Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Event: Exotic Loot Awaits!

As the leaves turn and a chill descends upon the air, it’s not just the living who are stirring in the world of Destiny 2. The much-anticipated Festival of the Lost event is back, heralding a time of tricks, treats, and eerie encounters.

Starting next week, Guardians are invited to join the celebration of the spectral season, with a trove of exotic loot waiting to be unearthed from the haunted corners of the cosmos.

The Festival of the Lost this year brings with it an ominous breeze of fresh gameplay with the introduction of Legend Haunted Sectors.

These sectors promise a blend of thrilling experiences and rich rewards, making the ghostly hunt more enticing than ever before.

At the heart of the loot chase are the newly minted Eerie Engrams, which can either be cracked open for a surprise or used in the art of Hocus Focusing, curated by none other than the seasoned Eva Levante.

The Eerie Engrams are your tickets to Festival-exclusive loot, dropping upon the completion of Haunted Sectors, with a higher drop rate in the more challenging Legend Haunted Sectors.

These engrams can be used in Hocus Focusing, a new system introduced by Eva, offering Guardians a shot at scoring Exotic armors across four categories alongside Legendary weapons.

The cost? Just one Eerie Engram and a handful of candy, the currency of choice in this spooky season.

The specifics of Hocus Focusing are as follows:

  • Exotic Arms, Legs, Helmet, and Chest each require 1 Eerie Engram and 2500 Candy.
  • Randomized Festival of the Lost (FOTL) Weapon requires 1 Eerie Engram and 500 Candy.
  • Specific FOTL Weapon requires 1 Eerie Engram and 1000 Candy.

Guardians should note that to snag that elusive Exotic armor, ownership of the respective expansion it’s tied to is a must.

However, fear not, for if the Exotic armor hasn’t graced your arsenal yet, this event presents a golden opportunity to earn it through Hocus Focusing.

The Festival also heralds the arrival of a chic new Memento, dressed in a cool, black leather car look, dropping in Eerie Engrams. A random drop, this Memento is sure to add a dash of haunting elegance to your Guardian’s ensemble.

PvP enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the new Checkmate modifier along with insightful tweaks to matchmaking and spawning.

The PvP Strike Team is all ears to the feedback from the Guardian community, working tirelessly to refine the Crucible experience.

With Checkmate set to undergo fine-tuning in the Crucible Labs, and matchmaking getting a revamp for quicker and more balanced pairings, the PvP landscape in Destiny 2 is poised for some electric clashes.

The Festival of the Lost is not merely a celebration of the eerie, but a testament to the undying spirit of the Guardians. So, gear up, venture into the unknown, and may your loot be plentiful in the shadows of the Festival of the Lost!

You can check out more details about the upcoming updates on the weekly notes from Bungie.

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