Hearthstone Mana Curve: What Is It & How to Use It to Build Decks

One of the valuable tools Hearthstone provides when constructing a deck is a graph showing the mana curve of the cards currently in your deck.

Hearthstone Mana Curves

The in-game charge is invaluable in helping optimize the transition through mana phases of the game. 

While different deck styles and strategies will utilize, and sometimes completely disregard the Hearthstone mana curve, you will generally see mana curves similar to the above image. 

Curves usually peak around the 3-4 point and begin dropping off pretty drastically after. 

A common strategy is to include no more than 2 – 3 cards that have a mana cost of 6 or over.

It’s important to note however that there is no “one size fits all” mana curve.  The mana curve can and should vary by the Hero class you are playing – or the deck strategy you are going for. 

Mana curves will also vary by the mode you are playing in.  If you are playing in constructed, your Hearthstone mana curve may be more similar to the above – while in Arena your mana curve may focus more on one end of the spectrum.

Warlock mana curves, for example, tend to have a low-cost curve because part of the Warlock play style involves playing multiple minions each turn.  In addition, the Warlock’s low-cost minions are great, both the Voidwalker (1/4 taunt for 1 mana is invaluable) and the imp (stealth and increases the health of other friendly minions).

Druids on the other hand get a lot of quick free mana.

Wild Growth and Innervate will help you skip over any weak points in your mana curve – as well as allow you to focus on some higher-cost cards from the beginning.

It’s important to not only practice with different deck types involving different mana curves but to practice different deck types per Hero class. 

This not only allows you to become intimately familiar with each Hero’s strengths and weaknesses, but gives you great practice in building a deck, and learning more about the cards themselves. 

By practicing with a variety of deck types, you will be able to discover some great card synergies.

Another suggestion is to look around at what other decks people are creating. 

If you do not want to copy a deck, you can take a look at common mana curves of highly rated decks to develop a strategy for what to place in your own deck. 

A good site for checking out decks and their associated mana curves is the Hearthpwn deck library.

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