Ode To Heroes Tier List (May 2024)

Are you looking for an Ode To Heroes tier list for 2024? If that’s the case then you can find below our rankings of the best characters in Ode To Heroes.

Ode To Heroes is a gacha mobile RPG game available to be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store, that’s similar to AFK Arena, Brown Dust, and Dislyte. In it, you will have to collect heroes in order to form a team that is capable of battling evil forces and fixing the timeline.

Ode To Heroes is an Idle Auto-battle RPG that blends Strategy & Fantasy into a great Gaming Experience!

With its idle strategy auto-battle, hero quests, satisfying combat, and numerous dungeons, and guild boss fights, Ode to Heroes offers a rich game experience.

Sure, the gameplay is not really unique to the genre, but it is simple and addictive! Plus, you can collect rewards even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Ode To Heroes features over 200 legendary heroes, each with their own distinctive skills and abilities.

But with so many Ode To Heroes characters available, it’s no wonder that new players have a hard time creating a good team that’s capable of clearing the end-game content.

That is why we felt the need to create an Ode To Heroes tier list where we rank every character in the game according to their skills, abilities, and how powerful they are against the various game’s content.

To better understand the Ode To Heroes tier rankings, though, let’s take a quick look at what they all mean.

January 8, 2023: We have updated our Ode to Heroes characters tier list.

Ode To Heroes S Tier List Characters

Best Ode To Heroes Characters
Image source: Ode To Heroes , DH-Games

The S Tier characters are the most powerful in our Ode To Heroes character tier list. Use them for all your high-level boss battles and campaign encounters, as they will make winning easier than ever!

  • Qin Liangyu
  • Qin Shubao
  • Yuan Tiangang
  • Xie Daoyun
  • Wang Yuanji
  • Princess Wencheng
  • Yaoji

Ode To Heroes A Tier List Characters

Tier A Ode To Heroes Characters

If you can’t get your hands on some of the more overpowered Ode To Heroes units from above, these are a reasonable alternative. They won’t clear stages quite as quickly or consistently, but they’re still worth adding to your team

  • Jia Xu
  • Leizu
  • Zhang Sanfeng
  • Bai Qi
  • Yang Yuhuan
  • Yuchi Gong
  • Zhao Yun
  • Shang Yang
  • Xihe
  • Damo

Ode To Heroes B Tier List Characters

Average Ode To Heroes characters

These characters may not be as strong or able to perform certain tasks as other heroes out there, but they can still get things done.

  • Li Chunfeng
  • Li Shishi
  • Sun Shangxiang
  • Nie Zheng
  • Di Qing
  • Gan Ning
  • Xiao Qiao
  • Mu Guiying
  • Cao Cao
  • Yao Li
  • Changxi
  • Diaochan
  • Xun Guan

Tier C Heroes

Tier C

These Ode To Heroes characters are not top tier and should be used as fillers until you get higher-rated ones for your team.

  • Li Qingzhao
  • Qin Shi Huang
  • Li Guang
  • Hua Mulan
  • Guiguzi
  • Lian Po
  • Su Shi
  • Daji
  • Jiang Ziya
  • Gao Jianli

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Tier D Heroes

Tier D characters

These Ode To Heroes characters are weaker than most and should be used only in certain situations or none at all. Ideally, you should fodder most of these to grow and upgrade your better heroes.

  • Hongfu
  • Li Bai
  • Mo Ye
  • Zhuge Liang
  • Lady of Yue
  • Da Qiao
  • Zhong Wuyan
  • Zhang Liang
  • Nie Yinniang
  • Mozi
  • Xiang Yu
  • Xi Shi
  • Wu Zetian
  • Zhen Fu
  • Gan Jiang
  • Huang Yueying
  • Zhou Yu
  • Cai Yan
  • Jing Ke
  • Zuo Ci
  • Wang Zhaojun

Understanding Our Ode To Heroes Tier List Rankings

Understanding Our Ode To Heroes Tier List
  • Tier S Ode To Heroes (BEST characters) – These are the strongest characters in Ode To Heroes. They have little to no weaknesses and work well with most other units in your team.
  • Tier A Ode To Heroes (Good characters) – These Ode To Heroes characters offer a solid alternative to the S-tier heroes. They can also clear content with ease, although they might lack a couple of things and have some weak points.
  • Tier B Ode To Heroes (Decent characters) – Even if you cannot get the highest-ranked Ode To Heroes units, these characters will still be handy in most stages and battles. However, they may require additional support from other characters like Damo in order to be effective on a team.
  • Tier C Ode To Heroes (Average characters) – These units are fairly standard in terms of their abilities, but you can still beat some levels if you play well. Just don’t expect to breeze through the entire game without running into any roadblocks!
  • Tier D Ode To Heroes (Weak characters) – The Ode To Heroes characters aren’t very strong, and it’s difficult to play far into the story using them. Beginning players can use these ones until a certain point, but anyone else will find them fairly useless.

Quick note: We only rank the 4 and 5 stars characters in the game for the current meta.

How We Created This Ode To Heroes Tier List?

We have roughly the same process for every tier list that we create and publish on our website. Usually, it starts with us playing the game for a while and getting a first-hand experience of what characters are OP and which ones are trash and should be avoided.

After we make a couple of notes with what we think are the best characters in Ode To Heroes, we then also like to see what are the opinions and suggestions of other players from the game.

So we inspect other top players and see what they use to dominate the rankings in the arena and everywhere else and if we see a clear pattern that certain heroes are used more than others, it means that they are top tier.

Not only that but we also browse Ode To Heroes online communities such as the official Discord server and the Reddit page to learn more about the game and what players think about certain characters.

We then compile all of that data into a nice and easy-to-read Ode To Heroes tier list and publish it for you to enjoy.

Still, we understand and know that no tier list can be 100% accurate, and we don’t claim this one to be either. But we’d like to think that we got pretty close to the actual Ode To Heroes meta.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the game receives fairly regular updates and new characters are added all the time. This means that our Ode To Heroes rankings of the best and worst characters will change over time.

If you have any suggestions or feedback about our Ode To Heroes tier list for PvE and PvP, please let us know in the comments below. We might take your comment into consideration the next time we update this tier list.

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