Top 15 Games Like Summoners War in 2024 – Gacha Games List

Are you looking for similar games like Summoners War? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, in this post we have put together the most comprehensive list of games like Summoners War.

So if you got bored playing Summoners War or you are simply looking to take a break, here are what we consider to be the best 15 alternatives to Summoners War:

1. Raid: Shadow Legends

raid shadow legends

If you haven’t heard of Raid: Shadow Legends by now, you’re probably lived under a rock until just now.

Seriously, Raid: Shadow Legends is a very popular fantasy RPG Gacha game, that’s similar to Summoners War.

Like Summoners War, in Raid Shadow Legends you also have to choose between hundreds of heroes to form a team that can dominate the world of Teleria.

Raid: Shadow Legends features a massive PVE campaign, with tons of epic bosses and dungeons to go through. You have to make strategic decisions in assembling your team based on their skills and artifacts, which is why Raid: Shadow legends is another great game like Summoners War.

There are also PVP arenas and autoplay for those of you who don’t like grinding or don’t have the time for it.

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2. Genshin Impact – One of the best Games Like Summoners War

Genshin Impact - games like Summoners War

Another popular game like Summoners War is Genshin Impact. The game is the creation of miHoYo, the creator of Honkai Impact.

In Genshin Impact, similar to Summoners War, your main goal is to gather the best characters and put together a team that’s good enough to wipe out the most powerful game bosses in seconds.

The game has an amazing art style that we’ve already been accustomed to from the developers and a great soundtrack that makes you wanna play the game even more.

Similar to Summoners War, getting new characters in Genshin Impact is through a gacha system. Each hero has their own special elemental abilities based on 7 elements: Geo, Dendro, Cryo, Pyro Hydro, Electro, and Anemo.

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3. Calibria: Crystal Guardians


There are many similarities between Calibria Crystal Guardians and Summoners War, for one, they are both gacha hero collectors set in a fantasy RPG world, and secondly, they kinda have the same gameplay and art style.

But that doesn’t mean that Calibria is a direct copy of Summoners War. The game still has its own creatively made artwork, and many unique features, such as auto-farm.

One of Calibria’s best game features is the ability to customize each character’s skill. So that means that you can take out skills and swap them with others as many times as you want, allowing you to test a multitude of combinations to make your team be as good as possible.

Where Calibria: Crystal Guardians shine as probably even a better Summoners War alternative, is their summoning rate, which is way better, and that gives you the chance to get the heroes that you want to play with much faster than Summoners War.

4. Monster Super League

monster super league - games like Summoners War

We’d like to think that Monster Super League is like a baby of Summoners War and Pokemon, just because it has so many similarities with both of them.

An awesome feature of Monster Super League, that other games like Summoners War don’t have, is the ability to catch the monsters that you fight against and then use them to play with yourself.

There are over 600 monsters in the game, which are also known as Astromons, each with unique abilities that can be evolved into more powerful versions of themselves.

The game has a ton of content for you to enjoy since it’s already been out for a few years, similar to Summoners War.

5. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

might and magic elemental guardians

The game is also known as Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is another fantasy RPG hero collecter developed and published by Ubisoft, which has many great features and similarities that you will find in a lot of games like Summoners War.

The game has an extensive PVE campaign and tons of activities that you can do daily, so it will for sure keep you entertained for hours.

You’ve got raids, dungeons, legendary bosses and monsters to fight with, and an epic feature that’s kinda unique to games like Summoners War, an augmented reality mode.

So if you like games with similar mechanics as Summoners War, give Might & Magic Elemental Guardians a try.

6. Exos Heroes – A Very Similar Game Like Summoners War

Exos Heroes - games like Summoners War

Exos Heroes is another great alternative to Summoners War. Released just a couple of months ago, it’s quickly becoming everyone’s favorite hero collector.

Similar to other games like Summoners War, the game has hundreds of heroes that you can collect, each of them with unique designs, stats, and skills that you can use to create an amazing team.

The game has interesting gameplay that combines a turn-based playstyle with a little puzzle solving.

One of the best features of Exo Heroes is the fact that once you close the game and go on about your daily life, the game will keep on gathering resources for you, which is a great way to save some battery life while also getting some nice rewards when signing back in.

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7. Onmyoji

onmyoji - games like Summoners War

Onmyoji is another RPG that’s similar to Summoners War. It was developed by NetEase and released globally in 2011.

The game had a huge success, amassing over 200 million players, and receiving a couple of awards and titles like Facebook’s Top Mobile Game of the year, and Google Play’s Most competitive mobile game in 2017.

So with those kinds of awards, you know the game is good, even for free-to-play players, which is kind of a rarity these days, especially from publishers like NetEase.

Nonetheless, the gameplay is good and the gacha system is not that bad. However, one cool feature that other games like Summoners War don’t have is the ability to also play it on your PC through Steam.

We think that’s a big plus especially if you don’t want to use up all your phone’s battery by playing this game.

8. Chain Strike – Games Like Summoners War

chain strike

Being also developed and published by Com2Us, you can definitely see some similarities between Chain Strike and Summoners War.

The game has its differences though, for starters it’s played on a type of chessboard, and because of that it offers a more unique gameplay style than other games like Summoners War.

You will still have hundreds of heroes to summon and choose who to play with, so don’t worry the gacha system is still there if that’s what you like from these types of games.

Another cool feature of Chain Strike is the ability to transmog your characters and give them a new look.

9. Age of Magic

Age of Magic

Age of Magic is certainly one of the best fantasy RPGs these days, featuring turn-based gameplay and an amazing art style.

The game is loaded with fun activities and lots of content such as PvP, Dark Tower, The Tomb of Horrors, Valley of Treasures, and a lot of other places where you will get your squad’s power tested to the maximum.

It also has its fair share of unique features such as the way the hero abilities are triggered by other teammates or buffs.

The players of Age of Magic like that the game feels like one of the old school RPGs and that there isn’t a lot of “hand-holding” (where the game helps you a lot with tips and other annoying features), involved and that it’s pretty free to play friendly.

10. Dungeon Hunter Champions

dungeon hunter champions

Dungeon Hunter Champions is another fantasy gacha RPG, but it has more hack and slash feel than other games like Summoners War.

So if you like to have a bit more action in your gameplay, then this game might be the perfect fit for you.

It has all the great things like hundreds of heroes to chose and play with (over 250), raids, PvP leaderboards, a hero ascension system, and a cutesy and colorful art style.

There are some bugs and glitches though, and that’s why the game has a lower review rating than other alternatives to Summoners War.

11. LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed

This game is a must-play for everyone that loves Lego and Summoners War. It’s basically a mix between the two of them if you’d like.

In this game, you will find tons of iconic LEGO minifigures that you can use to form a team and play with such as Gandalf, Captain Redbeard, Hot Dog Man, and many more.

You can also build LEGO sets that will discover secrets which in turn will give you some great rewards to help your team become more powerful.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is also a cross-platform game, meaning that you can play it from many other devices which will definitely help you with your phone’s battery life.

12. Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

Another title developed by Com2Us that is pretty similar to Summoners War, and it kinda makes sense to be similar in nature, since they are both developed by the same company.

However don’t get easily fooled by that, because Skylanders Ring of Heroes still has some unique elements and features to it, including The combat system is way different, you get started with almost 3,000 gems which make things easier for new players, the farming is also pretty rewarding since you can also farm villain and hero shards and not just XP like in Summoners War.

You also have AFK farming, and this makes it even easier for f2p players to enjoy the game. Sure there are some paid elements to it, but the game can be played and enjoyed without spending a dime.

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13. MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG

marvel strike force

I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the MARVEL universe, you probably read their comic books, watched their movies and TV series, and probably even played some of their games, since they have dozens of them.

But out of those dozens of MARVEL games, Strike Force – Squad RPG comes out on top. It has all the great features that you would expect from a hero collector game, with some awesome things on top, such as amazing cinematic gameplays on top of the turn-based combat style, which makes it a lot more entertaining than other games like Summoners War.

So if you’re a fan of MARVEL, you should definitely consider trying out this game.

14. Epic Seven

epic seven

What could we say about Epic Seven that hasn’t been said before? The game is simply awesome.

It has astonishing 2D animation and graphics, a big story campaign with lots of content to play through, PvP arenas, guilds, world bosses, and a lot of other good stuff like that, oh yeah, and a raid labyrinth that offers incredible rewards.

Still not sold on Epic Seven yet?

Well, then how about if you knew that even the lower tier heroes can still become pretty powerful and help you advance, not needing to rely solely on the top tier characters? This makes it a great option for free-to-play players, especially ones that like games like Summoners War.

The game has been constantly updated over the years, and it seems that the company is listening to players’ feedback and reviews which is always great.

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15. Knights Chronicle is another game like Summoners War

knights chronicle

Do you want console-quality graphics on a game that plays like Summoners War? Well then, you’re lucky because Knight’s Chronicle is exactly that.

Another hero collector RPG as all the other games on this list, it has hundreds of characters to summon and play with, each of them with unique skills and talents. So you will have to develop a strategy for how to create your teams based on each hero’s skills.

The game has an original storyline and impressive 3D animated graphics. Some players do note that while the game is not at all pay 2 win, it requires a bit of a grind, which is not that bad, especially if you want a great alternative to Summoners wars.

Games like Summoners War: Conclusion

So there you have it, 15 games like Summoners War, all of them are similar in that they are all gacha hero collectors, but some have unique features, so make sure to try them all.

You might also be interested in reading our Summoners War tier list. Or get some Summoners War Codes to redeem awesome rewards.

If you like or dislike any of these games or perhaps you have even more suggestions for more games like Summoners War… you can leave a comment down below and let others know about it.

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