For Honor Tier List: Best Heroes

Hey there player, if you’re reading this page, chances are that you’re looking for an updated For Honor tier list.

We have ranked every For Honor hero from best to worst and created a For Honor tier list that should be viable in this current meta.

For Honor is a multiplayer online fighting game that recreates historical battles in which players assume the role of a warrior fighting against other warriors.

But since every For Honor warrior has different stats and abilities you will have to choose one that’s best suited for your playstyle.

With our For Honor tier list, you can easily figure out which are the current best heroes in the game, their stats, and if they are viable in this meta.

So if you want to become a better warrior and win more battles then we recommend you choose a good hero that’s on top of the rankings in our tier list.

What is For Honor?

For Honor is a third-person multiplayer video game developed by Ubisoft and released on February 14, 2017.

For Honor is set in medieval times and the player controls a character of three factions: the knights, the samurai, and the Vikings.

The gameplay focuses on melee combat and players can select from different characters which have unique characteristics.

You fight against your opponents in order to gain territory and complete objectives. You can also fight against AI bots if you don’t have time to wait for other players to join your match.

The game has a couple of different modes to play:

  • Tribute – Fight for control
  • Dominion – 4v4 fight to control zones
  • Duel – 1v1 (best of five)
  • Brawl – 2v2 (best of five)
  • Skirmish – 4v4 deathmatch against AI
  • Elimination – 4v4 (best of five)
  • Breach – 4v4 defense/attack mode (coming in next update)

For Honor also offers a way for you to customize your characters and their appearance by using the reward shop with tokens that you have gained from your battles and campaign quests.

You can also unlock new skills and abilities for your heroes by unlocking them with the Steel currency, which you earn by playing matches in multiplayer mode.

You can also earn Steel by completing quests, and you will be rewarded with Steel when leveling up your character’s level.

For Honor boasts a roster of multiple playable characters, each with their own special skills and fighting styles.

Each character has their own set of attacks and maneuvers, which they use to defeat their foes. You can also upgrade your characters with new skills and abilities (also known as Feats) as you progress through the game.

This makes choosing the right warrior for the job during the battle an important tactical consideration.

If you’re a new player that’s unfamiliar with this game and its warriors, or even if you’re a veteran then our For Honor tier list will help you select the best character for your playstyle.

Understanding Our For Honor Hero Rankings

Here’s a quick explanation of what each ranking means in our tier list.

  • Tier S For Honor Heroes — These are For Honor best heroes at the moment. Strong warriors that have great abilities and movesets that only get better with each Feat you unlock. If you want some easy wins, pick one of these.
  • Tier A For Honor Heroes — These characters are also pretty strong, although they fall behind the S-tier ones due to either lower stats or one of their abilities isn’t that great.
  • Tier B For Honor Heroes — These are decent For Honor heroes, but again, not that powerful. Although they can be deadly if you play them right and pick them specifically to counter another enemy hero.
  • Tier C For Honor Heroes — Average characters, they aren’t all that great but also not the worst in our For Honor tier list, and for that, they deserve this middle-of-the-road spot.
  • Tier D For Honor Heroes — Below average characters, at this point it’s time for you to think really hard if you want to play with one of these. But if you like their playstyle then sure go ahead, but just know that you will struggle a bit against higher ranked warriors.
  • Tier E For Honor Heroes — We don’t really think that these For Honor characters excel at anything, they’re just not worth picking over higher-ranked ones. So it’s probably best to avoid using these if you can.

For Honor Tier List: Best Heroes

Alright, now that we’ve gone over the “boring” (but important) stuff, where we have explained a little bit about our For Honor tier list and how it works, it’s time now to actually take a look at the best For Honor heroes in the game.

May 05, 2023: We have updated our For Honor Tier List.

Starting off with the best (S-Tier):

For Honor: S Tier List Heroes

This is a list of the best For Honor heroes. Whether you’re new to the game or are well versed in it, these warriors will give you an edge over lesser-skilled opponents and help bolster your team’s chances at victory.

Jiang JunHeavy

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For Honor: A Tier List Heroes

For Honor’s A-tier heroes are powerful and effective. These heroes are good all-rounders, but might not be as specialized as the S-tier characters, and that’s why you might need a couple more hours of playtime with them to get good.

Black PriorHeavy

For Honor: B Tier List Heroes

For Honor Tier List: B Tier Heroes
Image Source: For Honor, Ubisoft

The For Honor B tier list includes heroes that might seem less powerful than the characters at the top of most people’s lists.

But these warriors can be extremely effective when used properly—and they offer a good range of playstyles for more varied battles.


C Tier Heroes

For Honor Heroes: C Tier
Image source: For Honor, Ubisoft

The For Honor C tier list includes heroes that are not exceptional but can be viable in some situations. If you have a limited roster of heroes, it’s worth experimenting with them to see if they fit your playstyle.


D Tier Heroes

The For Honor D tier list includes heroes that have limited utility and should be used only in certain situations. If you’re a new player, avoid using these characters until you’ve gained more experience with the game.


E Tier Heroes

For Honor: E Tier Heroes
Image source: For Honor, Ubisoft

At the moment, these characters are some of For Honor’s weakest heroes. We don’t really think that they excel at anything—they’re just not worth picking over higher-ranked ones. So it’s probably best to avoid using these if you can.


How We Created This Tier List?

Our tier lists are built on player input and current metagame trends. We strive to ensure our list is helpful for all players, regardless of how long they’ve been playing.

To ensure our suggestions weren’t limited to ideas we personally favored, we asked other For Honor players on the official Discord server and also Reddit for their input.

Keep in mind though that our For Honor tier list is not set in stone, and ultimately we all have different playstyle and preferences.

Our tier list is designed to help players get an idea of what the best strategies are in For Honor and how they can be applied.

We encourage you to experiment with different characters, classes, and playstyles until you find something that works for your style of play.

Although we think our For Honor hero rankings are pretty accurate, it’s still possible that some heroes might be ranked too high or too low. We welcome all feedback and would love to hear what you have to say about your favorite characters!

For Honor Tier List: Conclusion

Tier lists let you know how well certain characters fare against each other. They’re a great way to find out which For Honor characters you should be focusing on, and which ones you might want to avoid.

For Honor has a diverse set of characters and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. This tier list will help you learn more about the characters and what movesets you need to prioritize when going against other players.

As with any list, this is just a general reference guide. There are plenty of times when a character can be used effectively even though they aren’t top tier. It all depends on your opponent and how well you can play a certain hero.

It’s important to remember that this For Honor tier list is based on the game as it currently stands. Ubisoft will continue to make changes and updates, which could potentially impact how these characters are ranked.

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