Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Wondering who are the best characters in Konosuba: Fantastic Days?

Well then, continue reading because in this guide we’ve put together our very own Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list for the global version of the game.

The following list shows the most powerful Konosuba Fantastic Days characters as of this meta.

It’s a ranking based on their power in the Konosuba game, taking into account both their abilities and their character development. We’ll be updating this list as more characters are introduced to this popular anime RPG.

Bonus, at the end you will also find our very short tutorial on how to do a reroll.

Konosuba: Fantastic Days – Quick Intro

Konosuba: Fantastic Days is an anime gacha RPG game developed and published by Nexon, and released globally on 19th August 2021. The game is freely available to be downloaded on Android devices from Google Play or iOS devices from the App Store.

This is a fantasy RPG with a lighthearted tone. It’s easy to pick up and play but it also has a lot of depth for more hardcore players.

You start off as Kazuma a kinda lazy recluse of a hero that just wants to chill and enjoy life, but soon he is kinda forced into taking the fight and clearing the world of the evil forces.

The good news for Kazuma is that he doesn’t have to go at it alone. There are many interesting characters that you can choose along your journey to defeat the Devil King’s army.

With our Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list, we aim to show you what are the best characters that you can use for your team in this current version of the game in order to have an easy time in PvE stages and the PvP arena.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List 2024

We have focused our Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list only on the 4★ member cards, and ranked them according to their power and capabilities in PvE and arena.

We have updated this Konosuba tier list on December 23, 2022.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List: Best Characters (S TIER)

Konosuba Fantastic Days Best Characters

Alright, so we’re starting off our Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list with the strongest and most powerful 4-star characters available in this current meta of the global version.

These characters are perfect in pretty much all of the in-game content, whether we’re talking about story missions or the battle arena. Having one of these in your team is surely going to give you more chances of winning fights.

So if you can, always try and get your hands on these characters first, even if you have to reroll Konosuba Fantastic Days a few of times, it’s going to be worth it.

CharacterMember Card
WizChristmas Eve
MeguminGroup Pose
IrisMischievous Princess
MelissaTreasure Hunter
ChrisHigh-Flying Thief
ChrisMaid to Loot
ChrisMy Treasure
IrisRoyal Holiday
IrisFirst Casino Foray
CieloDancing Adventurer
CieloAxel Hearts
AmySoother Spirits
YunYunFriendly Halloween

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Konosuba Fantastic Days A Tier List Characters

Konosuba Fantastic Days - Tier A Characters

While we agree that getting some of those S-tier 4-star characters can be quite a challenge, you surely won’t be facing too much difficulty in your battles when using the following A-tier characters:

CharacterMember Card
AquaSparkling Seas
WizWater Blast
MeguminPajama Party
MeguminExplosive Devotion
WizIce Witch
WizSweet Dreams
AmyMotherly Maiden
RemBattle Maid
YunyunBathe Battle

Konosuba Fantastic Days B Tier List Characters

Tier B Characters

If you are unlucky and couldn’t get any of the S or A tier Konosuba Fantastic Days characters, then you can also use these ones to do relatively good damage and clear some story missions.

But if you want these characters to shine, you will have to put more resources into them and support them with other units.

CharacterMember Card
AquaHot Spring Heaven
AquaNature’s Beauty
KazumaA Ball for Two
KazumaHousehold Hero
YunyunMegumin’s Friend
YunyunMagic Academy Memories
ArueBest Bod
ArueDramatic Author
MitsurugiDreamy Dealer
MitsurugiThe Chosen One
DustMy Treasure
DustSuper Sledder
DustDelinquent Adventurer
RinSun Soaked
RinCertified Wizard
ErikaAxel Hearts
ErikaDancing Adventurer
DarknessSecret Present

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Tier C Heroes

Tier C units

These characters are average: not outstanding but still useful. You should be able to use them in pretty much all the content, although they won’t be your strongest and they might have a weakness or two that you need to look out for.

CharacterMember Card
AquaOtherworldly Tour
KazumaShut-In No More
DarknessTotal Ecstasy
DarknessHot Water
DarknessTrue Knight
CecilyBig Sister
CecilyCottontail Cleric
RinWinter Wonderland
LiaAxel Hearts
LiaDancing Adventurer
MiaHarried Housekeeper
MiaMischievous Beastman

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Konosuba Fantastic Days Reroll Guide

Konosuba Fantastic Days reroll guide
Konosuba: Fantastic Days – Reroll Guide

As you know, this anime RPG is also heavily built on top of a gacha system that’s similar to NieR Reincarnation, Undead World, and Ode To Heroes.

This means that getting the best Konosuba Fantastic Days characters can prove to be quite a struggle, especially for F2P (free-to-play) players. Luckily though, there is a way to get a better start in the game with A or S-tier characters if you do a what’s called Konosuba Fantastic Days reroll.

A reroll is basically deleting the game, and re-starting over from scratch with the hope that you get a better character when it’s time to summon your first units after finishing the tutorial.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to reroll in Konosuba Fantastic Days:

  1. Play the game as a Guest (don’t link it yet).
  2. Do the story and tutorial or skip if you want to reroll faster
  3. Go through your first 10 pull summon, if you get a good 4-star S tier or A tier character consider playing with it and link your account otherwise reset
  4. To reset your game and start over again simply go to your Menu > Profile
  5. Here tap on “Remove account” and write “Reset Account” in the field
  6. Repeat the whole process until you get something good on your 10 pulls.
  7. When that happens, you will want to continue playing with them and now you can finally link your account to an email address and enjoy the game.

How We Created This Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List?

Creating tier lists for our website requires a lot of research, and we do that by first playing the game ourselves and then analyzing the data from the top players like the ones that have the highest score in the battle arena.

We also like to browse and get feedback and tips from places outside the game as well such as the official Konosuba Fantastic Days Discord server, the subreddit, and also from the fan groups on Facebook.

Oh and we’ve also taken into account the game’s Japanese version and what characters are strong over there because the global version will slowly start getting the same updates as the JP one.

This gave us a much broader and not-so-biased view of what would be the Konosuba Fantastic Days’ best characters.

And so we have compiled all the data and information that we have gathered into a neat Konobusa Fantastic Days tier list, split into 4 different rankings. From the best (S tier) to the worst ones (C tier).

Still, we understand and realize that no tier list on the internet can be 100% accurate and that’s why we advise you only to take this list as an extra guiding step when it’s time for you to decide the characters you want to invest and play with.

If you have any feedback or additional tips and details, please leave us a comment down below. We might take your words and ideas into consideration whenever it’s time to update this Konosuba tier list.

Oh and yeah, as the global version of the game starts getting the stuff and updates from the Japanese version, we will make changes and updates to our Konosuba Fantastic days tier list.

So make sure that you bookmark this page, to have it ready when you need it in the future.

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