How to Control Recoil in Apex Legends: 5 Tips To Learn [GUIDE]

Want to learn how to control recoil in Apex Legends for all the guns in the game? Then continue reading this guide and find out 5 steps on how to do it.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that has been around for a while. It’s one of the most popular games out there right now, and it has some great features that set it apart from other games in its genre.

But being a battle royale shooter, the guns also have what’s known as recoil when trying to shoot them. This makes it harder for players to effectively hit their targets.

Recoil control can be difficult to master, but once you get the hang of it you’ll have an advantage over your opponents because they won’t have learned yet how to control their guns as well as you can.

What is Apex Legends Recoil?

A game such as Apex Legends has become quite popular nowadays but it can be very annoying when players encounter the problem of recoil in the game.

Recoil is a feature that tends to move any gun in an upward (or sometimes sideways) direction after you have fired it, and it is an important factor that must be controlled by the player.

Recoil is the effect of a weapon’s kickback when you fire a shot. It’s directly proportional to the weapon’s damage and spread, so if your gun has high damage and low accuracy, then it will have high recoil as well.

The higher the recoil on your weapon, the more difficult it becomes to control your aim and make consistent shots with that particular gun.

This can be especially frustrating while playing Apex Legends as having a good aim is essential for hunting down other players or surviving long enough to take them out yourself!

Recoil control in Apex Legends may be difficult for some people due to different reasons such as having a heavy trigger finger or having poor reflexes for example.

However, if you manage to avoid these issues then there should not be much difficulty controlling this aspect of gameplay during online matches or solo missions!

Step 1. Select a weapon with low recoil

Pick a low-recoil weapon to have an easy time controlling recoil in Apex Legends

You can take control of the recoil by selecting a weapon with low recoil. The following weapons are generally considered to have low recoil:

  • R-99 SMG
  • Volt
  • Peacekeeper

The following weapons are generally considered to have high recoil: Havoc and Devotion.

So in the end, one of the best ways to control recoil in Apex Legends is by selecting a weapon with low recoil. The following weapons are generally considered to have low recoil: KRISS Vector P2020, MK14, and ARX-160

Step 2. Aim down sights

Aim down sights to control recoil in Apex Legends

Aiming down sights is a crucial part of Apex Legends, and it can help you control the weapon’s recoil.

You’ll find that if you’re not aiming down sights, your accuracy will suffer due to the amount of recoil on a gun (if it has any).

However, when you aim down sights, the game automatically reduces recoil and increases accuracy as a result.

This means that even though you’re still using the same gun with its own unique properties when aiming at an enemy will cause them more damage than if they were just being hit by bullets randomly sprayed around without aiming.

Step 3. Choose a lower sensitivity

wait for crosshair to tighten
Source: Apex Legends Reddit

As with any FPS game out there, playing with a lower sensitivity can help you control your Apex Legends recoil a lot easier. There’s a reason why most pro players use a low sens when playing the game.

It gives you a more accurate way of doing micro-adjustments and perfectly pinpointing your crosshair on your enemy as they move along trying to dodge your bullets.

Not only that, but having a low sensitivity in Apex Legends can make your recoil patterns easier to learn and build muscle memory, versus using a high sensitivity where it feels that you’re relying on luck most of the time.

So if you haven’t tried playing Apex Legends with a low sens, give it a try and see if it’s easier for you.

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Step 4. Fire in short and controlled bursts

In Apex Legends, you’ll want to fire in short bursts. The game’s aiming system is complex, so it’s better to get a few good shots off instead of trying to spray and pray. This will also help reduce recoil!

You should be aiming for the head, body, legs, arms, and chest on most occasions. If they’re running away from you then aim for the stomach or neck instead, beause it’s hard to hit these smaller areas when you’re moving around quickly!

Step 5. Repeat as necessary!

If you want to use a different weapon, go back to Step #1 and repeat. This will help you figure out how each of the weapons in Apex Legends rebound and how far they kick back after firing.

This way you can find out which Apex Legends gun is right for your playstyle and how to use each weapon effectively.

But you should remember that at first, it might be a bit difficult in learning all the different Apex Legends recoil patterns, so just be patient and in time you will see your aim improve big time.

How to Control Apex Legends Recoil [VIDEO Tutorial]

Here’s a great video I’ve found from a professional Apex Legends player showing you what settings to use in-game and how to efficiently learn the recoil patterns of your guns, enjoy:

Controlling Recoil in Apex Legends: Conclusion

As you can see from our guide above, there are quite a few things you can do to control recoil in Apex Legends. It might be difficult to get the hang of it at first, but with enough time and practice, you will become a master of recoil in no time.

So, here’s a recap on how to control recoil in Apex Legends.

The most obvious way is to not jerk on the trigger. If you’re used to shooting games that have high rates of fire and low recoil, this could be tough at first.

The other thing you can do is use your sights effectively. If you’re aiming at a target that’s moving, take your time with the shot.

If your opponent moves in any direction besides directly towards or away from you, aim with the mouse so that they will run into the bullet if they continue in their current direction of movement.

This gives them less time to react and dodge out of the way before being hit by the bullet.

The first is to start off with the right weapon and attachments. Ideally, you should pick up an assault rifle with a stock attachment early on in your career.

This will help keep your gun steady when firing off shots at long-range targets that may be moving around quickly.

It also gives you a bit more accuracy than some other types of weapons like pistols or shotguns which require more skillful aim due to their recoil patterns (or lack thereof).

If none of these options work for you, then try out some different stances such as crouching behind the cover while still shooting or standing straight up while aiming down sights so that there’s less movement from your hands during each shot taken!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide, and if you want you can also check out our Apex Legends Tier List to see the best legends and guns in the game. Oh and if you’re straggling with game crashes check out our How to fix Apex Legends Crashing guide.

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