Project Menacing Tier List (February 2024) – Best Stands to Use

Want to find which are the best Project Menacing stands ranked for their value and how they perform? Well then check out our Project Menacing tier list on this page.

What is Project Menacing?

Project Menacing is a game on the Roblox platform which has become very popular in recent times, the game has over 40K+ likes as of this writing and over 18M+ visits to their page.

There are always at least 2k active players at any given time playing Project Menacing, which is an action RPG that draws its inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series.

But with so many active players it’s only natural that some are wondering which are the best stands in Project Menacing currently. Well as of the latest Christmas update, here’s our Project Menacing tier list for stands.

January 2nd, 2022: We have updated our Project Menacing tier list.

Project Menacing – Tier S stands

Best Project Menacing Stands

These are the most powerful Project Menacing stands. We believe that they have the best abilities which give players the greatest benefits in the current game meta:

  • Made in Heaven: Deimos
  • C-Moon: Heritage
  • The World: OVA
  • The World OVA: Over Heaven
  • Star Platinum: The Universe

Project Menacing – Tier A stands

Tier A Project Menacing Stands

These are also excellent Project Menacing skills that give players interesting abilities they can use to progress through their adventures and clear content without much effort oh and they’re also good for PvP.

  • C-Moon: Blood Moon
  • Made in Heaven
  • The World: Over Heaven
  • Star Platinum: Over Heaven
  • C-Moon
  • Star Platinum: OVA
  • The World: Heritage

Project Menacing – Tier B stands

Tier B Project Menacing Stands

While these Project Menacing stands may not be the most powerful you’ve encountered, they still possess a few interesting skills that could prove useful in combat.

  • Corpse Part
  • Star Platinum: Stone Ocean
  • Star Platinum: Heritage
  • Star Platinum: Prime
  • Star Platinum: The World
  • Whitesnake
  • DIO’s Diary

Project Menacing – Tier C stands

Tier C Stands

These aren’t that useful, but if you haven’t got any other stand in Project Menacing then these will have to do.

  • DIO’s Bone
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • The World
  • Whitesnake: Deimos

Tier D stands

Tier D Stands

Lastly, we think that these are the worst stands in the game right now. But this can change in the future if the game receives new updates and patches.

  • Standless
  • Stand Arrow
  • Rokakaka

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Project Menacing Tier List – Final Thoughts

So there you have it! You’ve reached the end of our Roblox Project Menacing stand tier list. Hopefully, this helps you when playing the game and makes adventuring much faster while also enjoying the grind more.

There’s no denying that this list reflects our own opinion and the opinion of some high-level players. If you have a different perspective, we’d love to hear it! Just leave us a comment below.

As Project Menacing gets more content and updates, we will periodically update this tier list to reflect changes in the meta. For now, bookmark it so you can stay up-to-date with our ever-changing world!

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Project Menacing – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best stands in Project Menacing?

There are many stands to choose from when playing Project Menacing on Roblox, but only a few can rise to the top in terms of abilities and overall usefulness. In this current game meta, we believe that Star Platinum: The Universe, The World OVA: Over Heaven, and Made in Heaven: Deimos are the best Project Menacing stands.

Which are the Project Menacing Discord and Trello Link?

You can join the Project Menacing community on Discord following this link and also find Project Menacing Trello here.

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