HoloCure Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (February 2024)

Want to find the best Vtuber in Holocure that can clear waves of enemies without breaking a sweat? Well, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve put together a HoloCure tier list for this awesome fan-made gacha RPG game.

Vtubers are having a major impact on modern culture, and the hugely popular game Hololive brought upon us awesome fan-made games such as HoloCure which is also gaining a lot of steam.

HoloCure is a fan-made gacha RPG game that’s similar to AFK Arena, Dislyte, and Genshin Impact, and it features characters from Hololive.

With over 11 characters and tons of unique items, it’s no surprise that HoloCure has been such a hit among players.

All the characters have unique abilities and talents and choosing one to play with can prove difficult for new players.

So if you’re a beginner and just starting out playing this adorable free gacha RPG then our HoloCure tier list is going to help you pick the best character to battle the endless waves of enemies found in the game in order to save ALL the fans.

But before we get started with the list, here is a quick explanation of what each tier rank means:

HoloCure Tier List Ranking Meaning

HoloCure Tier List Explanation
Source: HoloCure
  • Tier S HoloCure Characters — In our opinion, these are the best characters that you can use in HoloCure from the early stages to the late game.
  • Tier A HoloCure Characters — These characters are well-balanced and useful in both the early stages of the game and during boss fights.
  • Tier B HoloCure Characters — These HoloCure characters are less efficient than their Tier S and A counterparts, some of them have bad weapons, and others have mediocre abilities.
  • Tier C HoloCure Characters — These units aren’t very good mainly due to their starting weapon, special ability, or skills. They generally struggle against large numbers of enemies at once and mini-boss and boss fights.

Now that we have finished with the explanations let’s take a look at the HoloCure tier list and see which are the best characters in the game in this meta.

We have updated our HoloCure tier list on December 7th, 2022.

HoloCure Tier List

TierHoloCure Character
SNanashi Mumei, Ninomae Ina’nis
ATsukomo Sana, Ceres Fauna, IRyS
BAmelia Watson, Hakos Baelz, Ouro Kronii, Gawr Gura, Takanashi Kiara
CMori Kalliope, Ouro Kronii

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Who is the Best Character in HoloCure?

In this current HoloCure meta we think that Nanashi Mumei is the best character in the game without any doubt she is very OP at the moment.

How We Created this HoloCure Tier List?

Our opinions and ideas for ranking characters in our HoloCure tier list came mostly from playing the game ourselves.

We create tier lists by playing the games ourselves, asking other players for insight into what works and what doesn’t, and researching online communities such as the game’s subreddit and Discord server to see how others are making use of available characters.

But we also know that no tier list is 100% accurate and viable for all players, especially for a fan-made game like HoloCure that is in the Demo phase and is likely going to see huge updates and changes over the next couple of weeks.

We predict that, as the game continues to evolve, changes will take place. And with those changes, some of the characters we’ve ranked high on our tier list may fall from their current positions and new ones will emerge.

Anyway, you are welcome to share your thoughts about our HoloCure tier list below in the comments.

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How to Reroll in HoloCure?

At the moment HoloCure only features 11 characters, so with enough game time and a couple of plays, you’ll eventually going to be unlocking all units.

But if you’re really looking to get another start, and to play with someone else that’s ranked high on our HoloCure tier list above, then what you can do is go to your phone settings and then go to Apps.

Here look for the HoloCure app and delete all the data and the cache. After that simply uninstall and reinstall the game and you might start with a better character this time around.

How To Get New Characters in HoloCure?

If you want to get more characters without rerolling as we’ve explained above, then you will have to unlock new ones via the Gacha system.

All you need to do is go to the “Shop” section and find the Gacha option, after that you can try your luck to summon new characters from the various Hololive banners such as Council & Project: HOPE and of course the Myth ones.

Each gacha try costs 1,000 HoloCoins, and you will receive a random character. Keep in mind though that you can’t spend real money to purchase HoloCoins. This is a good thing for players that hate P2W games though.

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