Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

Delve deep into the world of Monster Hunter Now! As monsters from the beloved universe appear in our world, having the right weapon is crucial. This Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list will help you pick the best weapon for your hunting style.

As the real world merges with the dynamic and thrilling universe of Monster Hunter, hunters around the globe are tasked with taking down formidable creatures using their weapons of choice.

With six unique weapon types available in the current version of Monster Hunter Now (and more to come in future updates), every hunter is keen to know which weapon reigns supreme.

Let’s dive into our Monster Hunter Now tier list for weapons and decipher the best tools of the trade.

Released our first version of the Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list on September 18, 2023. Updates will come in the future.

S-Tier – Best Monster Hunter Now Weapons

Best Monster Hunter Now weapons

In the S tier, we’ve ranked the absolute best Monster Hunter Now weapons – the ones that provide exceptional damage, versatility, and hunting prowess.

  • Great Sword: With its unparalleled power and the potential to unleash devastating charged slashes, the Great Sword stands out as a force to be reckoned with.

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Tier A Monster Hunter Now Weapons

The A-tier Monster Hunter Now weapons offer impressive capabilities and are favorites among many hunters due to their solid performance in various scenarios.

  • Bow: The Bow’s ability to charge up and release varying arrow types coupled with the Dragon Piercer skill makes it a lethal medium-range weapon.
  • Long Sword: Fast, precise, and with a Spirit Gauge to ramp up its damage, the Long Sword is a top-tier choice for many.

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Tier B MH Now weapons

The B Tier weapons are reliable and serve hunters well in many situations. While they may not be the pinnacle of Monster Hunter Now hunting tools, they shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Sword & Shield: Its balance of offense and defense, coupled with the Perfect Rush Combo, makes it a versatile choice for many hunts.
  • Hammer: The sheer blunt force of the Hammer can stagger and incapacitate monsters, especially when targeting their heads.


Tier C MHNow weapons

C Tier weapons are decent and can be formidable in the hands of a skilled hunter, but they might require a bit more strategy to match the impact of higher-tiered weapons.

  • Light Bowgun: While offering safety from a distance, its potency largely depends on the type of bullet used, and mastering it requires a keen understanding of monster weaknesses.

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Monster Hunter Now Tips

Navigating the vast hunting grounds of Monster Hunter Now is no small feat. Equipping the right weapon is just the beginning. Let’s explore some key MHNow tips to elevate your hunting game:

  • Remember, while this tier list offers a generalized ranking, the best weapon is often the one that suits your personal playstyle.
  • Consider the environment. Some weapons may perform better in certain habitats, like forests or swamps.
  • Pay attention to the Special Skills of each weapon; mastering them can significantly boost your damage output.
  • Keep an eye out for future updates. As more weapons are introduced, the dynamics of this list might change.

MHNow Tier List – Final Words

The world of Monster Hunter Now offers a rich tapestry of hunting experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice, there’s always a weapon waiting to be mastered.

This MHNow weapon tier list aims to guide you in your journey but remember, every hunt is unique, and sometimes, the best weapon is the one held with passion and determination. Happy hunting!

Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List – FAQ

Which weapon is best for beginners in Monster Hunter Now?

The Sword & Shield is often recommended for beginners due to its balance of offense and defense.

How do I unlock more weapons?

As of now, six weapon types are available. Stay tuned for future game updates for new weapons.

Can I switch weapons during a hunt?

Once you start a hunt with a chosen weapon, you can’t switch. However, you can experiment with different weapons in other hunts.

Are there weapon upgrade paths?

Monster Hunter Now retains the core essence of hunting and weapon upgrades. Gather materials from monsters to enhance your weapons.

How does the AR Camera feature work?

In Monster Hunter Now, the AR Camera allows players to experience monsters appearing in the real world. Ensure your device supports AR features for this to work.

When will the Monster Hunter Now tier list be updated?

We regularly update our tier list in tandem with game updates to ensure it reflects the current meta and weapon capabilities, although sometimes we might take a little longer in order as we have quite a couple of games that we support.

How do you determine the rankings on the tier list?

Our tier list is a culmination of extensive research from various sources like Reddit discussions, player feedback, YouTube content creators, and in-game analytics. Our aim is to provide a balanced view based on community consensus and gameplay statistics.

Why are some weapons ranked lower despite being popular in other tier lists?

Tier lists are inherently subjective and can vary based on different criteria. Our Monster Hunter Now weapons tier list prioritizes overall weapon efficacy, versatility, and community feedback. Some weapons might shine in specific situations but may not be as versatile overall.

How often do you anticipate game updates affecting the weapon rankings?

While it’s hard to predict the exact frequency, game updates can introduce balance changes or new weapons. We’ll revisit our tier list after major updates to ensure it remains relevant.

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