Rocket League Tier List (February 2024)

Check out the best cars in the game with our Rocket League tier list below!

Rocket League is a unique game that combines the fast-paced action of soccer with high-flying cars. One of the keys to success in Rocket League is choosing the right car for your playstyle. With dozens of cars to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one to pick. That’s where this Rocket League car tier list comes in.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, this tier list can help you choose the perfect car to take your Rocket League game to the next level.

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22 February 2023: Updated our Rocket League Tier List

Rocket League Tier List of Best Cars

Best Rocket League Cars

This table features the top-performing cars in Rocket League, ranked based on their speed, agility, and overall performance on the field. Use this Rocket League tier list to choose the perfect car for your playstyle and dominate the competition.


Which Cars To Play With in Rocket League?

Cars to play with in Rocket League

In Rocket League, cars are not just cosmetic choices but also affect gameplay. Different cars come with varying hitboxes, which can greatly influence how the ball interacts with the car during play.

One of the most popular cars in the game is the Octane, which is known for its balanced hitbox and reliable handling. The Octane is a great all-around car that can handle various playstyles, making it a popular pick for both casual and competitive players.

Another popular car is the Dominus, which features a longer and narrower hitbox compared to the Octane. This makes the Dominus great for precise shots and powerful clears, but it can also be more difficult to handle due to its long shape.

The Plank, also known as the Batmobile, is a car with a unique hitbox that is much flatter than other cars in the game. This flat shape makes it ideal for dribbling the ball and pulling off certain advanced maneuvers, but it can be challenging to use for aerial plays.

And lastly, one of the best handling car in Rocket League is Aftershock (in our opinion of course).

Ultimately, the choice of the car comes down to personal preference and playstyle. It’s important to experiment with different cars to find the one that works best for you and your team.

Keep in mind that while some cars may be more popular than others, all cars have their strengths and weaknesses, so don’t be afraid to try out something new.

Rocket League Tier List: Final Thoughts

Choosing the right car is an essential part of success in the game, and this Rocket League car tier list can help you make that choice.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each car, you can choose the perfect option for your playstyle and dominate your opponents.

While there is no one “right” choice, the cars in the S-Tier and A-Tier are the best options for competitive play.

Remember that ultimately, the car you choose is only one piece of the puzzle. Your skills, tactics, and strategy are just as important as your car choice.

With practice and dedication, you can become a Rocket League champion regardless of which car you use. Hopefully, our RL tier list was helpful to you, and if so don’t forget to rate it and bookmark it.

RL Tier List – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use a D-Tier car and be successful?

While it’s possible to win with any car in Rocket League, using a D-Tier car will put you at a disadvantage against more skilled opponents. It’s generally best to stick to S-Tier and A-Tier cars for competitive play.

How do I choose the right Rocket League car for me?

Experiment with different cars and see which ones feel the most comfortable to you. Consider your playstyle and the areas you want to improve in. Use this tier list as a guide, but ultimately, the choice is up to you.

How Was this Rocket League Tier List for Cars created?

Our Rocket League car tier list was created by players and experts who have extensive experience with the game. We have taken our own experience into consideration as well as feedback and insights from the Rocket League community such as the official Discord and Reddit page.

How can I use a Rocket League Tier List to improve my gameplay?

By using a Rocket League Tier List, you can identify the most powerful characters in the game and build your team around them. This can give you a significant advantage over other players and help you win matches more consistently.

Is this Rocket League Tier List accurate?

While our tier list for Rocket League is not always 100% accurate. Different players may have different playstyles and preferences, and what works for one player may not work for another.

How often do you update this Rocket League tier list?

We try to update the tier list regularly as new cars and updates are released for the game. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest rankings to ensure that you have the highest chance of winning every match.

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