Anime Adventures Tier List (May 2024) – Best AA Units

Looking for an updated Anime Adventures tier list? You’ve come to the right place because on this page you will find exactly which are the best AA characters.

In the vast realms of Roblox, a gem called Anime Adventures shines brightly. Crafted by Gomu, this tower defense extravaganza transports players into a realm where numerous worlds are under siege, and heroes from various universes converge to fend off the menacing threats.

The call to arms is clear: summon the mightiest heroes, fortify your defenses, and vanquish the waves of adversaries threatening to overrun the worlds. But, who among these gallant heroes rises above the rest? That’s exactly what we aim to elucidate in our Anime Adventures tier list.

The allure of collecting diverse characters, each brandishing unique powers, and strategically deploying them to thwart hordes of enemies, is the game’s quintessence.

However, the efficacy of your defense significantly hinges on the prowess of your chosen heroes. Our AA tier list is meticulously curated to unveil the characters who stand a cut above the rest, thereby guiding you in assembling an indomitable squad capable of safeguarding the realms.

September 30, 2023: We have made changes to our AA tier list.

S+ Tier – Best AA Characters

The best Anime Adventures characters reside in the S+ Rank. These units are powerhouses, with abilities that can decimate foes or bolster your defenses to the extent that the enemy waves crash against them like water against rock.

  • Kiro (Bites the Dust)
  • Flamingo (Awakened)
  • Asuno (Mythical)
  • Evileye (Landfall)
  • Avdo (Magician’s Red)
  • Anz (Overlord)
  • Aizo (Final)
  • Harribu (Shark Express)
  • Narbera
  • Roger (Pirate King)
  • Stain (Hero Slayer)
  • Albedo (Overseer)
  • Skull Knight (King)
  • Heathcliff (Admin)
  • Klay (Bachelor)
  • Kiroto (Dual)
  • Guts (Berserk)
  • Luffy (Gear IV)
  • Poseidon (Tyrant of the Seas)
  • Usopp
  • Lord Boros
  • Angel
  • Sengoku (Buddha)
  • Shigaraki (Symbol Of Fear)
  • Griffin (Ascension)
  • Law (Room)
  • Homuru (Time Traveler)
  • Puchi (Heaven)
  • Shaltear (Bloodfallen)
  • Power (Fiend)
  • Wenda
  • Tatsumiki (Tornado)
  • Leafy (Sylph)
  • JIO (Over Heaven)
  • Daky (Obi)
  • Unohana
  • Sukuno
  • Chainsaw (Hybrid)
  • Navi (Thief)
  • Emili
  • Koichi (Echoes)
  • Yoshina (Spirit)
  • Oshy (Idol)
  • Merlyn (Infinity)
  • Peruna
  • Kisoko (Bankai)
  • Charmi (Sheep)
  • Julio (Wizard King)
  • Lulu (Geass)
  • Tango (God of Flashiness)
  • Sayako (Sapphire Blade)
  • Kyoka (Scarlet)
  • Demiurge (Demon Emperor)
  • Fujitora (Admiral)
  • Melio (Assault)

S Tier

A step below the S+, the S Rank heroes are formidable forces on the battlefield. With potent abilities and good stats, they can be the linchpin in your strategy to halt the enemy onslaught.

  • Josuka (Unbreakable)
  • Gyutaru (Moon)
  • Isago
  • Issai (Boosted Gear)
  • Kenshi
  • Dezu (Vigilante)
  • Minata
  • Saby (Flame Emperor)
  • Pride (The One)

A Tier

In the A Rank, we have AA characters that are balanced with a fair share of offensive and defensive capabilities. They are reliable and can hold their ground, provided they are deployed judiciously.

  • Rohon (Artist)
  • Metal Knight (Arsenal)
  • Mamy
  • Golden Frieza (Emperor)
  • Madoka (Salvation)
  • Itochi (Susanoo)
  • Endeavor (Hellflame)
  • Smoker (Hunter)
  • Renzi
  • Greed (Hunt)
  • Sasuke (Storm)
  • Genos (Incinerate)
  • Denjy
  • Hange (Captain)
  • Carrot (Sulong)
  • Sukuno
  • Nejiri
  • Koneko (Hell-Cat)
  • Yuto (Cursed Child)
  • Rayleigh
  • Tatsumaki (Tornado)
  • Thor (Awakened)
  • Gowthy (Invasion)
  • Esdeath (Empires Strongest)
  • Sonic (Speed)
  • Jozo
  • Yamamoto (Hellfire)
  • Jolyne (Determination)
  • Piccolo (Nameless)
  • Yamo (Captain)
  • Buggy
  • Dark Asto
  • Kizzua (Godspeed)
  • King (Sloth)
  • Hime (Ghost)
  • Goju (Six Eyes)
  • Isagi
  • Tatsumi
  • Ermes (Duplicate)
  • Rias (Devil Princess)
  • Ghaccho (Album)
  • Haku (Reflection)
  • Ippo
  • Bang (SilverFang)
  • All Force (Symbol of Peace)
  • Pito (Terpsichora)
  • Ezra (True Heart)
  • Toshin (Dragon Lotus)
  • Kobeni (Scared)
  • Heavy Weather
  • Ezra (Valkyrie)

B Tier

The C Rank is where you’ll find Anime Adventures heroes who are more suited for specific scenarios or perhaps against certain types of enemies. They may require a bit more strategic positioning or support from other higher-tier heroes to truly shine.

  • Kenpaki (Maniac)
  • Lucky (Thunder Fiend)
  • Ichi (Final Dusk)
  • Broke (Soul King)
  • Yoshino (Spirit)
  • Getu (Maximum)
  • Ging (Sacred Spear)
  • Moriu (Shadow Lord)
  • Tobi
  • Yono (Spirit)
  • Todoroki (Released)
  • AOE(11)
  • Aokiji (Blue Pheasent)
  • Soi Fan (Hornet)
  • Natzo (Lightning Dragon Mode)
  • Kent (Overtime)
  • Ulquiro (Resurrección)
  • Jelly (Heaven)
  • Levy Ackman
  • Zabuza
  • Noel (Valkyrie Armor)
  • Super Chunks
  • Marada (Founder)
  • Juozu (Joker)
  • Crush (Ace)
  • Noruto (Beast Cloak)
  • Ariva (Reaper)
  • Megomu (Chimera Shadow)
  • Chairman Neteru
  • Renkoko (ABLAZE)
  • Mochi Charlot
  • Peruna (Ghost Princess)
  • Boa Hancock
  • Akoku (Destruction)
  • Emilia
  • Tango
  • King Meruam
  • Fleet Admiral Akano
  • Kit (Frenzy
  • Jin Mori
  • Kit (Lethal)
  • Kisoko (Bankai)
  • Aizo (Betrayal)
  • Coyote (Primera)
  • Uru (Antithesis)
  • Kit (Focus)

C Tier

These are the weakest AA heroes in this meta (in our opinion)

  • Kit (Precision)
  • Veku
  • Emperor Whitehair
  • Eta (One-Eye)
  • Nami (Thief)
  • Tarata (Ignite)
  • Red Scar (Conqueror)
  • Legendary Brulo
  • Gone (???)
  • Diavoro
  • Future Gohan
  • Blue Devil
  • Armein
  • Fire Fist
  • Itochi

Anime Adventures Tips

Now that you’re done reading our AA unit tier list, let’s check out some tips for Anime Adventures that will help improve your gameplay.

  • Character Synergy: Pay attention to how different characters synergize with each other. A well-synchronized team can often outperform a group of individually stronger heroes.
  • Leveling Up: Prioritize leveling up your higher tier characters to unlock their full potential and bolster your defense.
  • Strategic Deployment: Position your heroes wisely on the battlefield to exploit their abilities to the fullest and to cover each other’s weaknesses.

Anime Adventures Tier List – Final Words

The Anime Adventures tier list is your compass in navigating the myriad choices of heroes. It’s designed to aid you in discerning the champions from the chaff, ensuring your defense is a bulwark against the encroaching menace.

So, peruse the list, summon the elite, and may your adventures in the Anime Adventures realm be victorious! If you want to earn free rewards in-game use some Anime Adventures codes.

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AA Tier List – FAQs

These additional FAQs aim to address more nuanced aspects of the Anime Adventures tier list and provide a broader understanding of how to navigate the game’s character selection and gameplay strategies.

How often is this tier list for Anime Adventures updated?

Our AA tier list is updated periodically, especially when there are new character releases or significant gameplay changes in Anime Adventures.

Where can I find more strategies or discuss the tier list?

Engaging with the community on platforms like Reddit, Discord, the AA wiki, or the official game forums can provide a wealth of strategies and discussions regarding the tier list.

How are the characters ranked in the tier list?

The ranking in the tier list is based on a combination of factors including the character’s individual abilities, their performance in various stages of the game, and feedback from the game’s community. We also consider how characters synergize with others and their overall impact on gameplay.

Special thanks to certain AA content creators such as ToadBoiGaming, the people who created the AA DPM spreadsheet, and the community for additional insights and feedback for AA units meta.

Can I contribute to the AA tier list?

Absolutely! Community input is invaluable. You can contribute by joining discussions below in the comments and sharing your experiences and insights about different characters and their performances.

Do lower-tier characters have any value?

Certainly! Lower-tier AA characters can be quite effective in specific scenarios or when synergized with other characters. They may also be more accessible for new or free-to-play players, providing valuable support in early to mid-game play.

How do new game updates affect the tier list?

New game updates can significantly impact the tier list by introducing new characters, changing existing characters’ abilities, or altering game mechanics. We strive to update the tier list accordingly to reflect the current state of the game.

Where can I find information about new character releases?

New character releases are usually announced on the game’s official website, social media channels, or community forums. Staying active in the community and following the official channels will keep you updated on new releases.

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