LoL Tier List (Patch 12.19) – Best Champions For Solo Queue

Greetings Summoner. Ever wondered which are the best League of Legends champions for solo queue ranked matches? Below you will find our very own LoL tier list where we rank the best champions in the game for all roles, according to their viability in ranked solo games.

So you want to climb that League of Legends Solo Queue ladder, but you don’t know which champions will help you achieve your goal?

Well, don’t worry, because we have created this LoL tier list in order to help you with that.

We have done extensive research into all the LoL champions for solo queue for this patch version and took into consideration some factors like skill cap and mechanics, viability, win rate, pick/ban rate, etc.

Then we created a list with all of them ranked from best (S+ tier) to worst (D tier) according to their potential power in the current LoL meta.

Changelog (8th October, 2022): We have updated our ranking of League of Legends champions to reflect the latest changes in patch 12.19

LoL Tier List – S+ Champions

Best LoL Champions

These are the best LoL champions for the current meta for solo play. They are overpowered and they can counter almost anyone with ease. They are best at their roles and don’t require that much knowledge and skill in order to make them shine.

  • Olaf (Top)
  • Janna (Support)
  • Kai’Sa (ADC)
  • Bel’Veth (Jungle)
  • Zed (Mid)
  • Fiddlesticks (Jungle)
  • Sona (Support)
  • Singed (Top)
  • Blitzcrank (Support)
  • Miss Fortune (ADC)

So if you want to climb that League of Legends Solo Queue ladder, then picking some of these champions will make life much easier for you.

LoL Tier List – S Champions

S Tier LoL Champions

This is the next highest tier after the overpowered LoL champs from above. They are still formidable and can handle most of the solo queue games with ease. In some situations, however, they will get countered by a certain champion or role and you’ll have to adapt your gameplay style in order to win those matchups.

  • Maokai (Support)
  • Elise (Jungle)
  • Shen (Top)
  • Darius (Top)
  • Zac (Jungle)
  • Aatrox (Top)
  • Renata Glasc (Support)
  • Master Yi (Jungle)
  • Heimerdinger (Mid)
  • Draven (ADC)
  • Camille (Top)
  • Graves (Jungle)
  • Kindred (Jungle)
  • Thresh (Support)
  • Ornn (Top)
  • Pyke (Support)
  • Vex (Mid)
  • Soraka (Support)

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LoL Tier List – A Champions

Tier A League of Legends Champions

These champs are often strong in multiple categories, such as strong laning, good teamfighting, and useful utility. They usually excel against the majority of players you will come across.

  • Jax (Top)
  • Zilean (Support)
  • Twitch (ADC)
  • Irelia (Top)
  • Katarina (Mid)
  • Udyr (Jungle)
  • Riven (Top)
  • Viktor (Mid)
  • Fiora (Mid)
  • Zoe (Mid)
  • Seraphine (Support)
  • Rek’Sai (Jungle)
  • Vladimir (Mid)
  • Karthus (Jungle)
  • Shaco (Jungle)
  • Kassadin (Mid)
  • Taric (Support)
  • Talon (Mid)
  • Diana (Jungle)
  • Akshan (Mid)
  • Kled (Top)
  • Ekko (Jungle)
  • Nami (Support)
  • Samira (ADC)
  • Bard (Support)
  • Rakan (Support)
  • Sylas (Mid)
  • Rell (Support)
  • Sett (Top)
  • Warwick (Jungle)
  • Nunu (Jungle)
  • Ashe (ADC)
  • Amumu (Jungle)
  • Ainiva (Mid)
  • Swain (Support)
  • Caitlyn (ADC)
  • Nocturne (Jungle)
  • Cassiopeia (Mid)
  • Skarner (Jungle)
  • Nasus (Top)
  • Mordekaiser (Top)
  • Garen (Top)
  • Kha’Zix (Jungle)
  • Kayn (Jungle)
  • Vel’Koz (Support)
  • Jhin (ADC)

Champions in this tier tend to have a high skill cap that requires finesse to play well. These champions are generally weak early game but become more dominant later on when they can use their abilities to their full potential.

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LoL Tier List – B Champions

Tier B League of Legends Champions

The B-tier LoL champions are all relatively easy to play and can be strong, but may not be as strong as some other champs in the same lane (top, mid, jungle, or support). This is a good place to start learning how to play League of Legends if you haven’t already.

  • Qiyana (Mid)
  • Galio (Mid)
  • Urgot (Top)
  • Tristana (Bot)
  • Trndamere (Top)
  • Nidalee (Jungle)
  • Kog’Maw (Bot)
  • Xerath (Support)
  • Volibear (Jungle)
  • Rengar (Jungle)
  • Nautilus (Support)
  • Aurelion Sol (Mid)
  • Zyra (Support)
  • Taliyah (Jungle)
  • Jinx (Bot)
  • Illaoi (Top)
  • Nilah (Bot)
  • Alistar (Support)
  • Sion (Top)
  • Dr. Mundo (Top)
  • Karma (Support)
  • Malphite (Top)
  • Brand (Support)
  • Rumble (Top)
  • Gragas (Top)
  • Leona (Support)
  • Lux (Support)
  • Shyvana (Jungle)
  • Fizz (Mid)
  • Sejuani (Jungle)
  • Lulu (Support)
  • Hecarim (Jungle)
  • Quinn (Top)
  • Yasuo (Mid)
  • Tahm Kench (top)
  • Vi (Jungle)
  • Yone (Mid)
  • Xin Zhao (Jungle
  • Sivir (ADC)
  • Teemo (Top)
  • Morgana (Support)
  • Evelynn (Jungle)
  • Cho’Gath (Top)
  • Gangplank (Top)
  • Veigar (Mid)
  • Renekton (Top)
  • Jarvan IV (Jungle)
  • Lee Sin (Jungle)
  • Poppy (Jungle)
  • Ezreal (ADC)
  • Malzahar (Mid)
  • Ahri (Mid)
  • Ziggs (Mid)
  • Kalista (ADC)

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League of Legends Tier C Champions

Tier C LoL Champions

The C Tier is where we find League of Legends champions that are okay to play, but not as powerful or common in matches as other ones in the same category.

  • Neeko (Mid)
  • Lillia (Jungle)
  • Annie (Mid)
  • LeBlanc (Mid)
  • Trundle (Jungle)
  • Akali (Mid)
  • Kennen (Top)
  • Varus (ADC)
  • Jayce (Top)
  • Gnar (Top)
  • Viego (Jungle)
  • Senna (Support)
  • Yuumi (Support)
  • Xayah (ADC)
  • Kayle (Top)
  • Rammus (Jungle)
  • Orianna (Mid)
  • Wukong (Jungle)
  • Vayne (ADC)
  • Pantheon (Jungle)
  • Syndra (Mid)
  • Lucian (ADC)
  • Aphelios (ADC)
  • Twisted Fate (Mid)

These champions can be fun to play and are generally not too difficult, but they’re probably not the best choice for your first few games, hence why they scored so low on this LoL tier list.

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League of Legends Tier D Champions

Tier D LoL Champs

These League of Legends champions do not offer enough strength or ability to make them consistently viable in competitive matches. They may be picked occasionally in a niche situation, but they are not recommended for most team compositions.

  • Yorick (Top)
  • Azir (Mid)
  • Ivern (Jungle)
  • Corki (Mid)
  • Lissandra (Mid)
  • Braum (Support)
  • Zeri (ADC)
  • Gwen (Top)
  • Ryze (Mid)

These champs could be fun if you’re into unusual builds or playing support, but their viability as top-laners or junglers is questionable, that is why they are ranked the lowest on our LoL tier list.

How we have created this League of Legends Tier List

Here’s how we’ve come up with our League of Legends tier list for this current patch meta.

We have taken a lot of data input from LoL data sites about the current matches and win rates for solo-ranked Platinum+ games.

We have also played the game ourselves to see what the common champion picks and bans this met.

And lastly, we have taken suggestions and more feedback from other online LoL communities such as the official Discord server, the Reddit community, and suggestions from our own readers.

This is a tier list for the best League of Legends champions in their respective categories, based on their current abilities and win rate for solo queue.

As with any of our tier lists, we don’t claim this LoL solo tier list to be 100% accurate, and results may vary of course depending on your play style and your favorite role in the game.

This is just a good starting point for new players who are trying to find the best champions in the game, as well as veterans who need some help with their team composition.

League of Legends Tier List: Conclusion

Solo queue is a different beast than a team game. In team games, the meta is defined by the composition of your team, and you can usually work with what you’ve got to achieve your win conditions.

But in solo queue, you’re working with a random assortment of players whose skill sets may or may not match up well with yours.

That’s why it’s important to understand which champions are best suited to solo queue play.

I hope this LoL tier list has helped you in your journey to becoming a better player of the game, especially when going at it solo and having to go through the matchmaking ELO hell.

Remember, the League of Legends tier list is just a guideline for what to play and not necessarily something that will always work for every game.

Also, keep in mind that the meta changes all the time so be sure to adapt to it. If you want to keep updated on the latest changes in the meta and know for sure which champs are good and which aren’t, make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference in the future.

If you prefer playing the Ultra Rapid Fire mode in League of Legends, you should probably check out our URF Tier List for the latest patch. Don’t forget to also check out the best ADC champs currently and our tier list for ARAM.

League of Legends – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tier list?

A Tier List, also known as a “Meta Tier List” or “Tier Ranking” is a list of the best characters in the game according to competitive play. Tier Lists are constantly under revision and changes due to each new change to the meta. These highly debated lists can vary based on the opinions of diverse players or game stats.

Do tier lists matter in LoL?

Tier lists are something that exists for pretty much every game with a competitive scene. LoL is no different. So do tier lists matter in LoL? Yes and no. Tier lists themselves don’t really matter, skill is more important, but knowing what the best options are in each role can mean the world when it comes to your game. Especially when you’re in the lower ranks. However you keep on climbing and go above a certain rank then yes, at some point tier lists could be useful, including for League of Legends.

Who are the best champions in LoL?

The best champions for solo queue are typically those that can bring utility to the team, with some damage and tankiness. These champions are often reliable picks because they’re not overly reliant on other teammates to succeed.

If you found our LoL tier list useful, then make sure to bookmark it!

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