Cyber Rebellion Tier List (April 2024)

Looking for the best characters in Cyber Rebellion? This Cyber Rebellion tier list will help you build a powerful team.

The Battle for Skyfall City Rages On

Cyber Rebellion throws you into a thrilling cyberpunk struggle between three powerful factions. This tier list breaks down the best characters within each group, empowering you to build faction-specialized teams or the ultimate hybrid force.

Understanding the Tiers

  • S-Tier: Meta-defining powerhouses. Highly desirable for most content.
  • A-Tier: Exceptional choices with minor limitations or situational strengths.
  • B-Tier: Solid, but less impactful than higher tiers or require specific team comps.
  • C-Tier & Below: Generally outclassed in the current meta.

S Tier

Cyber Rebellion best characters
  • Vera Force of Nature
  • Seer Oracle
  • Rik Alpha Wolf
  • Rik Raiden
  • Saki Suzaku
  • Saki Zangetsu
  • Amy Foamy Sweet Dream
  • Rosa Matrix Runner
  • Catherine Dirty Gold
  • Lindsay Vermilion Dawn
  • Morgan Vicious Rose
  • Eric Death Eye
  • Pastoral Hound of Doom
  • Candido Iron Fist
  • Taki Seiryu

A Tier

  • Saki Byakko
  • Saki Sakuragari
  • Saki Arashi Kiru
  • Victor Prosthetic Doctor
  • Rik Gunblade
  • Rik The New Order
  • Candido Tarantula
  • Candido Duke Silver
  • Leyva Staring Diva
  • Pastoral Data Hub
  • Frost Omen
  • Frost Tyrant
  • Noam Ember In Ashes
  • Leyva Neuromancer

B Tier

  • Pastoral Stinger
  • Pastoral Plague Huntress
  • Lindsay Metal Panic
  • Lindsay Ambilight
  • Leyva Zealody
  • Leyva Pixel Beats
  • Frost Master Chief
  • Frost Vanguard
  • Rik Striker
  • Rik Amagi Guard

C Tier

  • Saki Kitsunemen
  • Candido Jet Boxer
  • Lindsay Graffiti
  • Leyva Neuromancer
  • Lindsay Aguila
  • Frost Ranger
  • Pastoral Agents
  • Frost Assault
  • Candido Barrage Fortress
  • Lindsay Speed To Burn

D Tier

  • Saki
  • Rik
  • Candido
  • Candido Jab
  • Leyva
  • Leyva Intern
  • Pastoral Augmentor
  • Lindsay
  • Frost
  • Pastoral

That’s about it

This Cyber Rebellion tier list is a powerful tool for building formidable teams and understanding the meta. Don’t forget to also check out our Cyber Rebellion codes page, to get your hands on free in-game rewards.

Experiment with heroes, explore faction synergies, and adapt to overcome Skyfall City’s dangers.

But remember, your own playstyle and tactical creativity are equally powerful.

Choose the characters you love and let your strategic brilliance shine – even underdogs can achieve victory in the hands of a determined Commander!

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