Anime Battle Arena Tier List: Best Characters in ABA (February 2024)

If you’re looking for the best Anime Battle Arena fighters, then we’ve got good news! Below you’ll find our fresh and updated ABA tier list — the rankings are based on the moves and combos and overall performance in this meta.

Anime Battle Arena is a new fighting game mode that’s based on Roblox. It’s a 3D arena-style fighter that is designed to be played in multiplayer mode, with up to 6 players at once.

The game allows you to choose from a variety of different anime characters, each one with its own unique fighting style. You’ll be able to fight against friends or the computer, depending on how you want to play!

But the overwhelming number of available fighters makes it hard to choose which ones are best to play with, so we’ve compiled an ABA tier list that ranks fighters from strongest (tier S) to weakest (tier C).

Let’s take a closer look at what each tier means to see how it impacts our Anime Battle Arena tier list.

ABA Tier List Ranking Meaning

Explaining our ABA Tier List rankings
Image source: Anime Battle Arena, Roblox
  • Tier S Anime Battle Arena Fighters (BEST) — These are the best fighters in the current meta for Anime Battle Arena. They have great moves and awesome combo starters and finishers and are great in all arena modes.
  • Tier A Anime Battle Arena Fighters (Great) — These ABA characters also have good moves and combos and can be used with ease in any arena.
  • Tier B Anime Battle Arena Fighters (Decent) — These fighters are average in terms of movesets, combos and matchups, although you can still win battles with these, they can easily be countered.
  • Tier C Anime Battle Arena Fighters (Weak) — In our opinion, we think that these are the weakest fighters in ABA in this current meta.

Alright so now that you know what each rank means, let’s take a look at our Anime Battle Arena tier list and see which are the best ABA fighters in this meta.

S-Tier – ABA Tier List

ABA Tier List: Best Characters
Image source: Anime Battle Arena, Roblox

In this current ABA meta, we think that the following fighters are the best of the best when it comes to 1v1 PVP battles.

Things might change slightly in other game modes such as 2v2 and 3v3, but usually, these fighters are great in every arena mode. Their moves are great and hard to counter and they can stack combos like crazy.

Yuji ItadoriJujutsu Kaisen
Trafalgar LawOne Piece
ShanksOne Piece
Jolyne CujohJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

A-Tier – ABA Tier List

Anime Battle Arena Tier List: Tier A Characters
Image source: Anime Battle Arena, Roblox

These ABA characters are good all-around choices. They have interesting movesets and abilities and they are all good fighters to battle in the arena in this current meta.

Luffy (Pre-Timeskip)One Piece
Zoro (Pre-Timeskip)One Piece
Sanji (Timeskip)One Piece
WhitebeardOne Piece
Vegeta (Android Saga)DBZ
Future TrunksDBZ
Might GuyNaruto
Coyote StarrkBleach
Joseph JoestarJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
HisokaHunter x Hunter
IllumiHunter x Hunter
Afro Samurai
Ryuko Matoi
Yusuke UrameshiYuYu Hakusho
Mash KyrielightFGO
AcceleratorToaru Majutsu
Misaka MikotoToaru Majutsu
KiritoSword Art Online
Tokita OhmaKengan Ashura
Satsuki KiryuinKLK
Sanji (Pre-Timeskip)One Piece
Luffy (Timeskip)One Piece

B-Tier – Anime Battle Arena Tier List

Anime Battle Arena: Tier B Characters
Image source: Anime Battle Arena, Roblox

The tier B Anime Battle Arena characters are average at best. While they aren’t complete trash, they’re still going to lag behind the A and S tier chars.

Still, they can get good combo numbers and not be a total useless for your team.

Zoro (Timeskip)One Piece
KizaruOne Piece
AkainuOne Piece
GOD UsoppOne Piece
CrocodileOne Piece
EnelOne Piece
Gohan (Teen)DBZ
Goku (Buu Saga)DBZ
Vegeta (Majin)DBZ
Goku BlackDBZ
Sasuke (Shippuden)Naruto
Naruto (Shippuden)Naruto
Minato (4th Hokage)Naruto
Edo MadaraNaruto
Ichigo (Hollow Mask)Bleach
DekuMy Hero Academy
Tenya LidaMy Hero Academy
EndeavorMy Hero Academy
LemillionMy Hero Academy
Jonathan JoestarJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Jotaro KujoJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Old JosephJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Josuke HigashikataJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Giorno GiovannaJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Yoshikage KiraJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
KilluaHunter x Hunter
Rikka Takanashi
Chika Fujiwara
HieiYuYu Hakusho
Shirou EmiyaFGO (Fate/Grand Order)
SaberFGO (Fate/Grand Order)
KiritsuguFGO (Fate/Grand Order)
Cu ChulainnFGO (Fate/Grand Order)
Gray FullbusterFairytail
Satoru GojoJujutsu Kaisen
TanjiroDemon Slayer
Kyojuro RengokuDemon Slayer
ZenitsuDemon Slayer
AchillesFGO (Fate/Grand Order)
Zamasu (Fused)DBS

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C-Tier Heroes – Anime Battle Arena Tier List

Image source: Anime Battle Arena, Roblox

And finally, here are the weakest characters in our ABA tier list. While you can still win some games with them, it’s going to be much harder than usual. So we recommend you avoid these and pick up a better character to play from the higher ranks.

AceOne Piece
Goku (Namek)DBZ
Rock LeeNaruto
BakugouMy Hero Academy
All MightMy Hero Academy
TodorokiMy Hero Academy
IskanderFate/Grand Order
Asuna YuukiSword Art Online
GonHunter x Hunter

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How We Created This Anime Battle Arena Tier List?

We base our tier lists on player feedback and an analysis of the current metagame to create tier lists that are useful for all players who want to win more battles in the arena.

We gathered feedback from other Anime Battle Arena players on the official Discord server and also Reddit to ensure we weren’t limiting our view only to our own preferences.

Please remember that our Anime Battle Arena tier list is not set in stone and it may shift as the meta changes. The ABA meta is constantly evolving, with new fighters being added to it each update while others become outdated.

In any case, we know that our ABA tier list can’t satisfy all the players, since we all have unique play styles and different preferences. So we welcome to hear from you down in the comments if you have any feedback, suggestions, or tips.

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What is Anime Battle Arena?

Are you a fan of anime? Do you wish there was a way to bring it to life in Roblox? Well, now there is!

Introducing Anime Battle Arena, a unique Roblox game designed to let you experience your favorite anime characters as they battle it out in a real-life setting.

You can choose from dozens of anime characters, including Goku, Shanks, Whitebeard, Vegeta, Kakashi, Ichigo, Kirito, and many more

The gameplay is simple: each character has their own unique fighting style and special moves.

The goal of the game is to defeat all of your opponents by using these skills.

There are also items that can help you in battle such as healing potions or weapons that give you an advantage over your enemies.

Anime Battle Arena is free to play and includes both single-player and multiplayer modes so that everyone can enjoy this exciting new experience!

So if you’re a fan of anime and you like fighting games then Anime Battle Arena is well worth checking out. Keep in mind though that ABA is a game mode on Roblox so you need to download and install that before you can play ABA. You should also check out our Project New World tier list if you’re a fan of Roblox RPG games.

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