Bloodborne Weapon Tier List (May 2024) – All Weapons

How many times have you played Bloodborne, yet you are still wondering what is the best weapon? We put together this Bloodborne weapon tier list to give you an overview of how each weapon performs.

All the basic and trick weapons in Bloodborne have their advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s high damage or lack of reach, we have ranked them all accordingly in an easy to read Bloodborne weapons tier list, so that you can make the right decision for yourself as to which one suits your play style best.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what each tier ranking represents.

Bloodborne Tier List Ranking Meaning

  • Tier S Bloodborne (BEST) — These are the most powerful weapons in Bloodborne. If you want to kill bosses with ease, then use one of these.
  • Tier A Bloodborne (Great) — These are also very good Bloodborne weapons that can be used to successfully clear content and hard bosses.
  • Tier B Bloodborne (Decent) — Decent weapons that aren’t the best but also not the weakest of the bunch. You can of course still equip your character with these and do relatively well in most of the content.
  • Tier C Bloodborne (Poor) — These aren’t all that great, and should probably be avoided if possible unless, of course, you like playing with them, and in that case, yeah, go ahead and have fun.
  • Tier D Bloodborne (Weak) — Even worse than the C-tier Bloodborne weapons, these ones should be used strategically or if you like their playstyle, otherwise they don’t perform as well as the others on this list.

Now that we have explained what each category means, let’s take a look at our Bloodborne weapon tier list and see which ones are the best.

We have updated our Bloodborne Weapons tier list on February 2nd, 2023

S-Tier – Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Best Bloodborne Weapons

Although you can play Bloodborne with any type of weapon and still have fun and clear even the hardest content possible… there are still some weapons that are simply better than others, and these tier S rank weapons are the most powerful ones (in our opinion at least):

  • Whirligig Saw
  • Saw Cleaver
  • Ludwig’s Holy Blade
  • Saw Spear

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A-Tier – Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Tier A Bloodborne Weapons

The following Bloodborne weapons are also a very good choice for any player of the game regardless of your experience. We believe these to be slightly less effective than the S tier ones, but just slightly…

  • Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Rakuyo
  • Hunter Axe
  • Burial Blade
  • Blade of Mercy
  • Beasthunter Saif

Keep in mind that while S-tier weapons can be better than A-tier ones, your personal playstyle might make a lower-ranked weapon more effective.

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B-Tier – Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Bloodborne Trick Weapons - B tier

The Bloodborne Trick weapons listed above aren’t amazing, but they’ll certainly be helpful in your journey through the game’s maps and especially the Chalice Dungeon.

  • Chikage
  • Church Pick
  • Blodletter
  • Amygdalan Arm
  • Boom Hammer

C-Tier Bloodborne Weapons

Tier C Bloodborne Weapons

We think these Bloodborne weapons are a bit… underwhelming, but hey, if you like any of these and they fit your playstyle, then go for it:

  • Logarius’ Wheel
  • Kirkhammer
  • Simon’s Bowblade
  • Stake Driver
  • Threaded Cane
  • Tonitrus

D-Tier Bloodborne Weapons

Weak Bloodborne Weapons

The following are what we believe to be the weakest weapons in Bloodborne. Use them at your own risk… or amusement. We’re not judging 😉

  • Reiterpallasch
  • Beast Cutter
  • Beast Claw
  • Rifle Spear

How We Created This Tier List?

We have our very own methodology when we create our tier lists, it starts with us playing the game and experiencing the different aspects of it (in this case, the different weapons).

After that, we create our very own ranking for which we think are the best, after that we consult online communities such as the Bloodborne Discord or the Reddit Page, to also see what they think the best weapons in Bloodborne are.

After we gather all the data we then create a tier list accordingly to our experience and findings. Sure, no tier list is perfect, and we don’t claim that our Bloodborne tier list is perfect either, it’s just our own opinion, and if you disagree well that’s just fine, we all have our own views of the game and favorite playstyles, weapons, and builds. So yeah, keep that in mind 🙂

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Choosing the best Bloodborne Weapons

The best weapons in Bloodborne are the ones that you like the most. That’s it.

That said, there are a few things to consider when picking your weapon of choice:

Damage is important!

As with most games, the best way to win any fight is by dealing more damage than your opponent can take.

If you’re going up against a tough enemy or boss and you only deal half as much damage as they do, then good luck defeating them!

Luckily for us all, there are many ways to increase our attack power throughout Bloodborne, through leveling up our character and increasing the stats, finding better blood gems (which we’ll get into later), and equipping stronger weapons that have higher base stats at their disposal.

Reach matters!

Reach refers to how far away from an enemy we can attack them without having to get closer first, and since some enemies in Bloodborne have nasty attacks that can easily kill us if we’re not careful (or if we’re just trying something stupid like spamming R1 instead of rolling out of danger), reach is important when deciding which weapon(s) should be at our side during battle time.

What is Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is an action RPG horror game for the Playstation console that challenges you to navigate the unrepentant streets of Yharnam, a cursed city filled with strange beasts. Face your fears as you explore its dark streets and fight back against your fate to take control of this once-proud city before it falls into ruin.

With choice-based missions and gripping multiplayer action, this game is sure to draw you into its haunting atmospheric environment, creating a deep sense of terror and suspense. If you like horror games with strong RPG elements, then Bloodborne is perfect for you.

The game was developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. It was released worldwide on March 24, 2015.

The game design and development team sought to create a spiritual successor to the Souls series, while also incorporating new gameplay elements; director Hidetaka Miyazaki aimed to design a challenging experience that was rewarding as well as more accessible than previous games in the series.

For a similar action RPG game, check out Wo Long: Fallen Destiny.

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