to keep in mind that ultimately, you should play with the characters you enjoy the most.

Our rankings are based on our own gameplay experiences and the opinions of the Zoldout community gathered from sources such as Discord. However, since everyone has their own playstyle, the rankings should be taken as a general guide rather than a definitive list.

Please note that we will update this guide as new patches and characters are added to the game. However, it may take some time before we can rank new characters as we need to test and gather enough feedback.

This concludes our ranking of the best Zold Out characters. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates.

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Zoldout – FAQ

Who are the best characters in Zold:out?

At the moment we consider Gloria, Aurora, Ashley, and Eleonora to be the best characters in Zold Out in the current game meta.

Where can you download the game?

You can download and play Zold:out on your PC through Steam and on your phone either from Google Play or the App Store.

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