Pokken Tournament DX Tier List – Best Pokemon (April 2024)

Looking for a fresh and updated Pokken Tournament DX tier list for 2022? Well then, below you can find our rankings of what we think is the best Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX for the latest meta.

Pokken Tournament DX is a fantastic port for Nintendo Switch, but the game features more Pokemons and even exclusive ones, so knowing which ones are the best can be tricky.

We have ranked the best Pokemon in our Pokken Tournament DX tier list so that you can easily know which ones to master in the Ferrum League.

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List Ranking Meaning:

  • Tier S Pokemon – These are the best Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX. They don’t have too many counters and if you know how to master these powerful characters, you’re going to win every tournament.
  • Tier A Pokemon – Very good Pokemon that you can use to win tournaments. Although they are not as strong and powerful as the tier S ones, they are still well above average.
  • Tier B Pokemon – These are your average Pokemon in the game, so they are not that powerful but also not completely trash, you can still pick some of these for your tournaments but victory is not so easy or sure to achieve.
  • Tier C Pokemon – We think that these are the worst Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX. It’s wise to avoid playing with these unless you really know what you’re doing.

Pokken Tournament DX – Tier S Pokemon

Best Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX

These are the best Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX. Any player that picks and masters one of these Pokemon is sure to win every tournament that they face, especially since they have very few counters.

PokemonTier List
SceptileTier S
AegislashTier S
LucarioTier S
DecidueyeTier S
MewtwoTier S
PikachuTier S

Pokken Tournament DX – Tier A Pokemon

Pokken Tournament DX - Tier A Pokemon

In this Pokken Tournament DX tier list, we’ve listed the A Tier Pokemons, which are also very good to pick and master. While they are not as strong as the S-tier ones, they can still win you many tournaments.

PokemonTier List
GarchompTier A
WeavileTier A
Pikachu LibreTier A
BraixenTier A
SuicuneTier A
ChandelureTier A
Shadow MewtwoTier A
CharizardTier A

Pokken Tournament DX – Tier B Pokemon

Tier B Pokemon

The B-tier Pokemons are your average characters in Pokken Tournament DX. They are neither good nor bad, and they can still get you some tournament wins especially if you know how to counter your enemies and how to best play to your Pokemon’s abilities.

PokemonTier List
ScizorTier B
BlazikenTier B
EmpoleonTier B
MachampTier B
GengarTier B

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Tier C Pokemon

Tier C Pokemon

Ok, so if we’re being honest, in our opinion these Pokemon are kinda bad. You should probably only choose to play with these if you’re an absolute pro and master at the game and know every counter and how to get the best out of your Pokemon. Otherwise, skip them.

PokemonTier List
DarkraiTier C
GardevoirTier C
CroagunkTier C
BlastoiseTier C

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Pokken Tournament DX Tier List: Best Support Pokemon

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List: Best Support Pokemon

Use these Pokemon in addition to your main Battle Pokemon to create a more powerful team with better and greater combos with the help of buffs or debuffs.

Sure, you will have to unlock some of these, but that’s also the fun of the game because you will also get to gather all the support Pokemon that you might want.

Support PokemonWho To Defeat
Cubone & DiglettTravis in the Green League
Jirachi & WhimsicottTravis in the Green League
Croagunk & SylveonTravis in the Green League
Pachirisu & MagikarpKeith in the Blue League
Mismagius & NinetalesKeith in the Blue League
Rotom & TogekissKeith in the Blue League
Farfetch’d & ElectrodeElinn in the Red League
Dragonite & VictiniElinn in the Red League
Espeon & UmbreonTop 8 – Green League
Reshiram & CresseliaTop 8 – Blue League
Magneton & QuagsireTop 8 – Red League
Yveltal & LatiosTop 8 – Chroma League

How We Created This Tier List?

How We Created This Pokken Tournament DX Tier List?

Since we create many tier lists for all types of games, we like to do as much research to make sure we got all the details before we publish one. So that’s exactly what we also did when we created this Pokkén Tournament DX tier list.

We’ve done our own tests but also gone through the official Discord server and also checked the Reddit to see the opinions of other players.

But anyway, this is just our opinion, and in no way do we claim this is the most accurate Pokken Tournament DX tier list out there. It’s pretty close though 😉

The game can always get updated with new buffs or nerfs to the pokemon, and so what are today’s best Pokemon might be tomorrow’s worst, and vice versa.

If you have any tips or feedback about this tier list, please leave us a comment down below, and also don’t forget to rate it and share this with your Pokken Tournament buddies.

What Is Pokken Tournament DX?

What is Pokken Tournament DX?

Pokken Tournament DX is the Nintendo Switch port of the popular Pokken Tournament game. Developed as usual by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Pokken Tournament is a fighting game in the Pokemon universe that combines elements from the Tekken fighting game series with heroes from the Pokémon franchise.

Bandai Namco released Pokken Tournament DX (The port for Nintendo Switch) in September 2017.

More Pokemon for Switch Version

Compared to all other platforms, Pokken Tournament DX gets additional Pokemon for the Switch version, that otherwise are not available on the Arcade and Wii U versions.

Pokken Tournament DX Reviews

In general players and fans of the Pokémon universe were happy about the new Pokken Tournament game, unfortunately, sales tanked for the arcade version, especially in Japan.

However, the Nintendo Switch version of Pokken Tournament DX did exceptionally well all across the world, selling over 1 million copies by 2018 alone.

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