Project New World Tier List – Best Fruits Ranked (April 2024)

Looking for a Project New World tier list? If you want to find out which are the best Project New World fruits, then keep on reading, as we have ranked all the fruits in the game that give players the best abilities.

Project New World, also known as PNW is a Roblox-based RPG game inspired by the One Piece story. In the game you can roam around various maps, fighting different monsters and even going head to head versus other players in PvP battles.

You can choose from being a Pirate or a Marine and use fruits to increase your stats and gain unique abilities. But not all the Project New World fruits are the same, some are better than others and give players some awesome skills. Oh, and as a bonus, you can use Project New World codes to get free gems, XP, and spins.

So let’s check out our rankings of the best fruits in PNW, ranked from the very best (S tier) to the worst ones (D tier).

January 8, 2023: We have updated our Project New World tier list.

Project New World – Tier S Fruits

Best Project New World Fruits

These are the best Project New World fruits in the game right now. These give the best abilities to players in the current game meta (in our opinion).

  • Magma
  • Light
  • Gas

Project New World – Tier A Fruits

Project New World - Tier A Fruits

These are also great PNW fruits that give players interesting skills that they can use to progress through their adventures and clear content with ease.

  • Buddha
  • Gravity
  • Snow
  • Darkness
  • Quake

Project New World – Tier B Fruits

Project New World - Tier B Fruits

While these Project New World fruits are not the best out there, they still have some interesting skills that are decent enough to help you in your travels.

  • Ice
  • Spike
  • Smoke
  • Chop

Project New World – Tier C Fruits

Tier C PNW Fruits

These aren’t really that useful, but still, they aren’t really the weakest fruits in the game either, so if you haven’t yet found any other devil fruit in Project New World then you can eat these instead.

  • Kilo
  • Bomb

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PNW – Tier D Fruits

Tier D PNW Fruits

Lastly, we have the worst fruits in PNW, we don’t really recommend you to use these as they aren’t really that good, but if you like their abilities and want to have some fun, go ahead and use these.

  • Barrier
  • Spin
  • Invisible

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PNW Tier List – Final Thoughts

So there you have it, you have reached the end of our Roblox Project New World fruit tier list. Hopefully, this is useful to you when playing the game, and helps you clear content much faster and enjoy the game more.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this tier list is based on our opinion (and of some other top players), so if you disagree with it, it’s totally fine as not everyone likes the same abilities as others. Still, if you have any feedback, you can leave us a comment down below.

Also, as Project New World gets more content and updates and introduces new fruits, we will also make changes to this tier list accordingly. Until then, make sure to bookmark this (CTRL + D on your keyboard) to stay up to date.

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PNW Tier List – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fruits in Project New World?

There are many fruits to choose from when playing Project New World on Roblox, but there are only a few that can rise to the top, so at the moment in the current game meta, we believe that Magma, Gas, and Light, are the best Project New World fruits.

How did we create this Project New World tier list?

We have created this tier list using the same methods we use when creating all of our ranking lists here at Meta Tier List. We play the game ourselves, we then gather suggestions and feedback from top players in-game and also outside the game from Project New World Discord and Project New World Trello.

We then compile a tier list based on the info that we have gathered. Oh and some personal opinion is also involved, that’s why you shouldn’t take this Project New World Fruits tier list too seriously.

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